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    ‘How Do I Talk About Being Laid Off in a Job Interview?’You were let go, not fired, so there’s no need to lie. Here’s how to confidently explain your situation.
  2. your next move
    ‘My Manager Won’t Address My Co-Workers’ Unprofessional Behavior’You can only control yourself, but you can turn this situation to your advantage.
  3. your next move
    ‘Can I Back Out of a Job Offer a Week Before My Start Date?’It’s never too late — but you don’t know what connections you may be burning.
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    ‘Should I Try to Use an Outside Job Offer to Get a Promotion?’Leveraging an external offer is helpful to get a promotion at your current job, but it takes some finesse.
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    ‘Is It Worth Taking a New Job With a More Junior Title But Better Pay?’I wouldn’t let a title change be the determining factor in your final decision.
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    ‘How Can I Convince My New Boss That I’m Ready to Be a Manager?’The arrival of a new boss means having a clean slate at work, especially if they’re an external candidate. So position yourself as an asset to them.
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    ‘I Want to Transition Into a New Line of Work, But I’m Not Getting Far’If your résumé doesn’t list the exact work experience required, making the case for yourself in a cover letter could be the best move.
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    ‘My New Job Is Nothing Like I Expected’Before you do anything else, you need to decide exactly what you want, and then have an honest conversation about it with your manager. Here’s how.
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    Make Sure Your Next Career Move Is the Best MoveIn a new biweekly column for the Cut, Kimberly Brown helps women and people of color to be seen in the workplace, make more money, and become leaders.