1. White Kids Get Meds, Black Kids Get SuspendedTroublemakers can get help or get punished — it all depends on what school they go to.
  2. implicit bias
    People Are More Homophobic Than They Say They AreThere’s been a cultural sea change in how gay and lesbian Americans are viewed, but how do people really feel?
  3. perception
    Why Screaming Gets Our AttentionWe all know there’s something compelling about shrill shrieks and blood-curdling wails, but a new study casts some light on what that something is.
  4. The Vast Majority of Women Who Have Abortions Don’t Regret ItA new study is a strike against the notion of “post-abortion syndrome.”
  5. climate change
    Climate Scientists Are Dealing With Psychological ProblemsImagine dealing with the apocalypse every day, all while people are attacking you for doing your work.
  6. consumer psychology
    The Psychological Case Against Tasty, Tasty AppetizersDon’t let your appetizer write a check your entree can’t cash.