Jared T. Miller

  1. Macron’s State Visit With Trump Was a Film Noir Romance“He is perfect.” —President Donald Trump, about his French counterpart.
  2. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement ChickenThe lovebirds were roasting a chicken when Harry proposed.
  3. DACA Recipients Say They Are ‘Here to Stay’Dreamers respond to President Trump ending DACA, saying “our hopes were crushed.”
  4. A Boy Band Made Up of 5 Girls Is Challenging Gender Roles in China▶️ They just teased their first single and music video.
  5. Tom Brady Teamed Up With Under Armour to Make Some High-Tech SleepwearIt uses “far-infrared” technology to improve your sleep.
  6. WATCH: This Bro Wears Identical Outfits As His DogHe has a little too much time on his hands.
  7. The Many Expressions of Sally Yates▶️ Come for the “smug ownage,” stay for the “stoic righteousness.”
  8. A Teacher Was So Inspired by a Dolly Parton Speech She Made a Class About Her▶️ It examines Appalachian life in pop culture, using Parton as a lens.
  9. We’re Now One Step Closer to Knowing What Cats Are Actually Thinking▶️ Cats’ emotions break down into three categories …
  10. A Supercut of SNL’s Greatest (and Funniest) Feminist Moments This Season“Just remember, a woman is just as good as a man. Also, abortion is murder!”
  11. What Exactly Is Going On With Donald and Melania Trump’s Body Language?Remember Inauguration Day? ▶️
  12. A Baffling Supercut of Everything Kellyanne Conway Has Said About AbortionVIDEO: “The fetus beat us.”
  13. What Nike’s ‘Pro Hijab’ for Muslim Women Athletes Looks LikeIt’s made of polyester mesh, more breathable than the usual cotton.
  14. This Video Shows a Rare Whale Species Only a Few People on Earth Have SeenThe footage was taken on a student trip near the Azores islands.
  15. WATCH: This Is Why Scientists Taught Bees to Play SoccerIt was a test of their cognitive abilities.
  16. WATCH: There’s a Scientific Reason You Keep Mishearing That One Song LyricAll the “lonely Starbucks lovers,” where do they all come from?
  17. WATCH: The Fascinating Scientific Reason for Eminem’s Rap GeniusThere’s a lot going on in that brain.
  18. WATCH: The Science-Backed Personality Traits That Make You More AttractiveDon’t judge a book …
  19. The Psychological Consequences of Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant SentimentUnsurprisingly, Trump supporters were those most likely to dehumanize Muslims.
  20. Mothers and Daughters Marched Together at the Women’s March on Washington“I brought her to fight for herself.”
  21. More Than 500,000 People Took to the Streets for the Women’s March on WashingtonVIDEO: It’s said to be one of the largest mass demonstrations in the history of the U.S.
  22. Watch: One of the Women Who Accused Donald Trump of Sexual Assault Just Sued HimShe apparently passed a lie-detector test.