1. meet the new girl
    Model Maggie Maurer Has a Truck, Two Dirt Bikes, and a Three-Wheeler The Calvin Klein exclusive on growing up in a big family, wanting to meet Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and Googling herself.
  2. galliano
    Israeli Eurovision Contestant Not Permitted to Wear GallianoThe Israel Broadcasting Authority won’t allow it.
  3. look of the day
    Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Look Too Scary Last NightAt the Scary Movie V premiere.
  4. cover girls
    Karlie Kloss Tries on Gatsby CostumesShe looks great.
  5. ze french
    Bernard Arnault Won’t Become a Belgian Citizen Because You Have Trust IssuesCan he live?
  6. things that make you go zoom
    AARP Wishes Marc Jacobs a Happy 50thHe’s old enough to become a member.
  7. the donald
    Ivanka Trump Reportedly PregnantGrandpa Don!
  8. things that are terrible
    Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Gifts: ‘MMMBop’ and a Fountain PenWe can imagine the face she made.
  9. bananas
    Is the Rachel Zoe Project Going to ‘Die’?Like, be canceled?
  10. but is it art?
    Lauder Donates Reported $1 Billion Worth of Picasso and Braque Works to the MetAnd Léger and Gris.
  11. model tracker
    British Vogue Really Promises to Treat Models Like Human BeingsRespect and dignity.
  12. her mossness
    Kate Moss Kisses Sharon Stone, and Her Other Charitable ActsXOXO.
  13. roitfeld family tree
    Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s Mom Website Isn’t That GOOP-yAnd she didn’t have a “hippie birth.”
  14. hairy situations
    Femustaches Remain a Dealbreaker for Some MenBut only some!
  15. penney pinching
    Ron Johnson Out As J.C. Penney CEODid not see this coming.
  16. ysl
    YSL Biopic Without Bergé’s Blessing Is PostponedSuspicious.
  17. things that make you go zoom
    To Discuss: Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis’s SpeedosHEARTS.
  18. nice things
    Same-Sex Couples Dance for Nordstrom WeddingsAnd non-same-sex couples, too.
  19. quotables
    Ridiculous Person Calls Other Person RidiculousCavalli on Lagerfeld.
  20. kimyembryo
    Now Presenting Kim Kardashian’s Bare Baby BumpAnd Ray J’s new song, “I Hit It First.”
  21. the internet
    Angelina Jolie Donates $200K to Malala Fund“Wears Maleficent-Like Robe.”
  22. editors
    Is Bridget Foley Good for WWD?“I don’t know that today the paper resonates in the way that it did when Mr. Fairchild was there.”
  23. zomg shoes
    Reebok Spokesman Rick Ross Is Sorry, Doesn’t Actually Condone Rape“Woman is the most precious gift known to man, you understand?”
  24. gif bag
    Child Does Not Want to Kiss Prince WilliamSilly child!
  25. things that are terrible
    Zara Workers Allegedly Held in Factories ‘Against Their Will’“We found men and children who lived in places where they worked.”
  26. strange addictions
    One in Five Shopaholics Is Like Buzz BissingerA man.
  27. save the manatee
    Target Insults Manatees With Ugly DressFor shame.
  28. meet the new girl
    Model Mijo Mihaljcic Truly Misses Fashion WeekThe 20-year-old newbie on walking for Burberry, life lessons from The Alchemist, and her love of Lana Del Rey.
  29. ins and outs
    Nicola Formichetti to Be Named Diesel’s First Artistic DirectorSurprise!
  30. forever
    Chris Brown #Prays4Bieber#No.
  31. a rare post on sports
    Hermès Bags Watch Dinner Plates Play Ping-PongAnd ties participate in croquet.
  32. model tracker
    Karen Elson Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Is a Brilliant Role ModelAnd “not some of the models that I see on the runway.”
  33. rumor mill
    Nicola Formichetti, Diesel Said to Be Working on Something ‘Major’Says WWD, so it must be MAY-JUH!
  34. model tracker
    Jourdan Dunn on the Scarcity of Black ModelsShe also talks about the makeup artist who wasn’t “comfortable” working with her skin.
  35. penney pinching
    J.C. Penney’s Newest Shtick: The Bijoux BarOh là là.
  36. ins and outs
    Nicola Formichetti No Longer at Mugler“By mutual agreement.”
  37. quotables
    Shala Monroque, Crop-Top Adherent: ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Look Vulgar’Read and learn.
  38. cover boys
    Teen Vogue Happy to Capitalize on Justin Bieber’s ‘Crazy Year!’And Bieber compares himself to Jay-Z.
  39. model tracker
    ‘Genetic Lottery’ Winner Cameron Russell: ‘I Think I Have to Feel Guilty’For promoting an “ideal that’s maybe not attainable.”
  40. to knight is the knight
    Bernard Arnault Is a Knight NowPrince Charles decorated him.
  41. ze french
    9 Thoughts on Carla Bruni’s Upcoming AlbumA must-buy.
  42. zomg shoes
    Speculation About New Pope’s Shoes ‘Reaching Fever Pitch’“Pope Francis is quite a long way from Benedict in terms of style.”
  43. kimyembryo
    KimyEmbryo to Exit Womb in Leather PantsIt’s a Sisters Kardashian joke!
  44. performance fleece
    Old Navy ‘Tweed Cardigan Jacket’ Not Chanel-Inspired“I don’t think there was any intention for it to look like anything.”
  45. i’m a i’m a a diva
    This Could Be Beyoncé’s New British Vogue CoverFor May?
  46. eff no
    London Finds a Cure for Fashion’s Night Out Move it to Manchester.
  47. meet the new girl
    Soo Joo Park Doesn’t Want to Be Typecast As an Asian ModelThe South Korea–born, California-raised newcomer on working with Karl Lagerfeld, cookie-cutter models, and “hard-core lounging.”
  48. ze french
    Carla Bruni Renaissance Now Involves Lana Del ReySave her from becoming Hipster Runoff fodder!
  49. quotables
    Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele on Uggs: ‘I Love These Things’“I don’t care!”
  50. great expectations
    J.Crew to Open First J.Crew Store in EuropeAnd will continue to send out catalogues.
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