1. science of us
    What Is Sleep Paralysis, and How Do You Stop It?“I saw a shadowy face that looked like a ninja mask with red eyes.”
  2. how does that make you feel
    The Same Traits That Make a Good Therapist Also Make a Bad OneA new study found that the same behaviors people loved in their therapists were also the ones that they said turned them off.
  3. living with
    My Life With a Sleep Disorder That Makes Me NocturnalDelayed sleep phase disorder means going through life as a bleary-eyed zombie.
  4. Turns Out Apes Are Pretty Good at Office Politics, TooThey may not have, you know, offices, but they can manipulate, plot takedowns, and build strategic alliances just as well as their human cousins.
  5. Revenge Is the Glue That Holds Society TogetherPeople are more likely to treat each other well when they know the alternative can lead to retaliation.