Isle McElroy is the author of the novels 'People Collide' and 'The Atmospherians.' Their work has appeared in the New York 'Times,' 'The New York Times Magazine,' 'GQ,' 'Vogue,' and elsewhere.

  1. power
    “What Is Your Visibility For?”Activist Raquel Willis on her new memoir and the fight for trans equality.
  2. first person
    I Didn’t Realize How Wrong My Name Felt Until I Changed ItFor years I’d dreamed of seeing my name in print. But when I published my debut novel, I realized it no longer fit me.
  3. self
    Will We Ever Escape ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Photos?I’m already preparing myself for the deluge of January “weight-loss transformations” on Instagram.
  4. the first rule
    Fight Club Spoke to MeTwenty-five years later, a novel that shouldn’t have resonated still does.
  5. last days of manhood
    Before I Came Out As Trans, I Tried a Men’s Support GroupSince I didn’t belong in the room, I could see this place for what it was.