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  1. Kate Hudson Floats on the Cover of InStyleFloating Kate Hudson. For spring … groundbreaking.
  2. chateau child
    Julia Child’s French Cottage: One Pricey Foodie Getaway $610 a night.
  3. praise
    Cecile Richards’s Subway Fanboy Is On Point With His Devotion “Aren’t you Cecile?”
  4. baby alert
    Anne Hathaway Is Mama to Baby Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman was born on March 24.
  5. burn
    Ivanka Trump–Branded Scarves Are a Fire RiskTwenty thousand of the scarves have been recalled.
  6. nerdy nails
    Blake Lively’s Nails Solemnly Swear They Are Up to No Good Potter speak — accessorized.
  7. germs among us
    Your Exercise Equipment Is Covered in Bacteria Free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  8. microaggressions
    Government to Finally Research Why Dudes Talk Over YouThe National Science Foundation is spending $50,000 on this research.
  9. mom fashion
    Let Hilary Duff Teach You How to Do School Drop-Off in StyleA trench coat and cutoffs.
  10. game on!
    Vaping Congressman Spent Campaign Funds on GamesRepresentative Hunter spent $1,302 of campaign funds on video games last year.
  11. it’s complicated
    Report: Blac Chyna Might Change Her Name to ‘Angela Kardashian’Say it ain’t so.
  12. not your feyonce
    ‘Feyonce’ Knockoffs Are So Not Beyoncé-Approved The Texas company sells knockoff merchandise bearing her name and song lyrics.
  13. abortion ban
    Northern Irish Woman Faces Prison for Self-Induced Abortion The Northern Irish woman was given a suspended sentence.
  14. cat scratch
    Miley Cyrus’s Wounds Are Proof That Cats Have Hidden Agendas That’s a lot of blood.
  15. universal
    ‘Resting Bitchface’ Is the Look Understood Around the World Researchers call it “Not Face.”
  16. dolly couture
    In Her American Country Music Awards Getup, Katy Perry Is Basically Dolly PartonI’m beggin’ of you, please don’t take my fishnet tights.
  17. crust punk king
    What Does Justin Bieber’s Hair Most Resemble?Let’s play a game.
  18. the baddest bitch
    Rihanna Officially So Perfect She Can Walk Across a Subway Grate in Heels “Jesus can walk on water, but can he do this?”
  19. i want it that way
    Alert Your Preteen Angst: The Backstreet Boys Are BackThey’ve signed a nine-show deal in Vegas.
  20. bye!
    Tia Mowry Is Not About the Cyberbullies“I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to prove a point.”
  21. let’s get it on
    You Can Have Sex Wearing These ‘Menstrual Discs’“Flex can be worn during sex to prevent making a mess,” a dude said.
  22. surrogacy
    California Grants Surrogate Mother’s AppealThis development in the case prevents the Georgia-based father from removing the babies from California.
  23. mom move
    Anderson Cooper’s Mom Is Brilliantly Skilled at Shocking Her Son“We all did.”
  24. winning
    Hailee Steinfeld Possibly Trounced Bieber With This ‘Love Yourself’ Cover“Love Myself,” “Love Yourself.” It all works.
  25. new names
    xoJane and xoVain Will Join InStyleNew recruits.
  26. there’s an app for that
    Filed Under ‘Planned Parenthood’s Got Your Back’: A New Period-Tracker App PP on the go.
  27. sketch
    Male Birth Control Is Coming in 2018, Still Seems a Little Sketchy “It seems to be pretty durable; we expect it to last for years. We just don’t know how many yet.”
  28. halle berry loves you
    Halle Berry Loves Instagram, Nature, and You At one with nature, at one with social media.
  29. political pose
    Justin Trudeau Continues Quest to Be Known As the World’s Most Enlightened ManBless him and his Zen soul.
  30. swap
    The Ultimate Couple Challenge: Style Swap“Jesus take the whole car.”
  31. late-night baby
    Seth Meyers Joins the Ranks of Late-Night TV Dads Welcome, new baby Meyers! Embarrassment alert: Your dad’s on TV.
  32. cool grandma kris
    Kris Jenner Is a Cool Easter Grandma North West’s Easter basket is probably cooler than yours.
  33. worship with biebs
    Take a Spiritual Break With Bieber Pray with Bieber & Co.
  34. pup
    Cat People: Here’s Cara Delevingne’s Pup, Leo — Now Fall in LoveCara Delevingne’s dog might convert any cat person.
  35. gap
    Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal Aim to Close Pay Gap This after a report showing women at the company made 86.8 percent as much as their male colleagues.
  36. tampons for all
    Chirlane McCray Wrote a Tampon Poem — Feel Free to Recite It Aloud ForeverFree tampons and rhymes!
  37. unfortunate dismissal
    Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Trump Modeling AgencyAlexia Palmer sought $250,000 in back pay.
  38. Frances Bean Cobain Has Filed for Divorce She was married to husband Isaiah Silva for 21 months.
  39. retirement
    Here Is David Letterman’s Retirement Beard: Vacation EditionDave is modeling this year’s retirement facial hair.
  40. new love
    A-Rod and Tech C.E.O. Anne Wojcicki Are a Thing The C.E.O. and the baseball star.
  41. 1 million dollars
    Kanye Claims He Made $1 Million With His Pablo Pop-up ShopHey, world: Kanye says Kanye made $1 million selling fashion merchandise in two days. Kanye approves this message. 
  42. hollywood bernie
    Bernie Goes to Hollywood, Learns the Art of the SelfieMr. Sanders goes to Hollywood, and fans can’t get enough.
  43. networking nora
    Nora Ephron Knew How to Lean In Oh, to be a guest at a star-studded Nora Ephron dinner party.
  44. nope
    A Washington Post Editor Says Donald Trump Called Her ‘Beautiful’After she asked a question on racial inclusion.
  45. nude
    Burt Reynolds Regrets Being a Nude Centerfold in Cosmo“It was really stupid. I don’t know what I was thinking.”
  46. cookout
    Barbecue ‘Pawpaw’ Is Everyone’s Internet Grandpa Burgers at Pawpaw’s!
  47. feeling feelings
    Bieber Is Lost in Nostalgia Land “Feels.”
  48. riri tops the list
    Anti Is Back at No. 1 on Billboard, RiRi Continues to SlayNo surprises there. Slay, RiRi.
  49. serving back smiles
    Post–BNP Paribas Open, Serena Williams Even Wins at Losing Gratitude goals.
  50. concealed
    Yep, This Sports Bra Has a Knife PocketProtect and support.
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