1. very bad laws
    Sexting As a Teen in Colorado Could Make You a Sex Offender for LifeCurrently, Colorado has some of the harshest penalties for underage sexting.
  2. celebrities having fun
    Abbi and Ilana Tried to Sneak a Peek at Chris Hemsworth NakedJust some celebs having fun on television!
  3. emptiness
    New Yorkers Frankly Too Busy Working to Show Up to Ivy Park LaunchSorry, Bey, we still love you!
  4. bad fashion
    Kylie Jenner Is Trying Really Hard to Bring Von Dutch BackIt’s not going to happen.
  5. you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied
    Hamilton Fever Might Push Woman to Back of BillNot at all metaphorical.
  6. definitive rankings
    The Top 10 Pettiest Moments of the 2016 Presidential Race, Thus FarSmall hands! Periods! “Your mom” jokes!
  7. horniness conquers all
    Couple Too Horny to Realize the Bar They’re at Is Being RobbedTrue love is alive.
  8. the sharing economy
    Share Your Tinder Matches With Your Co-workersFinally. What the world was asking for.
  9. i want to beliebe
    Justin Bieber’s Greatest Accomplishment to Date: Coloring in Anime PornHe also sat still for 30 minutes.
  10. misunderstood misogyny
    In the Totally Unbiased Opinion of His Own Daughters, Trump Is Not a MisogynistGlad we cleared this up!
  11. petty feuds
    Famous Plus-Size Model Amy Schumer Appeared on the Tonight ShowAmy Schumer doesn’t like labels, not one little bit.
  12. blame
    Science Says Emotional Eating Is All Your Parents’ FaultMore things to blame your parents for!
  13. Barbara Corcoran Doesn’t Think She Believes in the Glass Ceiling, But She DoesOops.
  14. reading the comments
    Women Receive More Abusive Comments Than MenYou would’ve never guessed it!
  15. glitches
    Kylie’s Lip-Kit Website Breaks the Internet, Exposing Customers’ InformationYet another scandal plagues the Kardashian/Jenner crew!
  16. things that make men
    Firefighter Receives Backlash for ‘Controversial’ Breast-feeding PhotoCity officials threatened to punish a firefighter for letting his breast-feeding wife wear his uniform.
  17. stars! they’re just like us
    Even Perfect Human Scarlett Johansson Can Relate to Your Boy ProblemsSo relatable!
  18. the patriarchy strikes again
    Girls Told to Lengthen Skirts for Male TeachersLegs are allegedly distracting!
  19. listen up fives a ten is speaking
    Online Dating Has Killed Your Chances of Landing Someone Hotter Than YouIf you want to date out of your league, we have some bad news for you.
  20. good things
    8 Good Things That Happened This WeekDwayne “the Rock” Johnson, a 9-year-old reporter, and so much more!
  21. real life onion headlines
    French Court Thinks Most Hairdressers Are Gay“Hair salons regularly employ gay people,” the court said.
  22. new york values
    John Kasich Visits New York Landmark H&MKasich goes to the center of New York City fashion.
  23. love in the time of venture capitalism
    Start-Up Helps You Buy Your Girlfriend’s LoveFor a mere $70 per month!
  24. ruphall
    The Winner of Last Night’s American Idol Finale Was RupHallThe hottest new couple is unstoppable.
  25. it’s a man’s world
    Someone Has Finally Written a Novel About Male DesireFinally, a break from all those books by women!
  26. crime and punishment
    Owen Labrie Asks for a New TrialHe filed the motion yesterday.
  27. hot shot
    Grandma Looks Subversively Hot in BikiniInspirational.
  28. schadenfreude
    Rich Kids’ Instagram Game Is Screwing Over Their ParentsIf you post a picture of daddy’s hidden assets on Instagram, it may be your family’s downfall.
  29. scary and sad things
    Video Shows San Antonio School Officer Body-Slamming 12-Year-Old GirlThe violent event was caught on video.
  30. who doesn’t love a good california roll
    Barron Hilton’s Food Instagram Is Truly SomethingHello, California rolls!
  31. shockers
    Man Also Interested in Beautiful Woman for Her PersonalityIt sounds impossible, but hear us out …
  32. today’s inspo
    Don’t Call This 9-Year-Old Reporter CuteAlso, she sees your misogyny, and she doesn’t think it’s cute.
  33. false alarms
    Don’t You Hate It When Your Penis Rings Accidentally Cause a Bomb Scare?Classic mix-up!
  34. an empire is born
    Lena Dunham Expands Her Empire Into Book PublishingMovies, TV shows, newsletters, and now publishing!
  35. masculinity so fragile
    Men Threaten Rape Because They Had to Pay 17 Cents More for CupcakesMasculinity so so so so so so so fragile.
  36. campus sexual assault
    Judge Rules ‘Jackie’ Will Be Forced to Testify in Rolling Stone LawsuitThe subject of Rolling Stone’s largely discredited campus rape story now must testify in the lawsuit.
  37. who run the world? teens
    High-Schooler Gets Into All Eight IviesJust more proof that teens are better than we are.
  38. who run the world? kids
    9-Year-Old Crime Reporter Finally Proves 3rd-Graders Can Have It AllHilde Kate Lysiak edits and publishes her own local news site. What have you done recently?
  39. sorry nerds
    Looks Like Robots Won’t Be Making Sex ObsoleteA new study finds that humans do not feel comfortable touching the “butts” of robots.
  40. sexual assault
    Yasmine Kittles Files Sexual-Assault Claim Against Heathcliff BerruAt least 20 women have come out against Berru since January.
  41. the signified and the signifier
    AP Stylebook Rejects Your Misogyny, Says No More MistressThey’ve also decided to make internet lowercase, effective June 1.
  42. 90s nostalgia never dies
    Your Favorite Childhood Novels Reimagined As Dark Tales of DespairWow, the Sweet Valley sisters did what?
  43. who run the world? nerds
    Men Continue to Invent New Ways to Not Have Sex With Human WomenA much-needed innovation.
  44. ruphall
    RupHall Went on a Date to the Strand Like a Couple of NYU FreshmenAfterward, maybe they went to Washington Square Park for a little PDA.
  45. people who deserve each other
    Donald Trump Is a Feminist. No, He’s Not. Yes, He Is. No — Wait, What?You’ll never believe what happened when the New York Post asked Ivana Trump about feminism!
  46. Boko Haram Victims Face Hardship After RescueEven after being rescued, the victims of Boko Haram are struggling.
  47. celebrity divorces
    Drew Barrymore Is Getting DivorcedShe’s splitting with husband Will Kopelman after three years.
  48. good things
    5 Good Things That Happened This WeekNone of which were April Fools’ Day jokes.
  49. Single Women Really, Really, Really Don’t Like Donald TrumpReally, really, really.
  50. Obese People Now Outnumber Underweight People WorldwideA new study by Lancet finds that one in seven women across the globe are obese.
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