1. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Martha Stewart Sharpie-ing Her Louboutin SolesAt best, this is an act of sadism against moms who own novelty wineglasses that say things like, “Chocolate is good but shoes are carb-free!”
  2. red carpet
    Some Random Stylists Think Leslie Jones’s Dress Dilemma Is Her Own Fault“People have this belief that showrooms and designers have racks and racks of clothing in all sizes. They don’t.”
  3. 90s nostalgia never dies
    ‘Lisa Frank ’90s Adult Coloring Book’ Wins Today’s Internet Mad LibsAre we sure this is not just a coloring book?
  4. dangerously cheesy
    The Guy Who Went on a Violent Tirade About Mac and Cheese Got Arrested AgainThis time, he got into an altercation with a police officer.
  5. hotshot
    Sasha and Malia Obama Wore Business-Casual Chokers in MoroccoThey’re visiting as part of the First Lady’s Let Girls Learn initiative.
  6. representation matters
    7-Year-Old Publishes Book About Black PrincessesShe was frustrated with the abundance of “vanilla” princesses.
  7. women’s gymnastics
    The Olympics Should Just Award Simone Biles the Gold NowGet familiar with the work of the 19-year-old gymnast who is taking the world by storm.
  8. You Can Now Buy ‘Breakup Insurance’ for Taylor Swift’s RelationshipsChinese retailer Taobao is offering plans.
  9. kase file
    Kris Jenner Mistook a Jell-O Stain for BloodShe revealed this fun anecdote in a newly released deleted scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
  10. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Go on a DateLook, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but they POSSIBLY ate $25 Gulf red snapper.
  11. Dad Takes Out Full-Page Dating Ad for His 48-Year-Old Son“THIS IS A SERIOUS REQUEST,” the ad reads. “PLEASE BE SERIOUS AS WELL.”
  12. prom
    Girl Recreates Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ for PromThere was a smoke machine involved.
  13. Shop Jeen Has Been Resurrected From Its Emoji-Covered GraveBut customers aren’t too thrilled with its new selection.
  14. flotus
    Michelle Obama Has Mastered the Art of Snapchat in a Single DayTime to step down, Kylie Jenner, there’s a new Snapchat queen in town.
  15. maybe love is not real
    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Maybe Not DatingClaudia Jordan now says she “misspoke.”
  16. fame
    Let Demi Lovato Be an Example of Why You Should Stay in Your LaneThe singer is taking a break from social media after her unsolicited opinion on a Mariah Carey meme angered fans.
  17. appreciation or appropriation?
    Snapchat Might Be Stealing Its Filter Ideas From Makeup ArtistsThe company responded after several makeup artists noticed an uncanny resemblance to their own work.
  18. We Get It, Zayn: You VapeThe singer shows off that he is definitely, totally a badass on the July cover of Paper.
  19. teens
    Cliffanie Forrester Gets Painting in the MetAnd you thought getting 11 likes on Instagram was impressive.
  20. big cranberry
    Cranberry Juice Probably Does Nothing for UTIsFact-checking a study funded by Ocean Spray.
  21. dads
    Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding DaughterBlah blah blah super dad blah blah dad of the year, etc.
  22. winfrey 2020
    Oprah Responds to Trump’s Request to Be His Running Mate“I would say, ‘Donald, I’m with her.”’
  23. revenge
    Facebook Bans Woman for her Response to Dick PicAfter a screenshot she posted of her brilliant response to an unsolicited dick pic went viral.
  24. coverspy
    Amy Schumer Is on the July Cover of VogueThis explains why she was seen hanging with Anna Wintour.
  25. Blake Lively Thinks Her Daughter Has ‘Meaty Eyelids’I’m loving the use of this adjective.
  26. last night on late night
    Can Nick Jonas Chill for a Single Second?After talking about his surprise boners, he’s now discussing his fetishes.
  27. kake konpsiracy
    Have the Kardashians Been Betrayed by Their Favorite Bakery?An investigation of a Kake Konspiracy.
  28. hot shot
    Just a Heads Up, the Hot Felon Is Still Super HotHe shared his first post–prison release head shot.
  29. gender
    Oregon Allows Person to Legally Declare As Neither GenderA petition to be classified as a nonbinary was passed in the state.
  30. Justin Bieber Couldn’t Decide Whether to Wear Pants or Shorts So He Wore BothModest is hottest.
  31. stanford rape case
    Stanford Sexual-Assault Victim’s Letter Will Be Read Aloud to CongressThe special order is being led by California Representative Jackie Speier.
  32. teens
    This 8th-Grader’s Relationship Contract Will Make You Rethink Your PrioritiesLove means never having to say you’re sorry for looking at these hoes.
  33. memes
    Hillary Clinton–Checking–Phone Pic Yields ProbeWhen a meme betrays.
  34. ugh
    Chris Christie Doesn’t Watch Women’s Tennis Out of Love for the Sport Today in opinions no one asked for.
  35. fowl play
    Dude Beheads a Woman’s Chickens Because She Unfriended Him on FacebookBut, ya know, women are the crazy emotional ones!
  36. the beat got sicker
    Allow Beyoncé to Demonstrate Proper Sneezing TechniqueEven Beyoncé’s sneezes are flawless.
  37. goals
    J.K. Simmons Is Our Bikini-Body IconThe actor is getting ripped for the new Justice League movie.
  38. relationship goals
    Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Celebrated Their Divorce Together at a Strip ClubTalk about relationship goals.
  39. sexual assaut
    ‘Heroes’ Who Rescued Stanford Assault Victim Speak Out for the First TimeThe two Swedish Ph.D. students found Turner assaulting the victim and held him down. 
  40. on a special episode of dash dolls
    The Kardashians’ Boutique Was Firebombed Last NightMolotov Kocktails With Khloe doesn’t sound so nice.
  41. transgender rights
    New York City Launches Ad Campaign for Transgender Bathroom RightsSigns on streets and in subways will encourage New Yorkers to “Look Past Pink and Blue.”
  42. celebrity relationships
    The Hex Joe Jonas Cast on His Exes Is Finally WorkingTaylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Demi Lovato all had breakups last week.
  43. College Men Admit to Coercive Sex in New Study53 percent of athletes and 38 percent of non-athletes surveyed admitted to pressuring a partner into sex.
  44. Beijing Couples Can’t Wear Shorts to Get a Marriage LicenseSorry, slobs.
  45. drake watch
    Why Do Celebrities Keep Sending Cryptic Messages With Their Jewelry?What other cryptic messages are celebrities sending us with their jewelry?
  46. quadruple threats
    Channing Tatum Is Now a Student at Harvard Business SchoolLike many who came before him, he’s a scholar by day, stripper by night.
  47. Here Are All the Theories About Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s BreakupThere are many.
  48. Here Are All the Theories About Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s BreakupThere are many.
  49. opinions no one asked for
    Of Course Stacey Dash’s Opinion on Bathroom Laws Is BadShe thinks transgender people should “go in the bushes.”
  50. cool pope watch
    George Clooney’s Italian Is Better Than Leo’sHe proved it while meeting the Pope in Rome this weekend.
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