Hanna Kozlowska is a freelance writer and reporter who was formerly on staff at Quartz and the New York Times. Her work, including national investigations and foreign dispatches, has also appeared in the Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, NBC News, The New Republic, and many others. She covers the intersection of tech and society, politics, and gender issues. For the Cut, she’s written about Ukrainian refugees seeking abortion in Poland, pharmacists refusing key medications post-Roe, and couples who found each other via computer matchmaking in the 1960s and ’70s.

  1. q&a
    How Glossier’s Sheen Wore OffA new book traces the rise and stumbles of the most hyped makeup brand of the 2010s.
  2. love stories
    Before There Was TinderFive people on finding their life partners through 1960s “computer dating.”
  3. life after roe
    What to Do If a Pharmacy Denies You Meds Linked to AbortionPatients are having trouble accessing some drugs that may end pregnancy, both in states with abortion bans and where the procedure remains legal.
  4. power
    Pregnant Ukrainian Refugees Struggle to Get Abortion Care“I can’t keep this baby; it reminds me all the time of what I’ve been through,” said one who called a hotline in Poland.