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  1. butt-slapper
    Thank God They Arrested This Serial Butt-Slapper — Really, Though He was also charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.
  2. slay
    Dsquared2 to Collaborate With Beyoncé for Formation World TourStarting at the opening show in Miami.
  3. not cool
    Even for Brooklyn Decker, Pumping Sucks“Pumped in the bathroom. Returned 15 min. later. Flight closed.”
  4. owned
    Beyoncé Is Selling ‘Boycott Beyoncé’ MerchandiseOfficial Formation World Tour T-shirts and iPhone cases.
  5. periods
    Chelsea Handler Wants Jimmy Fallon to Know the Truth About Periods [Updated]“It’s not pretty.”
  6. Ariana Grande’s Time 100 Gala Dress Has Serious Tulle Game Much tulle.
  7. proud mom
    Michelle Obama Is Every Incoming Freshman’s Excited Mom America’s mom.
  8. not watching
    Allison Williams’s Dog Has an Attitude That Sums Up the 2016 ElectionJust can’t even look anymore.
  9. celebrate bey
    Zendaya Perfectly Captures Your Reaction to Lemonade The official dance of the Beyhive.
  10. Matt McGorry Schooled Piers Morgan in a Beyoncé Twitter Feud Two grown men fight over a woman who doesn’t know who either of them are.
  11. cute
    Maisie Williams Does Not Want You to Call Her Cute — So Don’t “It does limit you.”
  12. brunch goals
    Jenny Slate Had the Chocolate-Fountain Brunch of Your DreamsThumbs up.
  13. old-school
    Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Win Parenting With Classic MGM Movies Wizard of Oz movie night — are they extending invites?
  14. mental health
    Will, Kate, Harry Start Mental-Health CampaignAnd also break out into a tiny giggle session. 
  15. not cool
    Taylor Swift Says Her Cats Would Probably Not Think She’s Cool Even though she can list off every breed in no time flat.
  16. best light
    That Photo of the Purple Empire State Building Was a HoaxSorry, Prince.
  17. collabs
    Beyoncé, Madonna, and More Send Out Insta Love to PrinceBeyoncé, Madonna, Mary J., Jennifer Hudson — they’ve all done duets with him.
  18. posh tot
    Prince George Is the Most Posh in the New Royal Family Pics He’ll see you for tea in the sitting room.
  19. not smiling
    Man Unsatisfied With Harriet Tubman’s Smile The patriarchy manages to reach beyond the grave.
  20. mic drop
    Rosie Perez Can Be Loud If She Wants, Thank You Very Much “Shut up and sit down.”
  21. Samantha Bee and Her Producer Are All About ‘Friendship Time’Is she hiring?
  22. matriarchy
    Susan B. Anthony’s New York Primary ‘I Voted’ Pic Is the Real Winner Just checking in with Susan B. to say, “I voted.”
  23. nope cruzer
    Oh, Ted Cruz, Don’t Say the Thing You Said in Your Primary Night Speech“America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat.”
  24. sexual harassment
    The Viral Hashtag #WhenIWas Tells Stories of Sexual HarassmentThree words: #WhenIWas.
  25. new baby
    Chrissy Teigen’s Newborn and Her Boobs Are the Same SizePerfectly proportionate.
  26. Melissa Harris-Perry Is’s Editor-at-LargeBack at it.
  27. gender factor
    Susan Sarandon Shares Hillary Opinions Again “I think it really does women a disservice to think they would be influenced by gender and not the issues.”
  28. periscope
    Woman Accused of Livestreaming Her Friend’s Rape on Periscope Prosecutors say she “got caught up in the likes.”
  29. caffeine
    Anna Wintour Is Never Not Drinking CoffeeVenti for Anna.
  30. golden broad city
    Broad City Panel Imagines a Widowed Abbi, Ilana Um, hello, 21st-century reboot of The Golden Girls?
  31. coachella fam
    Sylvester Stallone’s Daughter Is His Companion in Cool Coachella Family Coachella pics for the holiday card.
  32. called out
    Hillary: Where Are the Abortion Questions?Someone, please say “Planned Parenthood” in this debate. Please?
  33. groovy
    Sharon Stone Is Pretty Sure Bernie Did Acid  “I really do, that’s not a joke.”
  34. hot dad bod
    Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Are Having World’s Most Beautiful Baby No. 2Another lucky, unavoidably attractive little babe.
  35. not a runway
    Ruby Rose Approves of Your Airport Leggings“I’m always at the airport in kicks and a hoodie.”
  36. the science guy
    Karlie Kloss & Bill Nye Hung at the White HouseAnd the presidential seal makes three.
  37. mom
    Ellie Kemper Is Going to Be the Mom Everyone Wants Kimmy Schmidt is the mom everyone wants.
  38. anna approved
    Seth Meyers’s Baby Is Anna Wintour–Approved Approved.
  39. Blue Ivy Is an Actual Princess — It’s Fine Fairy wings and bows and arrows.
  40. paternity
    No, You Are Not the Father of Megan Fox’s Baby#notthefather
  41. political
    Hillary Even Has a Political Answer for Who Should Pay on a Date She thinks this matter “should be evaluated on a kind of case-by-case basis.”
  42. long skirts
    Erykah Badu Wants Girls to Lengthen Their Skirts“[I]f I had a school I would make sure that the uniform skirt length was a nice knee length.”
  43. Even Dora the Explorer Vapes The cool teen star was given a three-day suspension; her peer was kicked out of school.
  44. ask the authorities
    Abbi and Ilana Are the Authorities on Necessary Life Facts “What are ur opinions on aliens?”
  45. better than you
    Jennifer Hudson’s Son Has a Better Hairstyle Than You“Just blow Mommy away with that hair.”
  46. deep
    Khloé’s Reflective Instagram Post Reveals Some Sad Truths “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore.”
  47. not laughing
    Nope, Not Funny to Joke About Teen Pregnancy — Try a Different Punch Line, MTV “We’re here to audition for 16 and Pregnant.” No.
  48. matriarchy
    Melissa McCarthy’s MTV Movie Awards Speech Is a Blessing for the Matriarchy MTV Movie Awards highlight.
  49. get it girl
    Rebel Wilson Commanded That MTV Movie Awards Kiss With Adam DeVine Best kiss indeed.
  50. what is this?
    Even Amy Poehler Doesn’t Know What the MTV Movie Awards Are“Did anyone vote? I don’t know.”
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