1. most realistic statue award
    Women Taking a Selfie Immortalized in $35,500 Bronze StatueIt now stands outside of City Hall in Sugar Land, Texas.
  2. the lambily
    Nick Jonas Watches Mariah Carey on Home Shopping Network ‘at Least Once a Week’Same?!
  3. eulogies
    Era of Dudes Posing With Tigers on Tinder Comes to Tragic EndAmid abuse allegations, tigers have been removed from Thailand’s famous Tiger Temple.
  4. nostalgia
    Claire’s Continues Its Glittery DeclineMuch like your first ear-piercing, their sales continue to shrink.
  5. J.Lo’s Performance Now Includes HoverboardsAnd yields sponsored Instagram content.
  6. The Secret Behind Rihanna’s Fashion-Design Skills Has Been RevealedHow does she do it?!
  7. but we’re both equally annoying
    If You Want a Woman’s Real Opinion, Check Her FacebookA new study found women are just as assertive on social media as men.
  8. men’s fashion
    Zayn Officially Too Cool to Wear Matching ShoesHe paired a Yeezy boost with a dress shoe.
  9. the fappening
    Married Dad Pleads Guilty to Hacking Celebrity NudesYou can’t hack your way out of jail now, sucker.
  10. revenge
    Kelly Osbourne Tweeted the Phone Number of Her Dad’s Mistress1-800-888-SHADE.
  11. facebook irony
    Facebook Rejects an Ad Featuring Plus-Size Model Tess HollidayThe photo was being used to advertise an event about body positivity.
  12. bad blood
    Neo-Nazis Think Taylor Swift Is an ‘Aryan Goddess’This is the opposite of squad goals.
  13. teens
    Shop Jeen, the Tumblr Teen Clothing Emporium, Is ‘Temporarily’ Shut DownNow where am I supposed to buy a pizza crop top?
  14. collabs
    Here’s a First Look at Olivier Rousteing’s Nike CollabLong live athleisure.
  15. hotshot
    Sean Penn Wore the Finest Sneakers $59.99 Can BuyFresh kicks, dad.
  16. can u not
    A North Carolina School District Want to Ban Skinny Jeans to Prevent BullyingCan this state like chill for a sec?
  17. Sir Mix-a-Lot on Blake Lively’s Booty: ‘It Ain’t Horrible’“She’s saying she’s proud of her butt.”
  18. Get Ready to Go $14.90 Into DebtForever 21 is launching a credit card.
  19. deep dives
    What Is the Truth About Divas?An investigation of two magazine covers.
  20. controversies
    Are Snapchat’s Filters Making Everyone Look Whiter?Spoiler: probably.
  21. 16 Celebratory SaladsCongrats on losing the post-baby weight — here’s a salad!!!
  22. best life
    Susan Sarandon Is Living Her Best Life at CannesShe is truly living up to the age of 69.
  23. school’s out
    Watch This Teen Take Down the Graduation-Gown Industry in 30 SecondsHe has no time for oversize sleeves.
  24. Amal Clooney Gave George the Gift of Chores for His BirthdayTrue love.
  25. can u not
    Don’t Ask Me to Share My Dress Size, ThanksSize is just a number, so put it on display!
  26. safety check
    Leo DiCaprio Takes His Life Into His HandsA newsboy cap is not a helmet, Leo.
  27. can u not
    Another Way White Men Are Ruining It for the Rest of UsThey’re overwhelmingly voting for Donald Trump.
  28. free bieber
    World-Famous Trustafarian Enjoys Barefoot Park OutingWhere are Justin Bieber’s shoes now that he needs them?
  29. quoteables
    Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Have Time for YouStop putting her in a box!
  30. can u not
    Tween Magazine Helps Instill Body IssuesIt’s never too early.
  31. Donald Trump Says Hair Spray Is ‘Not Like It Used to Be’Make hair spray great again.
  32. Benevolent Goddess Rihanna Is Paying for Kids to Go to CollegeStudents will have to work, work, work, work for it.
  33. leave selena alone
    Don’t Bring a ‘Marry Justin’ Sign to a Selena Gomez ConcertShe simply could not keep her hands to herself.
  34. all your boyfriends
    Prince Harry Is Already Thinking About Your FeelingsNot like the other boyfriends.
  35. It Appears Harry Styles Has Cut Off His HairR.I.P. his glorious locks.
  36. Gender-Reveal Announcements Have Officially Gone Too FarIs your baby’s gender glitter or gun?
  37. royals
    Prince Harry Sucks at Xbox Now“I play against other people’s kids – they kick my arse.”
  38. nailed it
    They Finally Identified New York’s Essie Nail Polish ThiefNo amount of acetone can remove this from his criminal record.
  39. viral things
    Inspiring Teens Fit 242 Pens on Their HeadsThe kids are all right. 
  40. boob tube
    Cosmo Is Getting Its Own Reality ShowThe magazine is getting its own reality show.
  41. terrible things
    Artist Who Painted Nude Trump Portrait AssaultedMasculinity is so fragile.
  42. mall brands
    Pour Out a Food-Court Icee in Memory of AeropostaleSoon teens will have nowhere to shop.
  43. tiny tragedies
    Imagine Having to Talk to Ted Cruz When You Just Want PancakesLittle girls across nation continue to remain wary of Cruz.
  44. true love
    Ayesha Curry Blocked Steph’s First KissMutombo with the bitches.
  45. election 2016
    Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Making Millions From Trump’s ‘Woman Card’ CommentsIs the best revenge truly your paper?
  46. teen geniuses
    Rihanna’s Little Bro Is the Best Fashion CriticAnd he was not impressed.
  47. everyday heroes
    How to React When Men Say They’re Not PrivilegedReal eyes realize real lies.
  48. quoteables
    Cher and André Leon Talley Are Friends Because of a TambourineMusic brings everyone together.
  49. a user’s guide to women
    21 Things Women Want According to Men’s HealthPeppermint schnapps in her belly button, of course. 
  50. d.i.y.
    How to Make Miley Cyrus’s Jewelry by Yourself“Dirty Hippie” jewelry: a trip to Party City and a glue gun. 
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