1. Magic Men Share the Fitness and Diet Regimens That Give Them Their Ripped BodiesMuscles on muscles on muscles.
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    Tom Brady and Gisele’s Ultrarestrictive Diet From HellThis is no joke.
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  5. A Designer Wants to Make Handbags Out of Alexander McQueen’s SkinShe wants to use his DNA to grow skin in a lab.
  6. There Are Actual Real-Live People in Taylor Swift’s SquadBecause it’s made up of actual human beings.
  7. MIT Scientists Discover Bold New Way to Make Fur Without FurOh, technology.
  8. Pet Owners Have Been Trying to Guess for Years What Their Dogs See in the MirrorThemselves? Nothing at all?
  9. Luxury Labels Are Sticking Microchips Inside Your ClothesOne small step towards a knockoff-free world.
  10. These Fancy Printed Pajamas Are Made Using a Centuries-Old TechniqueGood luck taking your eyes off this.
  11. So That’s Why Ancient Statues Have Tiny PenisesNo, it’s not because they were modeled after your ex-boyfriend.
  12. 11 Percent of People Have Ghosted SomeoneNo calls, no texts, no closure.
  13. These Tadpoles Hatch Super Fast to Avoid Getting Eaten by SnakesSometimes in less than seven seconds.
  14. Why This Beauty Icon Doesn’t Dye Her Gray Hair“Do men have an opinion about women having gray hair? Who cares?”
  15. Researchers Created Literal Windows Into the Brains of Fruit FliesUnfortunately, it’s kind of morbid.
  16. Just As You May Have Suspected, FOMO Is Pretty Much Social Media’s FaultAnd it affects young men more than any other demographic.
  17. Linda Rodin Doesn’t Believe in ‘Real Beauty’The skin-care guru says it’s all relative.
  18. Half of the Planet’s Population Will Be Nearsighted by 2050The hours we spend staring at screens is not helping matters.
  19. Linda Rodin’s Demanding Sleep Regimen“I’m like an infant.”
  20. This MRI Shows What’s Happening When an Opera Singer PerformsWhat happens when you stick a renowned baritone in an MRI machine.
  21. New York’s Chicest 68-Year-Old Woman on Why She’s Happily SingleBeauty icon Linda Rodin doesn’t need a man.
  22. Antidepressants May Not Be As Effective As We ThinkThere’s a lot of data still under the radar.
  23. This Company Is Trying to Use Stem Cells to Bring Back the DeadDon’t sweat the zombie apocalypse just yet, though.
  24. What Would You Say If You Had to Tell the Truth?“The truth is my truth’s becoming convoluted.”
  25. If You’ve Ever Dreamed of a World Without Men, This Film Is for YouNo Men Beyond This Point has bruised some sensitive male egos.
  26. The Sad State of Women’s Reproductive Rights in 3 Alarming FactsA clinic in Pennsylvania was forced to install hands-free sinks just to stay open.
  27. Turns Out There Is Such a Thing As Too Much SexThis just in: Having tons of sex is only fun when you’re in the mood to have it.
  28. This Devastating and Common Injury in Sports May Have Finally Met Its MatchAbout 400,000 ACL injuries occur each year, and this could change how we deal with them.
  29. The Sad State of Maternity LeaveShe had to go back to work three weeks after her son was born or risk losing her job. 
  30. Women Pay More Than Men for the Same Products, and Here’s ProofBecause it costs more to be a woman. 
  31. This Super-Fit, Instagram-Famous Mom Uses Her Baby As a BarbellMeanwhile, we haven’t been to the gym in a year.
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  35. 4 Facts That Prove Maternity Leave in the U.S. Is a Total DisasterGet it together, America.