Elizabeth Weil

Features Writer, New York Magazine

Elizabeth Weil is a features writer for New York Magazine. She won an Emmy in 2023, and she lives in San Francisco. Previously, she covered climate and California for ProPublica and was a writer-at-large for The New York Times Magazine. She’s also co-written two best sellers. More of her work can be found at

  1. first person
    Banishing the Flannel NightgownEsther Perel believes relationships require holding on to mystery and desire. Twenty-three years into marriage, it’s a lesson I’m always relearning.
  2. power
    Canceled at 17When kids make mistakes and classmates never forgive.
  3. books
    The Sad Young Literary Man Is Now a Middle-Aged DadKeith Gessen wrote a memoir about family life. His wife, Emily Gould, is mostly okay with that.
  4. encounter
    Wendy MacNaughton’s Drawing LessonsThe illustrator teaching kids (and their parents) how to see.