1. new looks
    27 Hot New Body Insecurities for SpringStop stressing over the same bad skin and thick thighs!
  2. mantras
    A Self-Help Guru for the Molly GenerationMeet Heather Hans, Vine star, genius.
  3. announcements
    I’m a Hat Person NowThis is the new normal. I request we proceed with business as usual.          
  4. deep dives
    The Mysteries of Cheerleader InstagramThere is Good Instagram and Great Instagram; this is Great.
  5. trends
    Kill Your SucculentsA dissenting opinion.
  6. just what you need to hear today
    Everything Is FineYour friends like you. Even the shallow ones. But that’s not all.
  7. mostess
    The Ultimate Hostess Challenge: Entertaining People Who Don’t DrinkAny frat boy can get by on booze.
  8. purchasing power
    How to Shop If You Really, Really Love to ShopRise at noon and start your day with a plate of raw oysters and a Birkin bag filled with latte.
  9. purchasing power
    A Candle Solved My Quarter-Life CrisisA consumer odyssey.
  10. at the beach
    How to Sweat and Like ItAn ode to a bodily function.