1. How the Co-Founder and Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29 Gets Things DoneChristene Barberich on the importance of staying confident, her complicated morning routine, and the one thing she never leaves home without.
  2. hot shot
    Golfer Danielle Kang Celebrates Championship Win by Eating Pho Out of Her TrophyA shero for the ages.
  3. mysteries
    Blurry Photo of Amelia Earhart Found — Mystery Solved?We used to think Amelia Earhart crashed in the Pacific. But a new found photo suggests maybe we’re super wrong.
  4. silicon valley
    Female Employees at Tesla Invited to Attend Workshop on Essential OilsMore details about how the company allegedly treats women have been revealed.
  5. men ruin stuff
    Sweden to Host ‘Man-Free’ Music Festival Next YearThe event was organized in response to the many sexual-assault reports at the country’s biggest music festival.
  6. up next
    There’s Never Been a Better Time for a New Downtown Boys RecordOn the punk band’s third album, resistance is the goal, but catharsis is a good place to start.
  7. that’s a bop
    Here’s Everything You Need to Make Your Definitive Summer PlaylistJorja! Chastity Belt! Downtown Boys! Synead!
  8. that’s a bop
    The Song That Will Convince You to Bite the Bullet and Move to L.A.And perform a Wiccan ritual.
  9. that’s a bop
    Art School Jocks Wrote the Song to Soundtrack Your Every Eye RollNever feel alone in your cynicism again.
  10. the horny time
    The Horny Time in 2017 Is the Horniest It’s Ever BeenEveryone go get yours.
  11. that’s a bop
    Synead’s ‘Tropicao’ Will Make You Close Your Eyes and Dream of VacationIf you don’t dance, you do now.
  12. how i get it done
    How Sister Paulette, Nun and Nonprofit Leader, Gets It DoneOn twisting paper clips to relieve stress, pushing back against city authorities, and why she doesn’t wear a habit.
  13. haim time
    Some of Us Are Very Excited for This Haim DocumentaryIs it you?
  14. small stories
    Micro-Fictions Inspired by the Vetements Spring/Summer 2018 CollectionSome more small stories.
  15. i love you so much
    I Love DJ Khaled’s ‘I Love You So Much’ So MuchIt’s a song for a baby, but it can inspire anyone.
  16. that’s a bop
    This Song Will Make You Believe Your Summer Fling Has Staying PowerOr at least give you faith that love actually exists.
  17. male opinions
    Here Are 16 Women Who Prove That the Electric Guitar Isn’t DeadMale writers are sounding the death knell for the electric guitar. We’ve made them a handy playlist that proves them wrong.
  18. The Trailer for Jessica Williams’s Netflix Movie Is Here, and It Looks AmazingIt premieres on the streaming service on July 28.
  19. up next
    Sophia Kennedy Made the Best Pop Record You’ve Probably Never Heard OfIf Lorde and SZA are the shot, Sophia Kennedy is the chaser.
  20. Lady Gaga Dresses for the Job She WantsFashion never sleeps.
  21. Teen Boys in the U.K. Wear Skirts After Experiencing the Pains of a Dress CodeTo protest a no-shorts policy, boys have begun wearing skirts.
  22. that’s a bop
    Charlotte Dos Santos Rewrote a Medieval Round So You Can Grind to ItIs this … a first?
  23. another one
    They Don’t Want You to Watch This Supercut of DJ Khaled’s Dance MovesHe’s not that good at dancing, but that doesn’t stop him from shining.
  24. up next
    Marika Hackman Wrote the Song L Word Fans Have Been Waiting ForRemember “my lover Cindy?” She’s finally been immortalized in song.
  25. See NSFW Works From the Museum of Sex’s Exhibit on Women’s Desire and SexualityA new exhibition at the Museum of Sex explores women’s sexuality out loud.
  26. friday fun corner
    Asahd Khaled is the New King of SummerBless up.
  27. bieber beat
    Another Day, Another Justin Bieber TattooOnly 47 more years to go.
  28. real men only
    11 Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Is a Real Man With Big Muscles and StuffYour dad isn’t a regular dad. He’s a man who is also a dad.
  29. This WNBA Team Is Raising Money for Planned ParenthoodAnother example of women’s sports getting political.
  30. that’s a bop
    This Song Will Motivate You to Pick Up That Side Project You’ve Been NeglectingDon’t waste another minute.
  31. Lorde Is the Only Person in New York Who Still Likes the MTALorde, my friend, are we riding the same subway?
  32. that’s a bop
    This Beth Ditto Song Was Made for Struttin’And that’s just what you’ll do.
  33. Bill Cosby Yelled Out the Fat Albert Phrase ‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ As He Left CourtWhat?
  34. women on women
    9 Female Chefs on the Female Chefs Who Inspire ThemIn this month’s Women on Women, we ask female chefs to talk about the women they look up to.
  35. forbes women’s summit
    Bozoma Saint John, Uber’s Newest Exec, Says She Isn’t Afraid of a ChallengeWhat a crazy week to start a job at Uber!
  36. What Is the Department of Education Hiding About Title IX Investigations?The National Women’s Law Center wants to find out.
  37. forbes women’s summit
    Janet Mock Thinks We Should Speak More Directly About How Trump Affects Women“It’s because they were targeted. They were being told their rights are being taken from them.”
  38. that’s a bop
    Listen to This Song When You’re Feeling Sentimental on Your Summer Road TripFor when you’re on the road and really missing your sweetie.
  39. forbes women’s summit
    Wonder Woman Director Hopes to One Day Be a Director Without the ‘Female’ PrefixThe Wonder Woman director hopes we will one day shed that gendered title.
  40. that’s a bop
    Ibeyi’s New Video Makes Having a Sister Look FunTime to take that siblings retreat you’ve been planning for years.
  41. that’s a bop
    Here’s the Song to Listen to If You Need to Drown Out the News CycleWhy not add Palehound’s “Flowing Over” to your summer playlist?
  42. that’s a bop
    Jessie Reyez Wrote the Breakup Song to End All Breakup SongsWhy not add Jessie Reyez’s “Fuck It” to your summer playlist?
  43. The Return of a Grunge GoddessShirley Manson, lead singer of ‘90s band Garbage, heads back on the road with Blondie.
  44. that’s a bop
    Here’s the Song of the Summer, But for GothsWhy not add Fishbach’s “Invisible désintegration de l’univers” to your summer playlist?
  45. that’s a bop
    Here’s a Song to Give Voice to Your Sunday ScariesWhy not add Little Simz’s “Backseat” to your summer playlist?
  46. that’s a bop
    Here’s a Song to Remind You of a Suburban Childhood You Didn’t Actually HaveAdd Big Thief’s “Mythological Beauty” to your summer playlist.
  47. bieber beat
    Here Is a Great Video of Justin Bieber Bumbling Through ‘Despacito’What does “blah-blah” mean in Spanish?
  48. Mothers Are Paid Less Than Fathers in Every State and at Every Education LevelOn average, a mom makes 71 cents to a dad’s dollar.
  49. prom but better
    #TSRPromQueenz Is the Best Hashtag on InstagramRemember your prom? This is like that, but better.
  50. Tina Knowles Lawson Guilt Trips Her Daughters, TooJust like your mom.
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