Danielle Friedman

  1. backstories
    The Secret Sexual History of the Barre WorkoutThe fitness phenomenon once taught women how to radically improve their sex lives.
  2. science of us
    Should I Forking Force Myself to Swear More?The psychological case for cursing.
  3. This Evangelical Sex Podcast Wants Christian Wives to Explore What Turns Them OnThe new Evangelical podcast preaches a distinctly conservative brand of sex positivity.
  4. Why ‘Happily Ever After’ Isn’t Trendy AnymoreRomantic comedies aren’t what they used to be. Can Hollywood sense our growing exhaustion with finding ‘the one’?
  5. wrinkles in time
    Death Becomes Her Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About AgingTwenty-five years later, the movie is still keeping me from getting Botox.