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  1. celebrity
    I’m Sorry, What Did Stassi Name Her Baby?We’re assuming this wasn’t intentional …
  2. capitol riot
    Meanwhile, Melania Was Photographing RugsDuring Wednesday’s violent insurrection, the First Lady was reportedly busy working on her coffee-table book.
  3. capitol riot
    Karlie’s Doing Her Best, Okay?The model says she “tried” to talk to in-laws Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner about accepting the election results.
  4. culture
    3 Women Decided That Mahjong Needed a ‘Modern Makeover’None of the founders of the Mahjong Line are of Chinese descent, but they took it upon themselves to “refresh” the centuries-old tile game.
  5. politics
    Area Republican Finally Sees the Need for Maternity LeaveAfter having a baby, Meghan McCain has come to see the lack of mandatory paid family leave as a “dark spot” in American society.
  6. recommendations
    I Love This Delightfully Stupid Game ShowAn ode to Taskmaster, the show where comedians are forced to complete a series of pointless, ridiculous tasks.
  7. hell year in review
    The Year in Reality-TV MadnessFrom Love Is Blind to Tiger King and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, a look back at the reality shows that got us through this year.
  8. drama
    A Guide to All of Peppa Pig’s BeefsCardi B, Stanley Tucci, Australia — who’s next?
  9. movies
    Just Give Wonder Woman a ScrunchieEnough is enough.
  10. drama
    A Close Read of Alec Baldwin’s Wild Defense of His WifeIn defending Hilaria/Hillary, Alec Baldwin talked about Facebook, swap meets, and … Jeffrey Epstein?
  11. recaps
    What Was the Deal With That Weird Bachelorette Elimination?Tayshia Adams got engaged, and we are very happy for her but spent most of the episode wondering, What the hell happened with Ivan?
  12. recaps
    A Shocking (?) Twist on the BacheloretteOne suitor leaves, and another returns. (There is also lots of making out.)
  13. media
    Martin Shkreli’s Long History of Harassing Female JournalistsA new Elle story about a reporter who blew up her life to pursue a romance with Shkreli glosses over an important part of the Pharma Bro’s story.
  14. recaps
    Why Was Everyone So Sweaty????In this week’s Bachelorette, the men were incredibly sweaty, and very emotional.
  15. hell year in review
    The Year in Surprise Celebrity BabiesSurprise!
  16. crime
    Fashion Mogul Arrested on Sex-Trafficking ChargesPeter Nygard is accused of sexually assaulting over 50 women. They say he used violence, intimidation, and company resources to prey on them.
  17. how i’ll get it done
    How Representative Marie Newman Will Get It DoneAfter defeating the moderate incumbent in Illinois, progressive Democrat Marie Newman is heading to Congress. Here, how she plans to get it done.
  18. power
    Why Did the New York Post Dox a Paramedic?The tabloid devoted an entire article to a young paramedic who maintained an OnlyFans account as a side gig, sparking outrage.
  19. investigations
    I’m Sorry, WHAT Does the Peloton CEO Do Every Morning?In a haunting interview, John Foley revealed that he drinks water in a previously unheard-of way.
  20. health
    Is Disney World Photoshopping Masks Onto Its Maskless Guests?It certainly looks like it.
  21. lawsuits
    FKA twigs Is Suing Shia LaBeouf for ‘Relentless’ Abuse“What I went through with Shia was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in the whole of my life.”
  22. self
    Can We Change What We Fantasize About?Is it even possible? Does trying not to think about something just make us think about it more? We asked some experts.
  23. recaps
    Emotional Maturity Does Not Make for Good TVTayshia is thoughtful, patient, and communicative — which makes it hard for any drama to thrive.
  24. nature
    Tall Queen Revealed to Be Even TallerCongrats to her!
  25. culture
    Has Vanderpump Rules Really Been Canceled?Last week, Jax and Brittany announced they’re leaving the Bravo reality show. But is there even a show left to leave?
  26. how i get it done
    How Elmhurst Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Gets It DoneAt 82 years old, Dr. Jasmin Moshirpur is high-risk should she contract COVID. But she shows up to work every day, supporting her staff and patients.
  27. tv
    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Is Completely BonkersBravo’s newest Housewives show already has some of the wildest moments in the franchise.
  28. recaps
    The Men Are Baring it AllOn The Bachelorette, everyone keeps getting nude and/or vulnerable.
  29. celebrity
    Juno Star Elliot Page Shares That He Is Trans“I can’t begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self.”
  30. self
    Long, Groovy Bangs Are Back, BabyEmbrace the return of the curtain bang.
  31. social media
    The Happiest Man on TwitterChatting with Gerald Stratford, the British retiree who’s become famous for his big veg.
  32. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette Actually Talked About Something RealIn last night’s episode, Tayshia and Ivan spoke candidly about police brutality and Black Lives Matter.
  33. acquiescence
    Have You Heard of These Star Wars Movies?Turns out they’re pretty good.
  34. gallery
    Every Story in America, Through One NeighborhoodPhotographer Brenda Ann Kenneally shares the experience of a mother who was evicted during the pandemic.
  35. mea culpa
    Who Liked a Butt Pic From the Pope’s Instagram?The Vatican is investigating.
  36. self
    Are Maskless Nightmares the New Stress Dreams?The “naked in public” dream, but for 2020.
  37. keeping up with the royals
    Of Course There’s Even Royal Etiquette for ZoomA former royal butler walks us through.
  38. tv
    The Bachelorette Has a New VillainAnd the rest of the men spent the entire episode viciously squabbling about which of them is most “grown-ass.”
  39. politics
    Loathsome Woman Was Always This LoathsomeAccording to a new essay by her ex-best friend, Ivanka has always been Ivanka.
  40. celebrity
    Wow, This Guy Is Really Obsessed With His WifeGeorge Clooney (very understandably) gushes over Amal in a new interview.
  41. the environment
    Trump Admin Now Rushing to Imperil Arctic RefugeBefore he leaves office, Trump is trying to let oil companies drill in America’s largest wildlife refuge.
  42. science
    Scientists Are Just Sticking Platypuses Under Black LightWhy, you might ask? I’m still not sure.
  43. the bachelor
    Deeply Haunted Mansion Available to Rent on AirbnbFor $6,000 a night, the Bachelor mansion could be yours.
  44. power
    COVID Is Pushing Black Mothers Out of the Workforce at a Staggering RateA new report found that the group has seen a greater drop in workforce participation than any other.
  45. media
    Jeffrey Toobin Has Been Fired From The New YorkerThe fallout from the infamous “Zoom dick incident” continues apace.
  46. tv
    We Love Our New Bachelorette!!!Clare Crawley is out, and Tayshia Adams’ reign begins.
  47. crime
    Two Popes Accused of Overlooking Warnings About Top Cardinal’s AbuseTheodore McCarrick was defrocked last year, after being accused of sexual abuse. But the allegations had been known for decades, a new report says.
  48. crime
    Salt Life Co-Founder Reportedly Admits to Killing Teen GirlfriendMichael Hutto, 54, is in jail after 18-year-old Lora Grace Duncan was found dead in their Florida hotel room.
  49. recaps
    Oh My God, She Admitted It!Clare finally told Chris Harrison she had feelings for Dale before the show started filming.
  50. tv
    The Soothing, Khaki-Clad Star of Election WeekSteve Kornacki, our port in the electoral storm.
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