1. party lines
    Ellie Kemper Thinks Kimmy Schmidt Would Fit in Well in GreenpointNobody bats an eye at the character’s outfits because “everybody there dresses like that.”
  2. q&a
    How Shame Inspired Jon Krakauer’s Book on Rape“I set out to educate myself thoroughly.”
  3. killing
    An Author Explains How Mass Killings HappenAn interview with with Abram de Swaan, author of The Killing Compartments.
  4. You’re Deluded — and That’s a Good ThingThere are benefits to thinking you’re smarter or cuter than you really are.
  5. party chat
    Christiane Amanpour Calls the ‘Confidence Gap’ B.S.“Parity” is the problem, not “this notion that we’re not confident somehow.”