1. college admissions scandal
    What’s It Like to Deal With College-Crazed Parents for a Living“I did have a parent very upset because their child did not get a perfect score on the SATs. Instead of getting a 1600, they got a 1590.”
  2. the cinema
    Movie Premieres Looked Absolutely Wild in the ’90s and Early 2000sTalking to guy behind @NightOpening, the Twitter account unearthing the greatest, weirdest photos from that era.
  3. the theater
    Every Photo of Keri Russell and Adam Driver Is Better Than the LastTheir new play, Burn This, has unleashed an epidemic of lust.
  4. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Today Show Host Hoda KotbFrom drinking wine at 10 a.m. to winding down with Candy Crush.
  5. remembrances
    Luke Perry Was the Ultimate ’90s HeartthrobSeven women remember the crushes they had on the 90210 bad boy turned Riverdale dad.
  6. shawl vault
    Stevie Nicks, Lock Me Inside Your Shawl VaultBreaking: Stevie Nicks has a “shawl vault,” a vault for her shawls.
  7. niche drama
    This Female Twitter Comic Was Actually a Man Pretending to Be His Own WifeAn intoxicatingly inane Twitter scandal, explained.
  8. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Amy SedarisThe actress and comedian on rabbit care and getting wellness tips from Justin Theroux.
  9. valentine’s day
    12 Women on Their First CrushesPatricia Lockwood, Aparna Nancherla, Emily Heller, and more share their stories.
  10. westminster dog show
    The Frenetic Energy of This Dog-Agility Video Is BeautifulLet it wash over your brain.
  11. q&a
    A Russian Doll Star on Acting in Her Wife’s Breakout TV HitRebecca Henderson talks playing lesbian characters, trapping cats, and her “Mom on Playground” audition wig.
  12. real estate
    Quaint Pennsylvania Home Boasts Luxurious BDSM DungeonIt’s being sold fully furnished.
  13. talking to
    Did You Hear the One About Lorena Bobbitt?Four women reexamine one of the most infamous stories of the ’90s.
  14. true crime
    Inside an Extremely Bizarre, Extremely Florida Murder CaseA woman is on trial for the death of her husband, who was initially thought to be eaten by gators.
  15. books
    The Best Character in the Wild Literary Scammer StoryNo, not the cups of urine.
  16. tv
    What If You Had to Live One Night of Your Life Over?Nine writers on the night they would hate or love to repeat.
  17. tv
    Finally, The Sopranos and the Sex and the City Universes MeetI couldn’t help but wonder if Carrie Bradshaw and Paulie Walnuts are meant to be.
  18. hey have you noticed?
    This Song Is Everywhere Right NowThe enduring appeal of playing “Crimson & Clover,” over and over.
  19. politics
    Roger Stone Allegedly Threatened to Kidnap This Precious DogEverything we know about sweet Bianca, who comes up in Stone’s recent indictment.
  20. oscars 2019
    First Reformed Was the Perfect Oscars SnubBut will God forgive us?
  21. questions
    What Does My Dog Think I’m Doing When I’m Watching TV?Experts weigh in on my nagging question.
  22. crime
    Deaths of Saudi Arabian Sisters Found in Hudson River Ruled SuicideThe bodies of Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22, were found in October 2018.
  23. lists
    20 Things John Mayer Looks Like in This PhotoThe smell of Axe Body Spray and American Spirits, a sip of Coors Light when you’re parched, and more.
  24. tv
    You Should Stay in and Watch All These European Crime DramasHere are 11 to binge.
  25. skin deep
    27 of the Best Vegan Beauty Products EverFrom Glossier, Tarte, Drunk Elephant, and more.
  26. interviews
    What If Your Entire Relationship Was a Lie?Talking to Abby Ellin, the author of Duped.
  27. fyre festival forever
    Fyre Festival Is Dead, But Its Chaotic Energy Lives OnCompeting documentary alert.
  28. investigations
    Why Does Everyone Want Their Crushes to Run Them Over?“How badly do I want Timotheé Chalamet to run me over with a truck.”
  29. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Sopranos EditionIn honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, 11 writers share the moments they always come back to.
  30. kissing
    My Favorite Short Story Is About Ethan Hawke’s First KissMay we all channel this energy in 2019.
  31. fixations
    All the Things We Thought About a Lot This YearJanuary Jones getting out of a cab, Salman Rushdie’s thirsty Facebook DMs, and much, much more.
  32. advent calendar 2018
    Gift of the Day: 50 Photos of Bruce SpringsteenA gift for you, reader.
  33. apologies
    Aquarium Apologizes for Calling Sea Otter a ‘Thicc Girl’“It has come to our attention that some of the references in this tweet are problematic and insensitive.”
  34. strong dumb take
    Shut Down the Internet for the Rest of the YearA modest proposal.
  35. celebrity
    Lord of the Rings Is the Perfect Theme for Your 30th Birthday PartyVanessa Hudgens knows.
  36. nature is beautiful
    Rejoice, for the Naked Mole-Rats Have Chosen Their One True Queen“It was the mole-rat we expected.”
  37. power
    Disturbing Video Shows NYPD Officers Ripping 1-Year-Old From Mother’s ArmsShe’s now in custody at Rikers Island for resisting arrest.
  38. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Holiday EditionNine writers tell us the holiday-themed pop-culture moments that have stayed with them over the years.
  39. science of us
    I’m Terrified of Neti PotsNo brain-eating amoebas for me, thank-you.
  40. okay
    Elon Musk Admits He Doesn’t Know How to Smoke Weed“I have no idea how to smoke pot.”
  41. good at twitter
    David Crosby Only Sometimes Tweets While He’s High“I don’t think you can really tell.”
  42. history
    Did Mary, Queen of Scots Really Wear All of Those Earrings?Investigating a costume-drama mystery.
  43. mysteries
    What Happened to the Scientist Responsible for the First Gene-Edited Babies?He Jiankui, who claims to have conducted a controversial experiment, has reportedly gone missing.
  44. literature
    Here’s the Worst Thing a Man Wrote About Sex This YearCongratulations to the winner of the Bad Sex in Fiction award.
  45. literature
    9 Terrible Sentences Men Wrote About Sex This Year“Slowly chugging my organ as a boa constrictor swallows its prey.”
  46. modest proposals
    Can Mark Ruffalo Please Lose His Backpack AgainI need this!
  47. animals
    Free the Big CowFree Knickers!
  48. crime
    Here’s the Gender-Reveal Stunt That Started a Massive WildfireIt’s a boy!
  49. the hot duck
    The Perfect Gift for Hot Duck FansHe’s the ideal muse.
  50. animals
    You Call This a Fat Dog???Could be fatter.
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