1. going strong
    Newest Queen Portrait Features Prince Philip Those two have been goin’ strong for nearly 69 years.
  2. rape
    Brock Turner Is No Longer Eligible for USA Swimming–Sanctioned Events “Brock Turner is not a member of USA Swimming and, should he apply, he would not be eligible for membership.”
  3. amal clooney
    Amal Clooney Will Represent Yazidi Genocide Victims She plans to seek an International Criminal Court investigation against the Islamic State.
  4. take action
    Events Crop Up in Response to Brock Turner Sentence A letter-writing party and a hex gathering.
  5. a clutch experience
    Vogue Now Offers a $200 Members-Only SubscriptionWith a clutch, to boot.
  6. puke happens
    This 12-Year-Old Puked on Paula AbdulIt happens.
  7. law suit
    This Woman Is Suing SoulCycleShe states that her instructor “called her out,” causing her to pedal faster and injure herself.
  8. historic
    Clinton Gave Nod to History in Victory Speech“In our country, it started right here in New York — a place called Seneca Falls in 1848.”
  9. for the girls
    Hillary Clinton Says Tonight Is for the Girls“Yes, you can be anything you want — even president.”
  10. bathroom bills
    Introducing Kinky Boots Song ‘Just Pee’ In response to the North Carolina bathroom bill.
  11. johnny depp and amber heard
    Amber Heard Was Arrested for Abuse of Former Girlfriend in 2009She was arrested for allegedly assaulting her former girlfriend, Tasya van Ree.
  12. rape
    Brian Banks ‘Disgusted’ by Brock Turner Ruling“He was sheltered so much he wouldn’t be able to survive prison.”
  13. donald streep
    Meryl Streep Just Played Donald Trump OnstageStreep played the Donald in a political version of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare.”
  14. cfda awards 2016
    Beyoncé Received Fashion Icon Award at CFDAs “When we were starting out in Destiny’s Child, a lot of labels didn’t really want to dress four black, country, curvy girls.”
  15. moms and daughters
    This Mom Thought She Found Drugs in Her Daughter’s Room — Not Quite“Mom, put them in water … “
  16. madness
    Kanye Announced Surprise Webster Hall ShowCan’t believe he kept everyone awake for nothing.
  17. nostalgia
    Backstreet Boys Performed at Miss USA PageantBackstreet’s back in 2016 — and they use Snapchat.
  18. miss usa 2016
    Miss D.C., Deshauna Barber, Wins Miss USA 2016She’s an IT analyst and army officer.
  19. fowl play
    Kim Kardashian, Bette Midler’s Chicken, Died of a Yeast InfectionR.I.P., Chicken Kim K.
  20. women in hollywood
    Megan Fox on Stereotypes in Hollywood“In terms of what’s available for women to play in general in Hollywood, it’s pretty scarce.”
  21. breakups
    Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Have Reportedly Called It Quits But, a source tells E! News it might not be over for good.
  22. breakups
    Calvin Harris Gets Real About His Split With Taylor Swift “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end … “
  23. boss
    Barbra Streisand Returns to the TonysShows up when she’s good and ready — boss.
  24. funny things
    Jared Leto Is the New and Improved Nerd-Face EmojiSpot. On.
  25. expert
    This 12-Year-Old Kid Really Gets the Whole Vaccinations-Cause-Autism Argument Do vaccinations really cause autism? He’s got a whole folder of evidence revealing the truth.
  26. good sons
    Teen Takes His Mom With Cancer to PromDress and dinner included.
  27. kimoji
    Kim Kardashian Teased New Kimojis ReleaseMore Kanye, more North. Kimojis galore!
  28. garbage laws
    IU Sues Indiana for Restrictive Abortion LawThe university says the new law will prevent imperative fetal research.
  29. surprise!
    This Woman Is Clearly Shocked at Baby’s GenderThat face — surprise!
  30. hackers
    Alert Taylor Swift: Someone Hacked Katy Perry’s Twitter Account Apparently, she did not write, “Miss u baby @TaylorSwift13.”
  31. crooner
    Baby Luna Already Loves Her Dad’s MusicChrissy Teigen posted a snap of Luna rocking out to a John Legend song.
  32. horrible things
    Rome Student Burned Alive by Her Ex-BoyfriendAuthorities say assistance from witnesses could have saved her life.
  33. summer of britney
    Let Britney Spears Show You How to Kick Off Summer 2016Just displacing water in a pool. Ya know.
  34. finding progress
    Finding Dory Might Feature a Lesbian CoupleThe trailer seems to show a baby with two moms.
  35. the royal life
    Opulence-Seeking Royal Brothers Know How to Live Their Best LivesPhotobombing models, doing yoga in white jeans. It’s the royal life.
  36. divorce
    Johnny Depp Speaks Up on His ‘Short Marriage’His rep addresses the marriage’s “dissolution.”
  37. try again
    This Shirt Says ‘Girls Who Love Baseball Are Rare’ — Hmmm, Nope, Fact-Check ThatGuess again.
  38. bad news
    South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Signed a Bill That Bans Abortion at 20 WeeksThe law took effect on May 25.
  39. lauren returns
    Don’t Freak Out, But It Looks Like Lauren Conrad Has a New MTV Reality ShowL.C. dropped a pretty telling Insta-hint.
  40. jay z speaks
    Jay Z Finally Commented on LemonadeIn a Fat Joe and Remy Ma remix.
  41. no good
    Hillary Clinton Says Trump Doesn’t Get WomenOn the topic “Is Trump good for women?”
  42. masculinity
    Matt McGorry Is a Secure ManWatch as he stands in front of a truck.
  43. debut
    Here’s the First Picture of the Newest KardashianAnd so it begins.
  44. love for elsa
    Idina Menzel Is Here for #GiveElsaaGirlfriend — Ball’s in Your Court, Disney She came out in support of the #GiveElsaaGirlfriend Twitter campaign.
  45. tears
    Post-BBMAs, Celine Dion Wants to Clarify That She Thinks Crying Is Strong“I’m not saying that crying in front of your children is wrong … “
  46. women in hollywood
    Jessica Williams Doesn’t Want Your Creepy Hug“If I was at a fucking bodega in Harlem and this happened to me, I would literally stab you.”
  47. tutu
    Chris Brown Does Not Approve of the Way His 2-Year-Old Dresses for Dance ClassShe’s 2.
  48. exposed
    In an Unprompted, Sort-of-Gross Scene, Game of Thrones Freed the Penis There it is.
  49. billboard music awards 2016
    See All the Best Looks From the 2016 Billboard Music Awards Whoa, Britney.
  50. mansplaining week
    Q&A: A Trans Man in a World That Loves BinariesThomas Page McBee on seeing behind the lens of male privilege.
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