1. bad jokes
    Pornhub Is Really Scraping the Bottom of the Joke Barrel This April Fools’ DayStop.
  2. lgbt rights
    Federal Judge Puts an End to Mississippi’s Ban on LGBT-Couple AdoptionsNow same-sex couples are free to adopt in all 50 states.
  3. find your tempo like dj mustard
    Taylor Swift and Her Stunt Double Perfectly Illustrate the Hell of the TreadmillWhat a time to be alive!
  4. Chris Meloni Explains Why Benson and Stabler Never Hooked UpFinally. We know the truth.
  5. How to Know If It’s a Date: A Short StoryUnsure about whether or not you’re on a date? There’s a new quiz to guide you.
  6. pootie deng
    Pootie-Deng Is the Celebrity Couple the World NeedsVladimir Putin and Wendi Deng are rumored to be getting hot ‘n’ heavy.
  7. technological advances
    Siri Now Capable of Discussing Sexual AssaultSiri will now direct iPhone users to the National Sexual Assault Hotline.
  8. always a bridesmaid
    Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride Is Actually Really ExpensiveThis sucks.
  9. watch sexism work
    Alabama Aide Resigns Amid Sex ScandalSexism is alive and well!
  10. jesus walks whoopi vapes
    Whoopi Launches Her Own Marijuana BrandPraise everything.
  11. are we human or are we cupcake
    Turning Into a Cupcake Is Not As Cute As It SoundsOne day you’re eating a cupcake, the next, you’re a monster.
  12. stop
    Chris Brown Thinks People Attempt Suicide for Instagram SympathyBrown continues to be an awful person.
  13. teens explain things to me
    A Guide to Cool Teen SlangIn: Gucci, Curve, Cyph. Out: YOLO, Swag, Bae.
  14. celebrity antics
    Text Proves Leo DiCaprio Is Never Not Down to Hit the ClubLeo took a break from gazing at his Oscar to text his old friend J. Lo.
  15. angry white men
    A History of Piers Morgan’s Terrible OpinionsTo celebrate his 51st birthday!
  16. men are delicate and sensitive flowers
    Study Suggests Fragile Masculinity Could Cost Hillary VotesMasculinity so fragile, it changes men’s votes.
  17. bad excuses
    You Guys, Trump’s Gross Comments About Women Were Jokes This Whole TimeThis changes everything.
  18. Russian Oligarch So Rich He Traveled Back to 2005 for His WeddingJ.Lo, Enrique Iglesias, and Sting performed.
  19. man candy
    Billionaire Tech Entrepreneur Selects Handsome Trophy BoyfriendTrophy boyfriends FTW!
  20. hot shot
    Even President Obama Owns That ShirtA true everyman!
  21. millennial lifestyles
    Millennials Discover Napkins Are Just Small Paper Towels Young people are too smart to fall prey to Big Napkin.
  22. monday motivation
    9-Year-Old Girl Completes Navy Seal Obstacle Course Like It’s No Big DealSome #MondayMotivation for y’all.
  23. the consequences of patriarchy
    Toxic Masculinity Responsible for Men’s Shorter Life SpansThe patriarchy strikes again!
  24. vatican fashion week
    13 Stylish Moments in Vatican HistoryIn honor of Good Friday.
  25. sexual harassment
    Professor Sues Columbia University for Sexual HarassmentAfter the professor complained, one dean told her the situation sounded like a “soap opera.”
  26. for sale playboy magazine barely read
    Buy Playboy, for a Mere $500 Million!Act now! Offer ends soon!
  27. don’t go chasing waterfalls
    Despite TLC’s Advice, This Fish Goes Chasing WaterfallsThey want to have it their way or nothing at all.
  28. patriarchal bullshit
    All the Crazy Things the Jian Ghomeshi Judge Said About Sexual AssaultNo wonder most sexual assault goes unreported.
  29. history is made
    Kim Releases Legendary Selfies She Took While Khloe Was on Her Way to JailThis changes everything!
  30. used erotica
    Don’t Donate Your Copy of 50 Shades to CharityNo one wants your used erotica, sorry.
  31. woman haters
    Ted Cruz, a Man Who Attacks Women, Says, ‘Real Men Don’t Attack Women’Using Ted’s logic, he is a very fake man.
  32. the body positvity industrial complex
    Like the Rest of Society, Aerie Man Celebrates Men of All Shapes and SizesBrave.
  33. the man becomes the weedman
    Super-Chill CDC Tells Doctors Not to Test Patients for MarijuanaThey’ve updated their guidelines.
  34. hot shot
    Only Martha Stewart Is Allowed to HoverboardAgainst all odds, she proves it can be done with grace.
  35. relationship goals
    Artist Tracey Emin, Inspirational Woman, Marries a Rock#RelationshipGoals
  36. celebrities kissing
    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Just Average Teens Dry-Humping on a Sunny DayOr is that just two blobs on a pixelated lawn?
  37. gentle musings
    Adam Levine Copied Your Birthday PartyHe ate half a cake in his room alone.
  38. toxic masculine fumes
    Axe Body Spray Responsible for Emergency Evacuation of Church and Day CareMoral of the story: Do not wear Axe.
  39. Army Did Not Search for AWOL Suspected RapistArmy Private Jameson T. Hazelbower is believed to have raped a 15-year-old girl.
  40. pubic musings
    Why You Should Grow Out Your Happy TrailThe next feminist frontier is stomach hair.
  41. bad ass divas
    Unstoppable Truth-Teller Mariah Carey Says Overhead Lighting Is ‘Abusive’She makes a compelling argument.
  42. uncanny valley
    Hot Robot Feels More Emotions Than Your ExHer emotions are more complex than the average millennial male’s!
  43. beard restrictions
    Leaving One Direction Set Zayn Malik’s Beard FreeWe’re so glad that beautiful beard was able to blossom.
  44. supervillain things
    A Horny Cat Is Stealing Men’s UnderwearOr that’s what I want you to think.
  45. march madness
    This Is the Face of a Woman Afflicted With March MadnessMarch Madness affects everybody differently. If you think you’ve also had an allergic reaction to March Madness, please talk to your doctor immediately.
  46. can u not
    This Is the Best and Worst Diet AdvicePlease do.
  47. Extremely Persistent Tinder Match Fails to Get Date Using PowerPointUnmatch! Block! Report!
  48. Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Fighting the Patriarchy Is ExhaustingWomen, unsurprisingly, use more of their brain than men do.
  49. menstruation taxation
    The EU Just Eliminated the Tampon Tax; Your Move, AmericaNot only that, but they pledged to give the revenue generated from the tampon tax to women’s charities.
  50. vape life is the good life
    Good Skin Is the No. 2 Reason to Vape, After Looking Cool As HellLeo knows what we’re talking about.
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