1. video look book
    The ‘New-School Hippie’ Who Doesn’t SmellCheck out her Native American–inspired garb in our latest Video Look Book.
  2. head for the hills
    Justin-Bobby Reminds Us That Life Is So Short on The HillsThankfully, MTV did not spare us this week from Justin-Bobby’s wisdom.
  3. video look book
    The Neon Lover Who ‘Turned the Eighties Out’See his rare brown-denim hand-studded jeans in our latest Video Look Book.
  4. head for the hills
    Kelly Cutrone Returns to The Hills, Heidi Furthers WomankindLast night marked the return of two very important characters: Kelly Cutrone and our favorite bit player, Lauren’s Mustache.
  5. video look book
    An Adorable, Stylish 3-Month-Old in His Casual ClothesCheck him out in our latest Video Look Book.
  6. head for the hills
    Spencer Fights, Heidi Shakes, The Hills Never EndsSpencer and Heidi have a fight. The world doesn’t stop! Neither do our recaps. Read all about last night’s double episode.
  7. video look book
    Reinhard Plank’s Pants Are the Color of His SoulScope out this snappy Italian in our latest Video Look Book.
  8. video look book
    A Video Look Book with No Mention of Labels or VintageOur latest subject doesn’t know where her clothes came from. This never happens!
  9. video look book
    Stylist Jessica Mycock Doesn’t Channel the Eighties on PurposeThough the day our Video Look Book camera descended on her, the eighties vibe was impossible to ignore.
  10. head for the hills
    The Hills Shows How to Shotgun Your WeddingThis week, Spencer lures Heidi into a scary-sounding marriage, and Whitney finally — finally — leaves for New York.
  11. head for the hills
    Whitney Vacantly Begins Her Move From The HillsPlus: Spencer’s a jerk, Stephanie’s clueless, and Lauren’s overemotional. You know, your typical episode.
  12. head for the hills
    The Hills Learns About Trust and We Learn About NanaAudrina and Lauren pretend to patch things up, and we meet the woman indirectly responsible for Spencer and Stephanie’s existence.
  13. head for the hills
    Audrina Freaks, Lauren Cries, and The Hills DeliversAfter a lackluster season, ‘The Hills’ delivers a screechy, mascara-ruining episode. Thank God.
  14. head for the hills
    The Hills Gives Us a Quickie Existential CrisisNow that they’ve announced a fifth season, will we be recapping this nonsense forever? Actually, don’t answer that.
  15. head for the hills
    The Hills Gives Us the Male-Model Action We DeserveThis week’s episode brings us back to sweet little Whitney — who’s picking up dudes in crappy NYC bars.
  16. head for the hills
    The Hills Unemployment Rate on the RiseThat’s right: Someone loses her fake job this week! But it’s not the recession that does her in: It’s tequila.
  17. head for the hills
    The Hills Will Pretty Much Always Be There for YouAudrina’s totally, completely, 100 percent done with Justin Bobby. Riiiiight.
  18. head for the hills
    The Hills Relocates to CaboIn this week’s episode, the gang hops on their private jet and heads down to a mansion in Cabo — a lush new setting for the same old drunken drama.
  19. head for the hills
    Audrina Heats Up The HillsIn this week’s episode, our supporting heroine takes center stage by going topless. Of course.
  20. head for the hills
    The Hills Needs a Peace AccordIn this week’s episode, Heidi makes an earnest plea for reconciliation with Lauren. You can imagine how that went over.
  21. head for the hills
    Lauren Ditches The Hills — and We Are Entertained!L.C. is vacationing in Italy, which means the supporting characters are running the show this week. And? It’s actually good.
  22. head for the hills
    The Hills Knows No Economic DramaAnother week, another head trip into the un-reality of Lauren Conrad’s world.
  23. head for the hills
    Hills Doubleheader: Audrina and Lauren Finally Talk, OMG.In this week’s second episode, the girls get the mascara all over the place. Obviously.
  24. head for the hills
    A Double Dose of The HillsMTV blessed us twice as much this week, especially in giving us a blowout “let’s totally implode in Vegas” episode.
  25. runway recap
    ‘Runway’ Recap: Wherein DVF Shills for AmExThis week, designers were asked to make ensembles inspired by the movie ‘A Foreign Affair,’ and Fern Mallis was the guest judge.
  26. cult of personality
    The Hills Gets Its Very Own YentaIn an episode much improved from last week’s snoozer, Whitney goes to New York and Kelly Cutrone multitasks like a power bitch.
  27. cult of personality
    Drama on The Hills Strangely Akin to That of Middle EastEpisode two of the latest season was a waste, save for some current-events analysis from the one and only Spencer Pratt.
  28. cult of personality
    When You’re in The Hills, You’ll Never Be FriendsThe new season of ‘The Hills’ premiered last night, and we could finally breathe for the first time.