1. Nev Schulman’s Pregnant Fiancée Went to the VMAs Without Her ShirtNev Schulman’s fiancée went shirtless on the VMAs red carpet.
  2. You Should Read This Book About Divorce, Even If You’re Not Getting DivorcedThere’s a lot to learn about parenting here.
  3. Here’s a Good Rebuttal to Anyone Who Thinks a C-section Is Easy“This was not pleasant. It still isn’t.”
  4. Naya Rivera Got an Abortion While on Glee So She Could Focus on Her CareerShe tells the story in her new memoir, “Sorry Not Sorry.”
  5. motherhood
    Being a Mom Is Cool on Pinterest or Etsy, But Not on TwitterBecause Twitter is for dads.
  6. My Daughter Is Potty-Training MeBehind closed doors, it’s a battle of wills.
  7. Almost Nobody Puts Babies to Bed Safely, New Study FindsIt’s got a lot to do with what’s inside the crib.
  8. motherhood
    Eating Ginger Could Actually Help New Mothers Increase Their Milk SupplyA new study finds eating it has a small — but significant — effect on lactation.
  9. motherhood
    New York City Buildings Are Now Required to Have Lactation RoomsMayor de Blasio signed the bill on Thursday.
  10. motherhood
    I Wish I’d Pierced My Daughter’s Ears When She Was a BabyBut now it’s too late.
  11. motherhood
    Fewer U.S. Women Are Having Babies Than Ever BeforeAnd it’s not because we’re becoming less fertile.
  12. announcement
    Join the Cut’s Facebook Page About ParentingA new home for real talk.
  13. man’s right to choose
    Marco Rubio Is a Good Reminder That We Need More Women in PoliticsBecause abortion shouldn’t be discussed in a room that’s mostly men.
  14. there’s nothing to fear but sharks and spiders and bridges
    Why Are Childhood Fears So Specific and Weird?And how do we navigate the murky waters?
  15. motherhood
    Donald Trump’s Problem Isn’t Babies. It’s Women.Who was he really complaining about at that rally?
  16. motherhood
    Actual Moms Refused Entry to Bad MomsThe theater gave them tickets to Ice Age instead. 
  17. fertility
    The Fitbit for Fertility Is Finally Here And you only have to wear it while you sleep.
  18. the war on science
    Jill Stein Needs to Shut the Anti-Vaxxers DownShe’s not endorsing them, but she is encouraging them.
  19. zika virus
    CDC Warns Pregnant Women to Avoid Miami Neighborhood Where Zika Was FoundFor now, it’s just a small area.
  20. our bodies ourselves
    8 Women on Their Post-Baby BodiesScars, acne, weight gain, and all.
  21. Why We’re So Obsessed With Our Kids’ SleepIt’s not just because we’re tired ourselves.
  22. Pregnant Women Need a Whooping-Cough VaccineBut often they’re not told about it.
  23. sex ed
    Why Pediatricians Should Teach Sex EdBecause we all know abstinence-only education isn’t cutting it.
  24. New-Mom Guilt Starts the Second the Baby Is BornAnd some hospitals aren’t helping.
  25. motherhood
    Hillary’s New Ad Tugs at the Heartstrings of ParentsAnd it’s really effective.
  26. Researchers Are Getting Closer to a Cure for Postpartum Depression It’s still years from coming to market, but an early test looks very promising.
  27. lifechangers
    Should Women Admit It When They Regret Having Kids?There’s a lot of pressure to rave about procreation, but also a growing movement towards more honesty.
  28. motherhood
    Is Your ‘Ab Crack’ Actually a Health Condition?Another way pregnancy can wreak havoc on our bodies.
  29. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Opted Out of the Public-Pregnancy Circus“I just feel like we live in an age when women are supposed to perform pregnancy.”
  30. motherhood
    The Real Reason You’ll Never Be Able to Parent Like a French MomHint: It has nothing to do with being chic.
  31. motherhood
    The U.K. Just Handed Out Its First Baby BoxesUgh, does everyone get them before we do?
  32. motherhood
    Working Single Mothers Have a Higher Risk of StrokeEspecially in the U.S.
  33. ask a mom
    Nope, My Kid’s Not Two. He’s 26 Months.Why parents are so annoyingly specific about their kids’ ages.
  34. motherhood
    That Viral Childbirth Photo Had a Tragic BackstoryFrancie Webb’s journey from teenage babysitter to Facebook controversy.
  35. witches
    Finally, a Parenting Guide for Moms Who Loved The CraftWitchy Mama has tips, advice, and spells you can cast on your baby.
  36. the princessa and the puh lease
    Disney Princesses: Good for Boys, Bad for GirlsA new study finds princess exposure reinforces powerful gender stereotypes.
  37. fathers
    President Obama Is a Dad Role ModelHe eats dinner with his kids five nights a week!
  38. love and war
    Why Empathy Is the Most Important Skill You Can Teach Your KidsThe author of the new book Unselfie explains.
  39. motherhood
    Mothers Feel More Judged Than FathersBy strangers, fellow parents, in-laws, and other family members.
  40. mommy wars
    My Favorite Mommy Blogger, Karl Ove KnausgaardAllow me to explain.
  41. complete and utter garbage
    Anti-Vaxxers ‘Expose’ New Hoax: 12-Year-Old Boy Who Made Pro-Vaccine Viral VideoThe real enemy is … a child.
  42. ban men
    Mother Berated by Man for Breast-feeding in TargetCome on, now.
  43. the wage gap
    Why Do Preschool Teachers Earn So Much Less Than Those Teaching Older Kids?A new study released by the Obama administration as part of the United State of Women Summit is not encouraging.
  44. it takes a village
    Please Let My Kid Know If She Is Being HorribleAnd I’ll happily let yours know, too.
  45. big lotion
    No One Is Monitoring What’s in Your Skin CareOr your kid’s, either.
  46. what the hell
    Kids Re-create Walking Dead in Upsetting PhotosNo words.
  47. Woman Goes to Court to Win Her Own PlacentaA pregnant Mississippi woman got a court order so she could take her own placenta home.
  48. never read the comments
    The Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Tragedy Has Started a Mom-Shaming MobAfter a beloved, rare gorilla is shot at the Cincinnati Zoo to save a toddler, anger swells online.
  49. party favors
    The Only Appetizer Recipe You NeedMy mother’s spinach balls can be yours.
  50. you are what you eat
    Are Avocados the Perfect Food for Pregnant Women?New research suggests women should eat them when trying to conceive, too.
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