1. elephants
    This Cool Elephant Has a Point to Prove About Elephant CognitionThis new kind of test will likely be able to give researchers novel insight into how different types of animals think.
  2. social psychology
    The ‘Just-World’ Fallacy Could Explain Some of the Reactions to the United VideoAs the outrage over United’s treatment of David Dao shows, some people always want to blame the victim. There are psychological reasons for that.
  3. 3 Insights About Inequality in American Health CareDespite being the richest and most powerful country in the world, America continues to do a terrible job taking care of its vulnerable citizens.
  4. Job Interviews Are Way Less Helpful Than Everyone ThinksWe’re seduced by our own supposed ability to feel out job applicants, even though there’s no evidence that humans are naturally good at this task.
  5. Want to Live Longer? Be RichThis one simple trick involving having been born into a different socioeconomic class can buy you a decade and a half of extra lifespan!
  6. attention
    ‘Pre-Questions’ Could Make It Easier for Online Videos to Teach People StuffWith so many demands on everyone’s attention, it can be hard to actually learn anything from online videos. This idea might help, though.
  7. neuroscience
    Here’s the Biggest Study Yet on the Differences Between Male and Female BrainsIt’s becoming clearer and clearer that there are many robust differences between male and female brains — and also lots of overlap.
  8. Why Education (Sometimes) Protects People From Conspiracy TheorizingTwo new experiments dig into the complicated interplay between education and susceptibility to fake news.
  9. productivity
    To Better Motivate Someone, Understand How Close They Are to Their GoalA new study suggests people’s views of their goals switch depending on how far they are from accomplishing them.
  10. gig economy
    Just How Creepy Are Uber’s Driver-Nudges?A new story highlights the creepy ways in which Uber tries to wring the most profit out of its drivers.
  11. health
    The White-Mortality Crisis Shows How Psychological Distress Can Become PhysicalIf a group of people feels they have nothing left to strive for and that their best days are behind them, those thoughts will eventually take a toll.
  12. bad science
    Why a Nonexistent Researcher Was Offered a Bunch of Sham Editing JobsThe world of sham academic publishing is extremely shady, as a clever new experiment involving “Dr. Fraud” shows.
  13. Has Tinder Boosted the Performance of NBA Players?There’s a provocative case to be made that easy online access to sex can explain a statistical mystery in the NBA.
  14. doctors
    These Are the Most Prestigious DiseasesA sociologist in Norway has been studying how doctors there view various diseases, and his results are telling.
  15. These Bolivian Farmers Have Insanely Healthy HeartsIt’s a medical mystery without a clear explanation — but a lot of it has to do with a generally balanced lifestyle and diet.
  16. hallucinogens
    The Research on Ketamine As an Antidepressant Looks Quite ExcitingThe psychiatric establishment has begun to embrace the hallucinogen as a vital tool in the fight against treatment-resistant depression.
  17. productivity
    Why Workplace Competition Can Lead to Both Very Good and Very Bad OutcomesA set of research findings suggests that how competition is framed makes a very big difference.
  18. trauma
    How Violence Warps Childhood Friendships in ChicagoMost kids simply gravitate toward peers who are similar to them. In violent parts of Chicago, children need to be a lot more deliberate.
  19. A New Book Argues Concerns Over Violent Video Games Are a Moral PanicIn their new book Moral Combat, two psychologists argue that video games are little understood and that fearmongering about them is rampant.
  20. bad science
    3 Women Lost Their Eyesight After Shady Stem-Cell TreatmentsThey had their own stem cells injected into their eyes at a Florida clinic, and the results were not good.
  21. Crowdfunding for Medical Bills Shows the Limits of EmpathyBecause of how narrow a spotlight empathy casts, it makes it hard to solve the biggest, most difficult problems facing society.
  22. Kids Won’t Eat Vegetables? Here Are Two Things to TryParents tend to underestimate how many tries they’ll need to get their children to adopt new foods, and how important non-taste senses are.
  23. march for science
    Of Course Social Scientists Should Participate in the March for ScienceA psychologist argues that social science is too wrought with its own problems at the moment, but that argument doesn’t make sense.
  24. memory
    How the Brains of ‘Memory Athletes’ Are DifferentAs is so often the case in neuroscience, it has to do with connections between different brain areas.
  25. genetic testing
    Here’s a Good Story About Cancer and ProbabilityWhat do you do with the knowledge that you have a one-in-five chance of getting cancer? How do you integrate that number into your life?
  26. Here Is an Interesting Way to Measure DehumanizationResearchers have built a tool that asks people, in a surprisingly straightforward way, to evaluate how human other groups are.
  27. bad science
    How the Supreme Court Spread a False Statistic About Sex OffendersIt’s hard to stand up against a claim that feels correct, and that ties into people’s deep-seated fears.
  28. Of Course Some Lonely People Spend Lots of Time on Social MediaMaybe it’s time to stop being surprised by the idea that a lot of heavy social-media users report that they feel lonely.
  29. bad science
    Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab Might Be Melting DownA new set of allegations suggests that Brian Wansink has been self-plagiarizing for years, and may have engaged in serious data misconduct as well.
  30. sebastian gorka
    Donald Trump’s Counterterrorism Guy Wants to Ignore Human PsychologyTo Sebastian Gorka, we’re engaged in a war against an implacable, monolithic foe — it’s as simple as that. This is a silly and dangerous idea.
  31. neuroscience
    Why Some Neuroscientists Are Fed Up With NeuroscienceIn a new article, five neuroscientists argue that their field has grown too enamored with flashy toys that don’t really teach us anything.
  32. anti-poverty research
    Why Behavioral Approaches to Fighting Poverty Are So ControversialThe “word gap” controversy shows that there are no easy answers when it comes to the best way to address poverty.
  33. virtuous pedophiles
    Salon Shouldn’t Have Unpublished Its Article by a Pedophile AuthorIt was a brave article to publish on a vitally important subject, and unpublishing it doesn’t help anyone.
  34. There’s a Downside to Viewing Addiction As a Brain DiseaseIt’s not an accurate understanding of the current research, and in the past it has led to bad and overly harsh anti-drug policies.
  35. ptsd
    Gun Violence Takes a Brutal Psychological Toll on KidsEven kids who aren’t directly affected can be haunted by posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms for years.
  36. Is It Okay to Speculate About Donald Trump’s Mental Health?There’s an ongoing debate among mental-health specialists, but there may be a way to split their differences.
  37. bad science
    Sometimes It’s Good to Shame Researchers a BitA set of studies purportedly showing which sorts of dance moves are sexiest show how researchers benefit from shoddy work.
  38. bad science
    Donald Trump Just Broadcast a Dangerous Misconception About Autism RatesNo, there hasn’t been a staggering rise in autism rates in kids — in fact, researchers are torn about whether there’s been any rise at all.
  39. sexual identity
    How Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men Explain Their Encounters“I’m a good father. I’m a good husband in providing material things for my wife … There’s times when I want someone to be in charge of me.”
  40. Appeals to Selfishness Can Nudge People to Act in a More Pro-Environmental WayA new study adds to a growing pile of evidence about how to best frame environmental arguments.
  41. social psychology
    The Contact Hypothesis Offers Hope for the WorldThe worst aspect of human nature is rearing its head at the moment, but a key idea from social psychology offers some solace.
  42. mental health
    Most People Experience Mental Health Problems at One Point or AnotherIt’s important to understand just how common it is to deal with a bout of anxiety, depression, or some other ailment.
  43. bad science
    A Popular Diet-Science Lab Has Been Publishing Really Shoddy ResearchResearchers looked at four recent papers and found not one, not two, but 150 statistical errors. And that may just be the tip of the iceberg.
  44. Can Curiosity Help End Scientific Quackery?An intriguing new study suggests that curiosity, not knowledge, can drive people to seek out the truth.
  45. social psychology
    3 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Google’s Diversity TravailsAs a new article shows, Google hasn’t made much progress on the diversity front. Other companies can learn from the search giant’s errors.
  46. political psychology
    Are Conservatives More Scared of Stuff Than Liberals?A new study adds some weight to the idea that they might be, but it’s important to recognize the caveats.
  47. bad news everywhere
    How to Follow All This Trump News Without Going CrazyThere are some straightforward ways to stay abreast of what’s happening without turning into a helpless click-zombie.
  48. personality psychology
    Politicians Have Different Personalities Than the Rest of UsNot everyone is cut out for a life of hand-shaking with strangers, answering questions over and over, and boring budgetary meetings.
  49. sex “addiction”
    Should Shame Be Used to Treat Sexual Compulsions?An interesting new article highlights an ongoing fight in the community of therapists who treat people with sexual compulsions.
  50. This Weekend’s Pro-Immigrant Protests Showed How Complicated People AreIt’s easy to get us riled up and fearful, but it’s also easy to get us to exhibit spontaneous compassion for strangers.
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