Madeleine Aggeler

Madeleine Aggeler is a senior writer at The Cut.

  1. dogs
    Jake Gyllenhaal Rescued a Dalmatian … or Did He?Investigating this “Page Six” story.
  2. books
    Oh No, Kristen From Vanderpump Rules Is Writing a Self-Help BookIt’s called “He’s Making You Crazy.”
  3. activists
    1/4 of the Grace and Frankie Cast Has Been Arrested at a Climate-Change ProtestJane Fonda and Sam Waterston were arrested at a climate-change protest in Washington, D.C.
  4. the teens
    It’s Forbidden to Meme the PSAT — but That Won’t Stop the TeensTo the College Board’s dismay, teens won’t stop making hilarious jokes about the test material.
  5. quiz
    Who Said It: Roman Roy or Stassi Schroeder?Can you tell their various expletive-laden insults apart? Take this quiz to find out.
  6. culture
    How to Play Boar on the Floor With Your Most Pathetic FriendsA sick game for us piggies to enjoy until Succession returns.
  7. doing the most
    This Utterly Pointless Game Soothes My EgoWhen all else fails, at least I can peel a tiny spinning fruit.
  8. power
    Giuliani’s Ukrainian Associates Are As Bumbling As He IsJust innocently not interfering in foreign elections, operating a beach club called “Mafia Rave.”
  9. halloween
    A List of Topical, Sexy Halloween Costumes We’d Like to SeeFrom “Blood Scam Vixen” to “Buff Climate Daddy.”
  10. celebrity
    Okay, What Is Going on at Ed Sheeran’s Enormous Compound?The singer seems desperate to build a church in “Sheeranville,” his enormous, private compound.
  11. fat bear week
    Praise Holly, America’s Fattest Bear and Role Model to AllFat Bear Week has come to a close, and crowned its enormous winner.
  12. the cut opinion pages
    The Best Fall Look Is a Blazer and Baseball CapIt’s sporty and sophisticated, elegant and ever-so-slightly sleazy.
  13. niche drama
    Who Is Belle Delphine, the Gamer Girl Selling Her Bathwater?The gamer claims she was arrested, but is it all a hoax?
  14. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen Reminds Nephew Who’s in Charge (She Is)According to Elton John’s new memoir, she (jokingly) slapped the Viscount Linley while saying, “I am the queen!”
  15. q&a
    The Man With the Pearl Penis SpeaksDemi Moore’s ex, Will Hanigan, responds to the Cut’s essay, and talks to us about his “pearl enhanced paraphernalia.”
  16. celebrity pets
    Justin Bieber Says PETA Can ‘Suck It’The group criticized him for spending $35,000 on two exotic kittens.
  17. big picture
    Pamela Anderson Has … Discovered the Meaning of Life?And condensed her wisdom into a truly sublime tweet.
  18. health
    Yes, an Anti-Vaxxer Did Throw Human Blood on California SenatorsAs an investigation confirmed this week.
  19. rip
    Ming, Legendary NYC Apartment Tiger, Has DiedRIP, Harlem prince.
  20. fashion
    Gigi Hadid Stops Runway Crasher at Chanel ShowWhen a woman leapt up onto the catwalk during the finale of Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show, she was confronted by runway security: Gigi Hadid.
  21. the epstein case
    The FBI Is Investigating Prince Andrew’s Connection to Jeffrey EpsteinThe royal is implicated in Epstein’s alleged sex-trafficking ring.
  22. oh!
    Amy Klobuchar Shares Fun, Relatable Story About Accidentally Killing a Duck“I don’t think it’s a good idea for the bird population of America if I play golf.”
  23. trump impeachment
    Just Checking in on Rudy GiulianiThe president’s personal lawyer has responded to the impeachment scandal by making frequent and incoherent media appearances.
  24. 2019 emmys
    Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks Her Infamous Emmy Walk Was Fine, Actually“I think I look pretty normal.”
  25. what?
    Ashton Kutcher Is Now a Foreign Policy Expert, Says Ashton KutcherAlso, maybe don’t text him to ask about it.
  26. animals
    Creator of Labradoodle Regrets What He Has Wrought Upon This Planet“I opened a Pandora’s box and released a Frankenstein’s monster.”
  27. rumors
    Brad Pitt Is Now ‘Not Dating’ a Holistic HealerAfter months of not dating an MIT professor.
  28. crime
    A Wisconsin Inmate Reportedly Confessed to the Making a Murderer KillingThe unnamed man — a convicted murderer — told a documentary filmmaker he’s responsible for Teresa Halbach’s killing.
  29. please mother
    Mother Pence Reportedly Wouldn’t Kiss Her Victorious BoyA new book says the second lady rebuffed her husband’s advances twice on Election Day.
  30. college admissions scandal
    Don’t Forget About the Legal College Admissions ScamA new study finds that three-quarters of white students accepted by Harvard as legacies or athletes would not have gotten in otherwise.
  31. hot shot
    Greta Thunberg Accidentally Warms Globe With Her Scorching GlareThe activist did not seem pleased to see President Trump at the United Nations.
  32. sure jan
    Joke’s on You, Michael Cohen Loves PrisonSure, Michael.
  33. 2020 elections
    Groundhogs Everywhere Can Rest Easy NowBill de Blasio has dropped out of the presidential race.
  34. #metoo
    Brad Pitt Talks About Confronting Harvey WeinsteinAfter Weinsten allegedly harassed Pitt’s then-girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, in a hotel room.
  35. sorry to this man
    Sorry to Keke Palmer, Who Now Knows Who Dick Cheney IsAfter she went viral for very charmingly not knowing who the former VP was.
  36. climate change
    Teen Climate Activists Make Congress Look Like Incompetent Children“I don’t want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to science, and then act.”
  37. crime
    Pennsylvania State Senator Resigns Following Child Pornography ChargesPolice allegedly found child pornography on Senator Michael Folmer’s phone.
  38. abortion rights
    U.S. Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since Roe v. WadeBut restrictive, anti-choice laws didn’t cause the decline, experts say.
  39. whyyyy
    Humanity Suffers Latest IndignityNoah Centineo bleached his beard.
  40. celebrity
    Lindsay Shookus and Jon Hamm Are Having a ‘Great Time’ TogetherWhat could it mean?
  41. the bachelorette
    This Season’s Hottest Accessory Is a Bachelorette ContestantDemi Lovato and season 15’s Mike Johnson are reportedly “getting to know each other.”
  42. college admissions scandal
    Lori Loughlin Slowly Realizing She Will Probably Go to JailShe was reportedly “paying close attention” to Felicity Huffman’s sentencing in the college-cheating scandal.
  43. 2020 elections
    Tim Ryan (?) Drops Album, Becomes World’s Most Obscure BandA review of “A New and Better Agenda”.
  44. miley cyrus
    Miley Cyrus, Siren of the DeepHer new look says “I just emerged from the depths of the sea.”
  45. what?
    Unpacking a Very Wild Headline About Sarah Palin’s DivorceDivorce? A Kid Rock concert? A “cryptic meme”?
  46. celebrity couples
    Wait, So … Are Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Still Dating?After months of ambiguous breakup rumors, we yearn for the truth.
  47. hmm
    Can You Find the Trump Merch in These Photos?It’s so well-camouflaged.
  48. culture
    Shiv Roy’s Pants Should Take Over Waystar RoycoTalking to Succession’s head costume designer about the most competent member of the Roy family.
  49. college admissions scandal
    Think of How Exhausting It Must Be to Be Olivia Jade’s LawyersIt’s her family’s meltdown and she’ll do a middle finger if she wants to!
  50. genesis 1:1
    Join Me on a Journey Through Liv Tyler’s Chaotic House TourA glimpse at the Manhattan brownstone from whence we all came, and the attic where we will all inevitably end up.
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