1. education
    The Case Against Laptops in the ClassroomRecent studies have shown that students learn better — and get better grades — when they take notes by hand.
  2. kids today
    Millennials’ Parents Can’t Stop Meddling. How Big a Problem Is That?They’re even showing up in the workplace. 
  3. parenting
    How Taking Paternity Leave Can Strengthen Your MarriageDads who take time off tend to assume more household responsibilities later on, reducing the likelihood of marital strife.
  4. parenthood
    The Case for Taking Parental Leave When Your Kids Are TeenagersResearch suggests adolescence is when parental involvement can really make a difference.
  5. parenthood
    We Live in an Age of Irrational ParentingIt’s hard to think of a safer time to raise kids. So why are parents always freaking out — or being needlessly policed?
  6. work life
    What We Give Up When We Become EntrepreneursThe cubicle may be cozier, and more creativity inducing, than we think.
  7. Want to Lose Weight? Take a Digital SabbaticalLeave the phone and the cannoli.
  8. Your Vacation Is About to Disappoint YouResearch shows that the benefits of extended time off fade astonishingly fast.
  9. parenthood
    Chirlane McCray Is Not a Bad Mom. She’s Honest.The Post and News seem to fundamentally misunderstand modern parenthood.
  10. A Third of Gay Newlyweds Are Over 50. That’s BigNew York Times wedding announcements are a great barometer of cultural trends.
  11. parenting wars
    A New Mantra for Moms: I Am the StandardWhat if moms stopped saying they felt “guilty” and decided they were doing just fine?