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Social Media Editor, New York
  1. working out
    Stretching Towards BethlehemI spent three weeks reaching and squatting my way into the splits.
  2. culture
    A Strange Loop at the New MuseumCut editor Lindsay Peoples and playwright Michael R. Jackson talk representation, Tyler Perry, and what “real” Black life looks like.
  3. music
    No More Chaos for KehlaniThey’ve found peace of mind, a loving relationship, and romantic table grapes.
  4. thoughts
    Don’t Banish Your Bad ThoughtsIn her debut short-story collection, Nada Alić embraces them — with exaggeration.
  5. reading list
    Honey & Spice Is the Ultimate Summer Romance ReadAuthor Bolu Babalola is a “Romcomoisseur.”
  6. 5 questions with…
    Emma Thompson Is Addressing the Orgasm Gap Head-onHer latest, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, explores the sexual awakening of a woman in her 60s.
  7. history
    This Pride Month, Can We Talk About Abolition?Amid the corporate pandering, queer abolitionist poet Christopher Soto reminds us that Pride is still protest.
  8. q&a
    Is Somewhere Good the Future of Social Media?We spoke to Annika Hansteen-Izora, the designer of the app, about slowing down and truly connecting.
  9. i tried it
    Can Golden Hour Fix Your Brain?For a week, I attempted to find out.
  10. q&a
    15 Minutes with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rosario DawsonThey’re pivoting to margaritas.
  11. 5 questions with…
    Only Charli XCX Could Get Brooklyn Gays to MidtownAfter, the pop star dished on her Crash tour costume changes and new Depop shop.
  12. 5 questions with…
    Andrew Garfield Gets ExistentialPlaying a devout detective in FX’s Under the Banner of Heaven made the actor rethink his definitions of community and faith.
  13. sustainability
    9 Sustainable, Ethical Underwear BrandsI spent hours poring over brand sustainability reports so you don’t have to.
  14. sustainability
    6 Ways to Identify the Clothes Worth Investing InNavigating the murky waters of $300 polyester and Earth-friendly “investment pieces.”
  15. watch party
    Did Black Swan Predict the Plight of the Modern Worker?A movie about a ballerina overworking (and consequently destroying) herself is a cautionary tale that’s never felt more relevant.
  16. dream date
    Jake Johnson Is Pro-DirtbagThe actor dives into his role as a sleazy but lovable porn publisher on HBO Max’s Minx.
  17. in her shoes
    What the Producer of Big Little Lies and The Undoing Wears to WorkBruna Papandrea is a Blundstone devotee.
  18. 5 questions with…
    Can a Netflix Special Make You a Movie Star?Comedian Cat Cohen is prepared to find out.
  19. sundance 2022
    The Heartbreak of Leaving Behind a Best FriendAm I OK? is for our platonic long-distance loves.
  20. culture
    Jerry Harris Was Our HeroHe was the most-loved cheerleader on Cheer’s premiere season. Season two charts his downfall.
  21. encounter
    Peter Sarsgaard’s Literary FixationsThe bee-raising, orchard-tending Brooklyn aristocrat on reading Nabokov and making films with Maggie.
  22. q&a
    The House of Gucci Author Thinks Lady Gaga Is the Perfect PatriziaSara Gay Forden talks about what it was like to write the Gucci story.
  23. a christmas miracle
    Nothing Says Happy Holidays Like Another Vanessa Hudgens Movie on NetflixThis woman has single-handedly lifted me from the depths of seasonal depression.
  24. hmmmm
    I Have One Question for DuneWhere the hell is Zendaya?
  25. immigration
    How to Help Haitian Asylum SeekersUsing a Trump-era rule, the Biden administration has deported at least 1,400 asylum seekers so far.
  26. introductions
    Gossip Girl’s Jordan Alexander Lets the Julien Energy FlowThe actor talks about channeling someone who is her polar opposite.
  27. recommendations
    The Last Letter From Your Lover Is a Yearn ExtravaganzaBeware: This movie may make you want to write a letter to your ex​​
  28. pride essentials
    Big Freedia Owes Everything to Her Mom, Her Church, and Her CityThe rapper who popularized bounce music on the people, places, and art that shaped her.
  29. introductions
    Nikesh Patel Would Maybe Date YouThe Starstruck actor on his role in an unromanticized rom-com.
  30. influencers
    A Guide to the Many, Many Scandals of James CharlesA former employee has gone public with damning new allegations and is suing the influencer.
  31. dating
    Drag His Ass Wants to Fix Your Love LifeComedian Mary Beth Barone explains her f**kboy-redemption program.
  32. tv
    Carrie’s Best Boyfriend Is Coming Back for the SATC RebootAidan will appear in “quite a few” episodes.
  33. power
    YouTuber Jake Paul Has Been Accused of Sexual AssaultIn a new video, TikToker Justine Paradise says she was assaulted in 2019.
  34. ziwe
    Ziwe’s New Show Looks Absolutely MagnificentThe comedian’s Showtime series will premiere May 9.
  35. yay
    We Needed This Brandy Cinderella NewsSuddenly 2021 feels full of possibility.
  36. niche drama
    I Know Too Much About This Disney Love Triangle NowThe drama started with Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license,” and now everyone (allegedly!) involved has released their own song.
  37. television
    They Tricked Me Into Watching a Marvel ShowWandaVision has more in common with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel than most comic-book movies.
  38. how to help
    How to Support Indigenous CommunitiesWhere to donate and how to get involved.
  39. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?“I don’t know what it is about her that screams ecology to me.”
  40. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?“Probably a very strong person.”
  41. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?“Maybe writes novels.”
  42. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?And who are they, really?
  43. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?And who are they, really?
  44. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?And who are they, really?
  45. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?“I was the AP’s first black news clerk.”
  46. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?“She’s always got somebody waiting.”
  47. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?“I’d say he’s an artist. His name is Geoff, spelled with a G.”
  48. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?Each week, we’re asking strangers on the streets of New York City to size each other up.
  49. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?Each week, we’re asking strangers on the streets of New York City to size each other up.
  50. judgments
    Who Do They Think They Are?Each week, we’re asking strangers on the streets of New York City to size each other up.
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