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    74 of Our Favorite New Yorkers on Their Favorite Places in New YorkFrom a 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant to biking in the Rockaways.
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    Can an Athlete Get Addicted to Steroids?An explainer.
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    Why Superstitions Help Athletes Perform BetterIt’s all about confidence.
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    How Playing in an Empty Stadium Affects AthletesIt can be helpful for the ones who aren’t good at blocking out distractions.
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    Slow Music Won’t Psych Our Opposing HittersSorry, Nats.
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    How to Train Yourself to Dunk a BasketballAuthor Asher Price on the year he spent trying to dunk.
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    You Probably Shouldn’t Try A-Rod’s Method for Beating a Drug TestUsing only mid-stream urine won’t help, experts say.