1. balls
    Venus Williams to Present Her New Line During Fashion WeekHer collection, EleVen, will be shown on September 12.
  2. party chat
    Simon Doonan Does Not Go to ‘Mountain Dew’ Towns“One doesn’t title a book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat and charge off to a place where everyone’s drinking Mountain Dew.”
  3. party chat
    Isaac Mizrahi Stands Up for Karl Lagerfeld“We have to defend Karl Lagerfeld’s rights!”
  4. show and tell
    Pam Anderson Rumored to Have Delayed Richie Rich’s Show by Over an HourThe audience was not happy.
  5. the weight debate
    Brooke Shields: ‘I’ve Never Been Skinny’“I never fit into that category.”
  6. take out your calendar
    The Complete Fall 2010 Fashion Week CalendarSee the when, where, and who for over 250 events this week.