1. science of us
    Having a Daughter Makes Dads More Politically PolarizedIn whichever direction they already happen to lean.
  2. mental health
    13 Reasons Why May Have Led to an Uptick in Suicide AttemptsNewly published research examined Google search-term data for clues about the show’s impact, and found some scary stuff.
  3. mental health
    13 Reasons Why Likely Led to an Uptick in Suicide AttemptsNewly published research examined Google search-term data for clues about the show’s impact, and found some scary stuff.
  4. It’s Time to Retire the ‘Goldwater Rule’If psychiatrists think Donald Trump is mentally unfit for office, they should be allowed to make their case — in a measured, responsible way.
  5. bad science
    You (Probably) Shouldn’t Worry About the Chemicals in Your Macaroni and CheeseThe fact that some mac ‘n’ cheese products have trace amounts of certain chemicals isn’t necessarily cause for alarm.
  6. Could a Two-Hour Workshop Help Get More Women Hired in STEM?A promising new study shows workshops designed to break people’s “bias habits” could help get more women hired in STEM fields.
  7. How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over AmericaSometimes, ideas that are a bit scientifically suspect catch on because they are too good to not believe.
  8. personality psychology
    How Does Personality Affect Mental Health?New research offers up some potentially important correlations, and also highlights just how little control people can have over their mental health.
  9. genetics
    Yes, There Is a Genetic Component to IntelligenceIt’s important to recognize what the science says, and, no, that doesn’t lead us inexorably to Nazi race science.
  10. Oh, God, Some Snakes Hunt in PacksBad news for herpetophobes everywhere.
  11. language
    How Do You Write About Something Like Alzheimer’s?The disease resists any easy attempt at metaphors, but that doesn’t mean patients and their caretakers don’t try.
  12. help the universe is too big and i’m scared
    Here’s a Great This American Life Segment on Being NeuroticWhat do you do when you can’t stop thinking about the big, scary questions, and no one else understands?
  13. anti-vaxxers
    How Anti-Vaccine Activists Harmed Somali-AmericansA recent outbreak is only going to bring further discrimination against a vulnerable group whose members were targeted by charlatans.
  14. ‘my family’s slave’
    It Is Really Important to Humanize EvilThe Atlantic’s controversial article “My Family’s Slave” serves as a disturbing reminder of how easy it is for “normal” people to do terrible things.
  15. public health
    More Evidence That Charlie Sheen’s 2015 HIV Announcement Saved LivesA new study looks at the sales of an at-home HIV-testing kit and finds some very encouraging results.
  16. gender
    Why Some Women Aren’t Excited About Leadership PositionsResearch suggests that sexism in hiring can’t explain the entire gender gap in leadership positions — there’s other stuff going on, too.
  17. genetics
    Turns Out Nazis Have Some Pretty Wrong Views About GeneticsJust about everyone, everywhere, is a complicated mutt, and stories about “pure” bloodlines are almost always false.
  18. donald trump
    Does Donald Trump Have a Fully Developed Theory of Mind?Most adults can do a decent job of understanding other people’s internal mental states. Not the leader of the free world.
  19. public health
    Supervised Drug-Injection Sites Are Spreading in Canada, Which Is GoodIt might seem counterintuitive to advertise a place for injection-drug users to shoot up, but there’s smart public-health reasoning behind the idea.
  20. video games
    Psychologists: Stop Blaming Mass Shootings on Video GamesThere’s a bit of dissent within the American Psychological Association about the role of video games in contributing to violence.
  21. health
    What Researchers Found When They Had a Handwashing ContestThe WHO and the CDC offer different recommendations for proper handwashing technique. Which is right?
  22. productivity
    Design Won’t Save American WorkersDuring the current fixation on the intersection of design and psychology, it’s worth remembering what workers are going through at the moment.
  23. global health
    Maternal Education Could Be Vital to the Fight Against MalariaA new study shows a really powerful correlation between mothers’ education levels and children’s likelihood of getting malaria.
  24. race
    What It Feels Like When Your Identity Is HeavyAn essay by a medical resident highlights just how much explaining and defending and representing members of minority groups are forced into.
  25. that’s random
    Why Stripes Can Mess With Your BrainIt turns out we’re not great at handling intense patterns that don’t occur in nature, which can cause some problems.
  26. The Connection Between Humor and Health: Kind of ComplicatedBeware of overly simplistic story lines telling you to just have a sense of humor about life’s ups and downs.
  27. free speech
    Are People Who Defend Free Speech More Racist?A new study suggests that racist people are eager to embrace unprincipled free-speech defenses of racist speech.
  28. sleep
    Your Sleep Might Start Getting Permanently Worse in Your 30sThere are all sorts of annoying bodily changes going on, proving once again that getting older is the worst.
  29. How Much Getting a Shot Hurts Might Depend on How Much You Trust Your DoctorA new study in a simulated doctor’s office is a useful reminder of how complicated and context-dependent pain is.
  30. distractions
    The Fidget-Spinner Debate Seems to Be CrescendoingPartly it’s about fidget-spinners, but partly it’s about … well, a lot of other stuff going on in America’s education system.
  31. personality psychology
    One Personality Characteristic Predicts Domestic NudityFor a new study, researchers correlated the so-called Big Five personality factors with all sorts of everyday behaviors.
  32. race
    The Lifespan Gap Between White and Black Americans Is ClosingNew research shows encouraging progress, but it might partly be explained by the white mortality crisis.
  33. inequality
    Is It Worth It to Try to Get Rich People to Realize They’re Lucky?If it’s such an uphill battle, as the research suggests, is it worth maybe trying something else instead?
  34. science of us
    Here’s (More) Evidence Testosterone Makes Men DumberIn a new study, a dose of T led men to perform significantly worse on a task that involves carefully working through a problem.
  35. filter bubble
    Your Customized News Feed Could Be Making You DumberNew research shows the potentially profound ways filter bubbles affect how we consume information and what we believe.
  36. sexting
    Massachusetts Is Trying to Inject Some Sanity Into the Teen-Sexting PanicGovernor Charlie Baker doesn’t want minors getting charged with child pornography — something that happens with disturbing frequency.
  37. kids
    There’s a Cognitive Task a 4-Year-Old Can Probably Beat You AtYou don’t think 4-year-olds are very smart, but they have some (pretty useless) skills that may surprise you.
  38. How Distraction Might Sap Your Concern for the WorldA new study suggests that when we are distracted from something, our brain assumes it must not be important.
  39. How Should We Talk About Amy Cuddy, Death Threats, and the Replication Crisis?There has to be a way to talk about problems within social science without the conversation devolving into a highly subjective screamfest.
  40. science of us
    When Someone Dies, It Brings Their Extended Online Network Closer for YearsThere’s a lasting effect on Facebook interactions, according to new research on how social networks repair themselves, or don’t, after a death.
  41. Researchers Are Trying to Better Understand Orgasm FakingThey’ve developed a new scale that will allow them to dig into this frequently joked-about subject with more rigor.
  42. generations
    Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old MillennialGiven the epochal events that changed the young adulthoods of older and younger millennials, it’s time to split the generation in half.
  43. mental health
    Sometimes, Mental-Illness Destigmatization Can BackfirePeople with severe mental-health problems really are suffering, and it doesn’t make sense to scrub the language we use to pretend they aren’t.
  44. gender
    Parents Should Let Children Be Their Gender Nonconforming SelvesThere seems to be a recent, nobly intentioned uptick in parents insisting children play and dress in gender-conforming ways.
  45. climate change
    Here’s an Interesting New Video Series on the Psychology of Climate ChangeIt covers a lot of ground, from the best messaging approaches to how to get people to act in more energy-efficient ways.
  46. San Francisco’s Trying to Lock Up Fewer Young Men by Heeding Cognitive ScienceIn a country plagued by really poorly thought-out criminal-justice policies, this is a nice departure.
  47. science of us
    Researchers Are Starting to Figure Out ‘Eureka!’ MomentsThey learned a lot by tracking people’s eyes and decisions as they played a game and discovered its optimal strategy.
  48. Here’s a New Way for Researchers to Find Stealth AtheistsWhen you can’t ask a question directly because it carries social stigma, it’s time to take a more subtle, clever approach.
  49. The March for Science Has Kicked Off a Big Argument About What Science IsThere’s a lot of online yelling at the moment, but underneath all of it is an important debate about what science can and cannot do.
  50. Here’s a New Effort to Study the Psychological Effects of Youth ViolenceIt involves recruiting members of frequently victimized groups to conduct interviews about the psychological toll of violence.
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