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  1. SXSW Panel on Online Harassment Criticizes SXSW“An uphill battle” to get a diverse panel.
  2. Justin Bieber’s T-Shirts Are Not Sure of God’s PurposeSpellcheck saves shirts.
  3. Broad City Loves Clinton But Doesn’t Endorse HerClinton appears on Wednesday’s episode.
  4. Dogs Getting Ready for CoachellaCanine flower crowns on fleek.
  5. subvert the fashion paradigm
    Kanye Wants to Disrupt the Fashion CalendarGet ready for a whole lot of Yeezy.
  6. A Look Back at the Best Style of Nancy ReaganThe former First Lady died today at the age of 94.
  7. campaign trail
    Grimes Is the Face of Stella McCartney’s New Eco-Friendly PerfumeScent by her “fave Vegan” Stella McCartney.
  8. Women Read Super Sexist Casting CallsYou will totally believe how roles for women are described.
  9. put a spell on you
    A Group of Witches Hexed Martin ShkreliTime for a hex party!
  10. Conservative Woman Could Impact Texas TextbooksUnsurprisingly, she does not believe in climate change.
  11. Tinder Will Make It Easier to Share Ridiculous Profiles With FriendsThey think you’ll want to play matchmaker.
  12. sexual assault
    Lady Gaga Brought Rape Survivors to the OscarsThey were onstage as she performed her powerful Oscar-nominated song.
  13. #oscarssowhite
    Kerry Washington Explains Why She Attended the Oscars“My voice is best used at the table.”
  14. Brie Larson’s Mom Takes the Most Mom InstagramEveryone gets awkward when Mom’s behind the camera.
  15. Oscar-Winner Adele Hopes Oscar-Less Leo Wins TonightPlus a Titanic joke.
  16. Melissa Harris-Perry Will Not Reappear on MSNBCThe final blow might have been Beyonce.
  17. Even Hollywood Stars Are Punished for Demanding Equal PayPatricia Arquette’s call for equal wages cost her jobs.
  18. Hillary Clinton Will Win Over Bros One Bachelor Party at a Time“I love having men at my feet.”
  19. Sext Away, Teens of New Mexico!Now that Snapchat won’t get you busted as a sex offender.
  20. Yet Another Politician Doesn’t Understand Biology, Conception, RapeScience is hard; unfounded opinions are so much easier.
  21. Cecile Richards Says Social Media’s Good for FeminismPlanned Parenthood is looking to get in the app game.
  22. Demi Lovato Wants Women to Help Other Women Out [Updated]And maybe subtweets Taylor Swift?
  23. RiRi Tops Kanye As Fashion Week’s Most Tweeted-About DesignerFenty surpasses Yeezy.
  24. Kris Jenner Got Catty About Caitlyn on Fashion PoliceShe’s actually just jealous.
  25. Yelp Employee Fired for Writing About Being UnderpaidFrom meager salary to no salary in 24 hours.
  26. deep fried fashion
    Drunk Bro Deep Fried His Yeezy BoostsBet they still sell for a ton of cash on eBay.
  27. Amber Rose Patiently Explains Consent to MenNo means no, even if you’re naked.
  28. pay gap
    Even on eBay Women Make Less Money Than MenYou can’t escape the pay gap.
  29. L.A. Comedy Theater iO West Fires Director for Sexual HarassmentThree women came forward with allegations.
  30. Jane Fonda Says Being Young Is OverratedEighty is the new thirty.
  31. hair apparent
    The Hairstyles Were the Most Exciting Thing About the GrammysCheck out some haute coiffure.
  32. Child Not Thrilled About Kiss From Bieber Cootie alert.
  33. Finally, a Guitar to Accommodate Your BoobsShred in comfort.
  34. Emily Ratajkowski Is a Proud Bernie BabeFeminist, sex symbol, and pro-Sanders.
  35. Shonda Rhimes Is All About Objectifying MenScore one for the female gaze.
  36. See All the Looks From the 2016 BAFTAsCate Blanchett, Saoirse Ronan, and more.
  37. SNL Tries to Teach Women to Be Pickup ArtistsMelissa McCarthy wasn’t teachable.
  38. Ashley Graham Looks Amazing on the Cover of Sports IllustratedDon’t underestimate this moment.
  39. SNL Addressed Feminism, Bernie, and Millennial VotersHillary knows she can’t make you love her.
  40. Indonesia Feels Threatened by LGBT EmojiThat bright-yellow same-sex couple is dangerous.
  41. Morrissey Models Like He Does Everything: MiserablyHe is not happy with Supreme.
  42. Want Viagra, Men? Better Get a Note From Your WifeAn ED prescription made hard to get.
  43. Every Celebrity Went to Adele’s Surprise L.A. ConcertWhat Fashion Week?
  44. Gillian Anderson Won’t Put Up With the Daily Mail’s Ageist NonsenseLeave Agent Scully alone!
  45. The Game Name-Drops the Obamas in His Latest Thirst Trap PostOur preeminent underwear selfie artist is back.
  46. Leonardo DiCaprio Suffered at the Hands of Johnny DeppAccording to Johnny Depp.
  47. fashion
    Every Look from Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ VideoA field guide to the fashion of “Formation.”
  48. Hansel and Zoolander Talk Politics (and Fashion) on SNLThey love Trump’s signature looks.
  49. See SNL’s Take on the New BarbieKate McKinnon’s Sturdy Barbie is just what we need.
  50. generation gaps
    Gloria Steinem Says Young Women Are Into Bernie Because of BoysOh Gloria, No No No No No!
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