1. culture
    The 40-Ounce BullyIn middle schools across the country, owning a candy-colored Stanley cup (or, ideally, several) can make or break your social standing.
  2. Binge-Watching Guilt Is Self-FulfillingIf you’re worried watching TV is procrastination, it will feel like procrastination.
  3. Women Who Wear Red Are Seen As More Sexually ThreateningThis is one powerful color.
  4. Why We Love Drunk FoodThe science of 4 a.m. onion rings.
  5. Our Ancestors’ Faces Evolved to Be Able to Take a PunchWe used to be even punchier than we are today, so our ancestors’ faces had to adapt.
  6. Women Get Punished More Than Men for a Common Speech MannerismIt’s the new uptalk, and people with it are taken less seriously.
  7. Three Facts About the Psychology of TrafficWe don’t even realize how much we hate sitting in our cars.