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Madeleine Aggeler is a staff writer at The Cut.

  1. celebrity
    No One Has Ever Had More Fun Than Adele at a Spice Girls Concert“I got drunk with the girls and quite frankly I can’t believe how far I’ve come.”
  2. niche drama
    This Tidying Drama Is Extremely MessyLinda “The Beverly Hills Organizer” Koopersmith is claiming Marie Kondo stole her signature folding method.
  3. dognapping
    Wait, How Did Olivia Munn Get Involved in a Dognapping Investigation?She’s helping a couple track down their missing Shih Tzu–Yorkie mix.
  4. celebrity
    When Will Taylor Swift Break Her Silence on Dina Lohan’s Role in Cats?Now is not the time for silence.
  5. reproductive rights
    Joe Biden Once Said He Doesn’t Think Abortion Is a RightNot surprising, given his history on the issue.
  6. celebrity
    Jennifer Lawrence Reaches Major Relationship MilestoneTalking about your significant other on a podcast.
  7. the art of diplomacy
    Finally, Trump Opens Dialogue With WhalesThe president tweeted about meeting “the Prince of Whales.”
  8. bangs
    Shailene Woodley’s Hair Stylist Explains Her Big Little Bangs“She is still trying to pull her life together.”
  9. celebrity
    Brad Pitt Tests Out New Signature LookWhat do you think?
  10. oh!
    Just a Few Questions About Drake’s $750,000 ‘Erotic Watch’The watch he wore to Game Five of the NBA Finals had a very NSFW message on it.
  11. celebrity breakups
    Irina Shayk’s Post-Breakup Instagram Is Very SereneUnlike the rest of the world, she’s entering a new phase without posting a flood of chaotic content.
  12. celebrity breakups
    Hey! What? Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Have Reportedly SplitHere’s what we know.
  13. celebrity relationships
    A Billion* Things We Know About Rihanna’s Billionaire Boyfriend*21.
  14. okay
    Justin Bieber Challenged Tom Cruise to a Fight?What is happening.
  15. guy things
    Where Will Goop Men Stick Their Jade Eggs?Gwyneth Paltrow is launching Goop Men, and a new podcast, Goop Fellas.
  16. celebrity breakups
    An Ode to Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk at WimbledonFour years — love.
  17. sweet dreams
    Martha Stewart’s Friends Want to Be Her Pets“I love all of my pets, and I take really good care of them.”
  18. hmm
    Look at This Real-Life Sims BlunderLondon is supposed to get the first 360-degree infinity pool at the top of a skyscraper but … how do you get in?
  19. media
    What Really Happened to Noa Pothoven?Yesterday, reports spread that the 17-year-old Dutch teen had been legally euthanized. That was false.
  20. movies
    The New James Bond Movie Is Definitely CursedIt’s been plagued by rewrites, injuries, and now, literal fireballs.
  21. the cut opinion pages
    Actually, Phone Calls Are GoodYou just need to know what kind of call you’re making.
  22. crime
    Manson Follower Leslie Van Houten Denied ParoleCalifornia governor Gavin Newsom overturned the parole board’s recommendation that she be released.
  23. hot shot
    Haunted Dolls Gaze out of Buckingham PalaceSeems like the president’s visit is going well.
  24. how does he do it?
    Jared Kushner’s Skin Suit Is Looking Incredibly DewyWhat’s his secret?
  25. the art of diplomacy
    Trump U.K. Visit Off to Long, Hard StartHe was greeted by a penis.
  26. culture
    I Can’t Stop Thinking About Donna Tartt’s Dorm-Room Martini Hours“She was wearing a black brocade skirt-suit and high heels and smoking from a long, slender cigarette holder.”
  27. hot shot
    If You Only Look at One Thing Today, Let It Be This Picture of Jeff Goldblum“ … don’t give up the fight!”
  28. the kids are alright
    Are You One of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Winners?There were a lot of them.
  29. reproductive rights
    Which State Will Pass an Extreme Abortion Ban Next?Louisiana is now the eighth state to sign into law a bill banning abortion at or around six weeks.
  30. culture
    Keanu Reeves Is Lonely, Oh No“You know, I’m the lonely guy. I don’t have anyone in my life.”
  31. cut field trips
    Raving With 2020’s Most Spiritual CandidateMarianne Williamson hopes the 7 a.m. dance enthusiasts will vote, and she’ll be there for them when they do.
  32. hmm
    What Do The Bachelorette Contestants Know About Reproductive Health?“Your belly gets bigger and bigger, and the woman gets hungrier and hungrier.”
  33. oops maybe try another planet
    Alien Sightings Overshadowed by 3-Day WeekendWhat more do the extraterrestrials have to do to get our attention??
  34. quiz
    ‘Curvy Wife Guy’ Lyric or ’90s Snack Commercial?A very difficult quiz.
  35. sex math
    YouTuber Running for Congress Attempts Sex Math“Joey Salads” says he has had sex “not Thousands [of times], but deff over 1000.” Does the math check out?
  36. celebrity
    Have Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons Broken Up?(Again.)
  37. power
    Is Hollywood Really Boycotting Georgia Over the Abortion Ban?Abortion activists in the state say the protest could do more harm than good.
  38. ???
    What Is Happening in These Pictures of Brad Pitt?A milky, smoky boy.
  39. college cheating scandal
    Is Olivia Jade Playing Mind Games With the American Public?“Sources” say she is.
  40. celebrity
    Let Meryl Streep Bowl However She WantsReese Witherspoon claims Steep is “bad” at bowling. Hm.
  41. game of thrones
    Tormund Giantsbane’s Guide to Getting Over a BreakupGet outside, get a pet, and move on.
  42. 2020 election
    Do You Know What Your Democratic Candidates Have Been Up To?A quiz.
  43. feuds
    Everything to Know About the James Charles and Tati Westbrook FeudThere’s so much going on in this beauty-vlogger drama.
  44. niche drama
    Are These the Rumblings of a Tati Westbrook Cancellation?The Internet is now questioning her motives in the James Charles drama.
  45. keeping up with the royals
    Princess Diana’s Niece Is Dating a 60-Year-Old MultimillionaireAh, to be royal and in love…
  46. the cut opinion pages
    The Game of Thrones Throne Isn’t Even That Nice …We suggested some alternatives to that hideous chair.
  47. nice things
    Let Mick Jagger’s Dancing Soothe Your Troubled SoulA brief reprieve from your week.
  48. tv
    How It Feels to Have Named Your Kid ‘Khaleesi,’ After Last Night’s GoT Episode“I don’t think she did anything wrong. I think she did what she had to do.”
  49. deep thoughts
    I Love My Gentle Prince of DeathKeanu Reeves had a very good answer when asked what happens after we die.
  50. niche drama
    A Guide to the YouTuber Cheating Drama Engulfing TwitterYouTube gamer Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer is accused of cheating on his wife, and of soliciting nudes from underage fans.
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