Emily Gould

Features Writer, New York Magazine

Emily Gould, a novelist and critic, is a features writer for New York Magazine. She writes the Making It newsletter. Her books include Friendship, Perfect Tunes, and The Heart Says Whatever.

  1. home for the holidays
    Save a Seat For Barbra Streisand at ThanksgivingBring up these twelve tidbits from the star’s memoir to distract your relatives when they try to talk politics at the table.
  2. making it
    Maria Bamford’s New York Fantasy CampTalking to the comedian about finances, the various various “cults” she’s belonged to, and her new memoir.
  3. parenting
    How Do I Talk to My Kids About Sex?All your awkward sex-education questions, answered.
  4. cut opinion pages
    No More GirliesMy one-woman crusade against the girlies probably won’t hasten its demise, but it’s good to be reminded that all trends always fade away.
  5. making it
    All the TV I Watched When I Was Chronically DepressedWhen I wasn’t watching TV, I could hear my brain, and my brain was the worst podcast in the world.
  6. making it
    My Tattoo Artist Ifé Toussaint Fetches the BoltcuttersHow a young stick-and-poke artist makes tattooing work financially — without the macho vibes.
  7. making it
    Casey Johnston Turned Bulking Up Into a BusinessThe unlikely weight-lifting coach is making a killing arguing that pumping iron can be for everyone (yes, even you).
  8. read with us
    Like Any Good Sidekick“Laura could take over as the heroine if the situation demanded it.”
  9. personal project
    My Only Hobby Is Being PettyI know it’s not good, but it feels like the only thing I have left.
  10. first person
    Replaying My ShameThirteen years later, what happened at Gawker isn’t going away.
  11. reasons to love new york
    The 8 Million Reasons to Love New YorkA tribute to those inspiringly singular New Yorkers who wouldn’t — probably couldn’t — live anywhere else.
  12. money
    My Year of Living Like My Rich FriendShopping with her was like buying drugs and doing the drugs, simultaneously.
  13. remembrances
    The Shocking Thing About Teaching Roth to College KidsThey loved him.
  14. profile
    Liz Phair, 25 Years Out of ExileA quarter century after her career-making album, she’s still writing songs first and foremost for herself.
  15. cut covers
    Katja Blichfeld Gets What She WantsAfter a year of changes, the quietly commanding High Maintenance co-creator embarks on a new life.
  16. first person
    My Life in Domestic GoddessesWomen who made food look like self-expression.
  17. cut cover story
    Cat Marnell Is Still AliveAnd the “unhealthy health writer” has a new memoir.
  18. Envy Nearly Wrecked My Best FriendshipI wanted what he had, which I imagined to be the Dream.