1. party chat
    Here’s Why Cate Blanchett Takes Her Bra Off on BroadwayTwo clues: her mother-in-law and mansplainers.
  2. Malia Obama Is Going to HarvardShe’ll be part of the class of 2021.
  3. prom politics
    John Kasich Makes Promposals Officially No Longer CoolGOP candidate John Kasich and puns killed the promposal.
  4. cover princess
    Kate Middleton Makes Her Magazine Debut In Vogue UKShe’ll cover their 100th anniversary issue.
  5. Man Thinks Amy Schumer Owes Him Photos If He Demands ThemShe doesn’t need to give you anything.
  6. rip dreadlocks
    Justin Bieber and His Dreadlocks Part WaysNo word on what caused the break.
  7. The Best GIFs From LemonadeAll the reaction GIFs you could ever need.
  8. Beyoncé’s Lemonade Is Southern Gothic EmpowermentAre you ready for this?
  9. Prince George Can Inspire Clothes-Shopping Frenzies Just Like His MomHis Obama-greeting bathrobe sold out.
  10. Rihanna and Leo Coachellad TogetherRiCaprio reunited.
  11. a baby
    John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Are New ParentsIt’s a girl! (Which we already knew.)
  12. Monica Lewinsky Felt Abandoned by Feminists During Clinton ScandalShe felt like everyone’s scapegoat during the Clinton scandal.
  13. Taylor Swift Is Embracing La Vie CoachellaFirst stop: Instas by the pool.
  14. party pics
    Jaden Smith and Amandla Stenberg Kicked Off Coachella Parties With Calvin KleinStarting the festival with Calvin Klein’s warehouse party.
  15. weddings!
    Why Your Pet Should Be Invited to Your WeddingMy bridesmaid, the red hen.
  16. cheesecake dreams
    Let Hillary Eat CakeJust a bite?
  17. NFL Coach Believes Moms Are Football’s Greatest EnemyIt’s definitely not traumatic head injury.
  18. running in heels
    Kate Middleton Doesn’t Need You to Approve Her AthleticwearDresses and heels, even mid-cricket.
  19. red carpet
    See the Best Looks From the MTV Movie AwardsKendall Jenner, Halle Berry, Cara Delevingne, and more.
  20. mind the pay gap
    Jessica Chastain Refuses to Be Paid in Just GratitudeShe wants that paper.
  21. Rick Scott Ad Attacks Woman Who Called Him OutWatch out, “Latte Liberals”!
  22. Air France Female Staff Balks at New Headscarf RuleThey must wear them when leaving the plane in Tehran.
  23. Abby Wambach Arrested for Drunk DrivingShe ran a red light in Portland.
  24. the body positvity industrial complex
    If AerieMan Was a Parody, How Will Men Know It’s Okay to Be Themselves?Does this mean dadbod is a prank?
  25. Gay Talese Just Not That Into Women WritersHe really liked Middlemarch though.
  26. Indonesia Is Not a Fan of Leonardo DiCaprioThey don’t care if he has an Oscar.
  27. reproductive rights
    Utah Requires Anesthesia for Abortions After Week 19Lawmakers are worried about fetal pain but not really about maternal health.
  28. Kylie Jenner Is Sorry Her Lip Kits Broke the InternetOr at least broke her website.
  29. notorious rbg
    RBG Won’t Be Stretching Herself in Acting DebutShe’ll play a judge.
  30. Please Don’t Vote Just Based on Your Tinder MatchNew campaign slogan: Swipe right for Sanders.
  31. menstruation sensation
    This Underwear Shows Donald Trump Exactly Where Periods Come FromOr at least a picture of it.
  32. Emilia Clarke Doesn’t Think Game of Thrones Is SexistDon’t bring your “anti-feminist” spin.
  33. Georgia Parents Won’t Let Yoga Influence Their KidsIf you can’t pray in school, you can’t “namaste.”
  34. out of the mouths of lawyers
    Peter Brant II’s Lawyer Tells It Like It Is, Calls Brant an ‘Idiot’He threw a fit over a JetBlue flight.
  35. trudeaun’t go breaking my heart
    Justin Trudeau Gets More Appealing With Every Word“I talk about the fact that I’m a feminist as often as I can.”
  36. reproductive rights
    Florida Should Be the New Punchline to All Abortion JokesOr maybe Texas. Actually, maybe Alabama. Ugh.
  37. Grab a Ride in a Marc Jacobs–Branded Uber TodayDriving with daisies.
  38. i’ll cry if i want to
    This Cheerleader Is Both Inspiring and SadHey girl, it’s okay to cry.
  39. eggplant delight
    Celebrate #EggplantFriday With Actual Eggplants (Not Dick Pics)These aubergines are not subtle.
  40. the existentialist club
    Taylor Swift Grapples With an Eternal QuestionWaiting for the beat.
  41. oh florida
    Need a Pap Smear in Florida? Ask Your Dentist!Per conservative Florida lawmakers, they’re just as good as Planned Parenthood.
  42. Here’s Another Thing Ben Affleck Didn’t Commit ToMidlife crisis averted?
  43. crime and punishment
    Owen Labrie to Serve Year in Jail for Breaking ParoleHe broke curfew regularly to go to Boston.
  44. Miracle: Fox News Finally Defends Megyn Kelly Against TrumpThey call out Trump’s “extreme, sick obsession.”
  45. don’t tan
    Swedish Tanning Salon Trying to Make Customers BlackNo.
  46. Emma Sulkowicz’s Accused Rapist Had His Lawsuit Against Columbia DismissedThe suit rests on “a logical fallacy.”
  47. Madeline Stuart, Model With Down Syndrome, Stars in Beautiful Bridal ShootHer name’s Madeline Stuart.
  48. Dads Want to Have Baby Showers, TooNothing says “new dad” like a beer cake.
  49. SNL’s Hillary Woos Millennials by Being BernieFeel the Bern. For her.
  50. SNL Creates a Perfect Imperfect Feminist Anthem“Tell us if we handled it all wrong.”
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