Drake Baer

  1. history
    Maybe Booze Catalyzed Human CultureBecause what’s a feast without a couple beverages?
  2. relationships
    People Naturally Sync Their Bodies, Breathing — and SkinIt’s called “interpersonal synchrony,” and it’s everywhere.
  3. mean world syndrome
    The Bias That Explains Why Americans Fear Terrorism More Than GunsYou’re over 3,000 times more likely to be killed by a firearm than a jihadist.
  4. Emotions Can Help You Remember Unrelated Things, TooYou remember what you feel.
  5. Why Your Brain Becomes More Flexible After Working OutIt takes the foot off the brakes of your brain.
  6. body and brain
    Knowing Your Actual, Literal Heart Reduces Anxiety and Betters DecisionsBecause emotion is sensational.
  7. hallucinogens
    LSD Lasts So Long Because It Burrows Into Your Serotonin ReceptorsSo that explains the 12-hour trips.
  8. Even the Easiest Exercise Makes People HappierWho’s up for some gentle walking?
  9. The Type of People Who Are the Best Fit for Nonmonogamous RelationshipsWhat’s your sociosexuality?
  10. A Novel Theory for Why Humans Evolved SelvesKnow yourself, know your worth.
  11. A 10-Minute Intervention to Get More Kids Into CollegeCollege enrollment rates shot up 30 percent for high-school seniors.
  12. belonging
    Protests, Parties, and Sports Games All Fill the Same Human NeedThe fruits of “collective effervescence” include meaning, connectedness, and happiness.
  13. neuroscience
    Is the Default Mode of the Brain to Suffer?Mental meanderings are “the baseline state of you as a cognitive system” — is that a good thing?
  14. Neurotics Get an Extra Benefit From Being Extra NiceThey have more “room for improvement” in their moods.
  15. sleep
    An Insane Number of Teens Are Literally Losing Sleep Over Social MediaLike, waking up in the middle of the night.
  16. fitness
    Do Fewer Reps, Get a Better WorkoutLet’s get “supramaximal.”
  17. People Learn More When They Have Fun at WorkBecause knowledge passes through people.
  18. cognition
    Kahneman: Your Cognitive Biases Act Like Optical IllusionsBlind spots are more than visual.
  19. media
    The Shows You Watch Build Your Perception of the WorldFriends versus Little Mosque on the Prairie.
  20. money money money
    Why Scandinavians Care More Than Americans About Inequality“Fairness” means different things.
  21. The Florida Airport Gunman Shows How Domestic Violence Predicts Mass KillingViolence begets violence.
  22. The More You Swear, the More Honest You AreWhat transparency sounds like.
  23. Trump Is a Case Study in How Drawing Attention to Antisocial Behavior BackfiresHow normalization happens.
  24. fitness
    It’s Fine to Do All Your Exercise One Day a Week, Kind OfWeekend warriors, unite.
  25. neuroscience
    To Understand a Brain’s Age, Focus on More Than NeuronsGet to know your glia.
  26. cognition
    Speaking Another Language Makes Your Brain More EfficientAnd more resilient to the effects of aging, too.
  27. fitness
    Tell Yourself You Like Your Workout, You’ll Do It MoreManipulation helps.
  28. hallucinogens
    LSD, Yoga, and the Therapeutic Process of ‘Ego Dissolution’Want to quit smoking or reduce anxiety? Lose yourself, then find yourself.
  29. gender
    Men’s Refusal to Do ‘Women’s Work’ Shows How the Patriarchy Wounds EverybodyWhat happens when all the growing occupations are “for women”?
  30. neuroscience
    Where Will Happens in the BrainThe neuroscience of cognitive control.
  31. public health
    Here’s a Simple Way to Reduce Drunk-Driving DeathsThorough is good.
  32. Living With Purpose Yields a Longer Life and Higher IncomeVirtue pays off.
  33. basic income
    What Happens When You Give Free Money to Poor PeopleIn Finland, Kenya, Canada, and even America.
  34. Yes, the American Incarceration Rate Is Going DownA decade-long trend.
  35. The Worst Email Mistake You Can Make, According to a 250,000 Message AnalysisThe scourge of the inbox.
  36. Americans Are Doing Less Drunk and Drugged DrivingThe roads appear to be getting safer.
  37. mortality
    The ‘Maternal Bereavement Effect’ Explains Why Parents Die After Their ChildrenA mother’s “hazard of mortality” shoots up by 326 percent in the two years following a child’s death.
  38. urbanism
    The 4 ‘Spaces’ Cities Need to Make People HappierKey ingredients to urban life.
  39. education
    Teach Kids Philosophy, It Makes Them Better at MathNot what to think, but how to think.
  40. Success Depends on Your Personality More Than IQThe power of “non-cognitive” skills.
  41. anthropomorphism
    Blaming 2016 Is Like Blaming GodWhat it means to say, “2016 is an asshole.”
  42. Scientists Think That Female Scientists Are the Most Trustworthy“Not all researchers are equally upstanding.”
  43. bicycling
    Solid Evidence That Cycling Is the Best Way to CommuteIt’s about energy.
  44. sex
    How Sex Can Get Better As You Get Older“Sexual wisdom” is the key.
  45. What Good Is Hope?Does optimism make you foolish, human, or both?
  46. hygge
    The Nordic Way to Be Good at WinterMedieval knitting, Catholic martyrs, open candles, and hot, boozy beverages.
  47. social contagion
    Ask Sinbad About How False Memories SpreadThis one gets weird.
  48. public health
    More Evidence That Violence Is ContagiousLike smoking or obesity, it travels along social networks.
  49. self-care
    Saunas Help Your Brain, Says Deeply Finnish StudyMore bathing, less Alzheimer’s.
  50. The Potential Danger in Therapy Apps Like TalkspaceIf someone is contemplating suicide, is a text message enough?
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