1. let’s makeup
    Bobbi Brown on Why She Really Left Her Brand and Didn’t Make a Contour Palette“Even supersmart women want to feel good.”
  2. wrinkles in time
    What It Costs to Be AgelessA breakdown.
  3. style icons
    Mary Tyler Moore Was the Jackie Onassis of the MidwestThe similarity started with her big, emphatic hairstyle.
  4. cut cover story
    The Beauty Queen of QVCJamie Kern Lima sells confidence for $39.56, brush included.
  5. What’s the Point of Eye Cream?Can’t you just use a moisturizer?
  6. now smell this
    Jo Malone on Battling Breast Cancer and Her New Fragrance, Second ActThe British national treasure has some great new things for you to smell.
  7. Jeffery Slonim Was More Than a Red-Carpet Reporter, He Was a Gentleman“Do you look better naked or dressed?” he asked George Clooney. “I look better in a dress, actually,” Clooney answered.
  8. What Really Happens Backstage at the ShowsRunway beauty used to be pretty low-key. Now it’s one of the main events.
  9. the strategist
    The Best New Hair Dryer Is the Quiet Vacuum Cleaner of Hair DryersThe Dyson Supersonic is worth the $399 price tag.
  10. now smell this
    Vuitton’s New Perfumes Will Get You Stopped in the Supermarket, Even in FranceHave an EMT standing by when you get a whiff of these.
  11. hairy situations
    Remembering Philip Kingsley, Inventor of the ‘Bad Hair Day’The hair product he invented for Audrey Hepburn lives on.
  12. God Help Us When the Botox Runs Out on a Monday in the HamptonsDr. Frank, who usually practices cosmetic dermatology on Fifth Avenue in New York City, has his Botox syringes loaded at his weekend house.
  13. nice work if you can get it
    What It’s Like to Be One of Pat McGrath’s 75 Assistants“She taught me how she uses her hand. How she does the skin. It took me two, maybe three years to learn. I wanted to work harder to make her proud.”
  14. cut cover story
    Pat McGrath Is the Most in-Demand Makeup Artist in the WorldThe woman who upended the beauty industry with yellow eyebrows and silver lipstick.
  15. orange is the new black
    A Celebrity Tanner on How to Get (and Maintain) a Spray Tan Like a Pop StarHint: It involves lots of powder and a commitment to scrubbing.
  16. swellness
    Can a Drip Bag Full of Vitamins Give You Better Hair?Trying out three vitamin IV drips to see if they left me less tired and more beautiful.
  17. shop till you drop
    Knockout Beauty, a New Store With the Best Exfoliator I’ve Ever UsedAll the products were chosen by or developed by models and fashion insiders.
  18. hairy situations
    Talking to Hillary Clinton’s Hairstylist About Work-Life Balance“I want to make sure her hair is never an issue.”
  19. hairy situations
    How Should an Escort Wear Her Hair?An ode to the glorious, sexy, abundant crown of hair on The Girlfriend Experience.
  20. truth in beauty
    Isabella Rossellini on Living Well and Aging Gracefully“I’m being given a chance in the era of emancipation.”
  21. the exercist
    How I Found Love in a Sweaty Hole-in-the-WallAn ode to SoulCycle.
  22. truth in beauty
    This Ladurée Makeup Is the SweetestA discovery from Japan.
  23. truth in beauty
    A Dentist Weighs In on Those Scary Hood By Air MannequinsFrom the windows of Barney’s New York.
  24. truth in beauty
    What I Learned Working at Sephora for a DayFor one thing, it involved wearing a lot more makeup than I am used to.
  25. truth in beauty
    Finally, an All-Natural Solution to Jet Lag That Actually WorksAnd it only costs $40.
  26. truth in beauty
    Spas Aren’t Only About Beauty, Vanity, or Fun. They’re Also About Grief.Bathed in tears, we all found relief.
  27. shop talk
    The Beauty Boutique With a $750 Face CreamGet your credit cards ready.
  28. edit test
    If Estée Lauder Were Alive, She Would Love the MillennialsA first look at the “Estée Edit,” fronted by Kendall Jenner. 
  29. fragrant friday
    Fragrances So Intense, They’re NSFWDiana Vreeland’s newest scents are outrageous. 
  30. showstoppers
    The Many Truths of the World’s Biggest Beauty CounterThirstymud, artisanal fats, soap-on-a-rope, and hundreds more new products at the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Product Demo.
  31. tan-trums
    Self-Tanning Tips for Donald TrumpLinda Wells has a few ideas.
  32. curve balls
    Amy Schumer, Barbie, and the New-Era Playmates Are More Than Just a PR StuntBeauty is a whole mess of contradictions.