1. peak dupe
    How Skims Became One of the Most Duped Brands EverWhen your brand is basics, is everything suddenly a dupe?
  2. dating
    First Comes Love, Then Comes Living With Your Partner’s ParentsFor young couples considering moving in together, the most realistic option is getting roommates named Mom and Dad.
  3. year in review
    The Year the Apocalypse Came to FashionIt’s giving deconstruction, disarray, and decay.
  4. fashion
    How Do You Make a Corset That Celebrates Bigger Bodies?Corset contortionist Michaela Stark aims to celebrate curves, rather than snatching them in, with her first collection.
  5. trendspotting
    The Bride Who Didn’t CareMeet the too-cool-for-tradition aesthetic.
  6. the glow up
    Get Your Glitter Out: Party-Girl Chic Is BackMaking the case for Y2K rebellion against “that girl” culture.
  7. 5 questions with…
    Euphoria Breakout Chloe Cherry Is the Show’s MVPFaye hive, rise up.
  8. love and tiktok
    Are We Getting Sick of Hook-up Culture?Scrolling through celibacy TikTok.
  9. 5 questions with…
    Jessie Andrews’s Euphoria Debut Leaves Us Wanting MoreThe multi-hyphenate talks getting robbed by Rue.
  10. year in review
    In Hindsight, 2021 Was the Year of the NoseFrom viral nose trends to nose jewelry, this year was marked by nostrils and nose bridges.
  11. power
    The Reclamation of BimbohoodThe self-proclaimed bimbos of TikTok are finding power in fluffy pink outfits.
  12. teenage nostalgia
    Where Have Our Eyebrows Gone?What the return of thin, shaved, and bleached eyebrows says about the state of society.
  13. true love
    The Return of the Cringe CoupleYou love/hate to see it — admit it.
  14. dating
    It’s ‘Soft-Launch September’Whose elbow is that??