Katie Heaney is a contributor at the Cut who covers health and wellness. Heaney is the author of the memoirs Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather?, novels Dear Emma and Public Relations, and YA novels Girl Crushed and The Year I Stopped Trying.

  1. feature
    ‘Call Me a Scammer to My Face’Madison Campbell is determined to get DIY rape kits into survivors’ hands, no matter who tells her it’s a bad idea.
  2. bravo
    Your Newest RHONY Housewife Is … Jenna Lyons?The former president of J.Crew will join the refreshed cast in 2023.
  3. piece of work
    31 Ideas for the Next Time You Need a ‘Fun Fact’We could all use a little help.
  4. covid-19
    Should I Get the New COVID Booster?The FDA approved a new COVID-19 booster meant to target Omicron variants, but it’s unclear how effective it will be.
  5. how to help
    How to Help People in Jackson, Mississippi, Right NowAfter a water-system failure, Jackson’s residents are without drinkable water “indefinitely.” Here’s how to help.
  6. power
    Critics Scandalized Finnish Prime Minister Has a Social LifeThe 36-year-old leader is once again facing criticism for partying.
  7. polio
    Here’s What We Know About Polio in New YorkExperts say this could mean hundreds of cases circulating, but the risk to vaccinated people remains low.
  8. encounter
    Abbi Jacobson Knows the Pressure Is OnA League of Their Own, her first big project since Broad City, premieres this Friday.
  9. health
    What We Know About Monkeypox So FarThe Biden administration has declared the outbreak a public-health emergency.
  10. life after roe
    An OB/GYN on What It’s Like Working With Pregnant Children“The whole world crumbles, and it’s just really tough.”
  11. self
    How to Help Your Friend Through DivorceThere’s not a perfect universal script we can use to respond. But here are a few places to start.
  12. encounter
    Becca Tilley Gets Her RoseComing out to Bachelor Nation wasn’t easy, but it sure felt good.
  13. life after roe
    How to Protect Yourself When Seeking an AbortionLearn your legal risks and take control of your digital privacy.
  14. the bigger picture
    My Fire IslandMost people don’t think about accessibility on the island until someone like me gets there.
  15. how i get it done
    This Baby-Formula Founder Considers Herself a Wartime CEOBobbie CEO Laura Modi on working through a national crisis.
  16. pride month
    13 Books Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Writers LoveRecommendations in celebration of Pride Month from some of the Cut’s favorite writers.
  17. pride month
    Did American Girl Just Out Molly?The brand announced the doll’s return at the start of Pride Month with an interestingly worded caption.
  18. culture
    18 Books Our Favorite AAPI Writers LoveRecommendations in celebration of AAPI Month from some of the Cut’s favorite writers.
  19. lawsuits
    What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder?Unpacking the controversial diagnosis that came up in the Johnny Depp–Amber Heard trial this week.
  20. encounter
    Can Heather Dubrow Save The Real Housewives of Orange County?She and her husband have blessed the show with their presence once again. Did it work?
  21. q&a
    What It’s Like Living With (and Writing About) PMDDChloe Caldwell on her new memoir, The Red Zone, how to talk about periods, and finding community on Reddit.
  22. backlash
    A White Woman’s Book on ‘Trap Feminism’ Has Been PulledUnpacking the backlash to Bad and Boujee.
  23. q&a
    Garcelle Beauvais’s New Book Is All About Her ‘G-Spot’The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star on how she found her voice and what it was like to join an all-white cast.
  24. covid-19
    Will Some of Us Social Distance Forever?In a new study, 13 percent of respondents say they plan “no return” to pre-COVID activities even when the pandemic ends.
  25. friends forever?
    All Our Best Friendships Exist Over TextSix people on what they get out of text-based relationships.
  26. power
    5 Brave, Bold-faced Women Share Their Screen-Time Reports“But this was down 49 percent from the week before.”
  27. books
    Stephanie Foo on Gaining Agency From C-PTSDThe author of What My Bones Know doesn’t think trauma should be used as an excuse.
  28. self
    There’s No Escaping the 5 Love LanguagesThirty years on, a Christian pastor’s theory of romantic communication is as popular as ever.
  29. feature
    When Girl Power Meets SobrietyCan Holly Whitaker help women quit drinking better than AA can?
  30. covid-19
    What We Know About the Omicron Variant So FarThe Omicron variant accounts for 13 percent of cases in New York and New Jersey.
  31. tv
    Please Make This Lesbian Reality Show More FunSome unsolicited advice for the creators of Amazon’s Tampa Baes.
  32. how i get it done
    How Ava DuVernay Gets It DoneOn achieving career longevity, procrastinating on Zillow, trampolining, film editing, Pinkberry, and more.
  33. johnson & johnson
    What to Know About Guillain-Barré SyndromeThe FDA has warned that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is associated with a slightly elevated risk of this neurological disorder.
  34. health
    Do You Have a Cold, Too?As our social lives have started to return, so have the sniffles.
  35. sexual violence
    The Worst Reaction to Bill Cosby’s Release So FarPhylicia Rashad, Cosby’s former co-star, tweeted her support after the actor’s sexual-assault conviction was overturned.
  36. relationships
    ‘2020 Made Me Ask, What Do My Husband and I Have in Common?Four recently divorced people talk about how Covid impacted their marriages.
  37. q&a
    ‘We Only Hear About Trans Athletes When They’re Winning’Talking with athlete Andraya Yearwood and producer Alex Schmider of the new documentary Changing the Game.
  38. how i got this business
    How Lisa Li Brought Shangri-La to New York CityWith her whole-flower tea business and wellness brand, The Qi.
  39. science of us
    The Clock-Out CureFor those who can afford it, quitting has become the ultimate form of self-care.
  40. recommendations
    This Actually Good Weed Seltzer Is the Drink of SummerForget White Claw.
  41. covid-19
    What We Know About Women’s Health and VaccinesExperts explain why vaccinated women shouldn’t be concerned about an irregular period or their fertility.
  42. the office
    The History of the Work SpouseYou call her your work wife, and here I must ask you: why?
  43. wtf
    This Terrible Netflix Movie Belongs in Theaters’Deadly Illusions’ is the most batshit movie I’ve ever had to watch at home alone.
  44. covid-19
    What to Know About the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseCiting an “abundance of caution,” officials have halted distribution to investigate a possible link to a rare blood-clot disorder.
  45. covid-19
    What Is a Vaccine Passport?While the subject remains an ongoing debate, here is what we know so far.
  46. hunter biden
    8 Revelations From Hunter Biden’s New MemoirPresident Joe Biden’s son Hunter has spoken publicly about his battles with addiction. In his new book, he goes deep on this subject and more.
  47. how i get it done
    Jenny Lawson Can’t Remember Whether She Walked the DogThe author talks ADD, anxiety, and pandemic routines.
  48. covid-19
    What Are the Common Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine?Young people and those who have had COVID-19 are more likely to feel sick after a jab. Here’s why.
  49. socializing in 2021
    What Has the Pandemic Done to Our Boundaries?Soon, invitations will return, and it might not be so easy to say no.
  50. spring break
    Miami Beach Spring Break Has Devolved Into ChaosAs droves of young people flock to the city, local authorities have declared a state of emergency.
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