1. science of us
    What to Know About the First Drug for Postpartum DepressionZulresso is the first of its kind.
  2. new mom
    Everything to Know About Having a C-Section Versus Vaginal BirthNeither method of giving birth is objectively “better” than the other.
  3. science of us
    Everything You Need to Know About the Romaine Lettuce E. Coli OutbreakWith some advice from the CDC about your salads.
  4. science of us
    How a Head Injury Really Could Alter Your Self-PerceptionThe sorta-science of I Feel Pretty.
  5. science of us
    What to Know About Influenza B, the ‘Second Wave’ of Flu SeasonWe’re not out of the woods just yet.
  6. science of us
    A Brief Timeline of Scientists Promising a Birth-Control Pill for MenIt’s been six decades since the pill was approved for women. Scientists have been promising an option for men for almost as long.
  7. science of us
    Viagra’s Other Life As a Female Fertility AidA little-known off-label use for the little blue pill, which was approved by the FDA 20 years ago today.
  8. science of us
    Advice From Sexuality Research About How to Keep the Spark AliveA new review paper looked at dozens of studies on maintaining desire in long-term relationships.
  9. science of us
    Is Stevia Better for You Than Sugar?All about the alternative sweetener.
  10. science of us
    After the Olympics, Some Olympians Will Just Give UpNew research on the science of motivation says it’s hard to keep going after reaching your personal best.
  11. living with
    My Life Not Knowing What Colors Look Like“People thought my eyes were bleeding because I’d been wearing bright red lip liner on my eyes all day.”
  12. science of us
    7 Women on Realizing They Were in an Abusive Relationship“I could feel the difference when a guy friend treated me well — or just normally.”
  13. stoneman shooting
    The Psychological Explanation for Why We Become Desensitized to Mass ShootingsIt’s a self-perpetuating cycle: The worse things get, the quicker we tend to grow numb.
  14. science of us
    How to Tell If You Have the Flu or Just a ColdA guide to figuring out the source of your sniffly, snot-nosed misery.
  15. 10% better
    How to Be a Tiny Bit Better at First DatesRomance is harder if you’re hungry.
  16. science of us
    I Tried Whole30 and Accidentally Made Myself Lactose IntolerantTurns out the ability to digest dairy is a use-it-or-lose-it kind of thing.
  17. science of us
    What Exactly Is the Keto Diet, and Is It Safe?All about the trendy high-fat, low-carb eating plan.
  18. living with
    My Life As a Mom to 8 Kids“The only time I’ve been away from my kids was when I was in the hospital, giving birth to another one.”
  19. am i dying
    How Much Should I Worry About Toxic Shock Syndrome If I Use Tampons?Deep breaths.
  20. science of us
    Little Kids Think Birthday Parties Cause AgingAnd more insights from the surprisingly scientific world of kid logic.
  21. it’s complicated
    Learning to Live With a Partner Who Never Says ‘I Love You’I’m a words person. He’s … not.
  22. science of us
    A Psychological Explanation for Kids’ Love of DinosaursAnd why childhood obsessions of all kinds — what researchers call “intense interests” — should be encouraged.