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Senior Writer, the Cut.

  1. keeping up with the royals
    Harry and Meghan Are Dealing with ‘Unimaginable’ Invasions of PrivacyDrones are reportedly flying as low as 20 feet over their rental property in L.A. to photograph the former royals and their infant son, Archie.
  2. crime
    A Black Man Asked a White Woman to Leash Her Dog. She Called the Cops.“I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.”
  3. drama
    What Is ‘Call Her Daddy,’ and Why Is It Fighting?A look at the latest podcasting drama, and an answer to the question “Who is Suitman?”
  4. animals
    The Profoundly Upsetting Truth About PlatypusesI’m sorry, but I can’t stay silent about this any longer.
  5. power
    What’s That on Matt Lauer’s Arm?Days after publishing yet another self-pitying essay, he was spotted with a forearm tattoo about “hatred.”
  6. celebrity
    Britney Spears Issues Powerful Statement on BangsIn an Instagram post, the singer shared her complicated feelings about her forehead.
  7. sports!
    Tiny ’90s Sunglasses Were the True Stars of The Last DanceAn ode to the Chicago Bulls’ incredible eyewear.
  8. uh oh
    CELEBRITY FEUD ALERT: Stanley Tucci Comes After Peppa PigThe beloved actor called the anthropomorphic children’s star “irritating animal swine.”
  9. celebrity
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s PDA Is Now a Music-Video StarAnother relationship milestone for the couple.
  10. tv
    Put ‘Tampongate’ in The Crown, You CowardsThe series apparently won’t touch on the infamous, racy phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.
  11. florida
    Protesters Inadvertently Prove They Can Work Out AnywhereDemonstrators in Florida demanded gyms be reopened by … doing squats on the sidewalk.
  12. coronavirus
    Mike Pence Really, Really Doesn’t Want to Wear a MaskThe vice-president just can’t stop flouting federal guidelines around coronavirus protection.
  13. what??
    Oh Great, a Snowstorm in MayIn case you thought winter 2020 was done with us.
  14. injuries
    How Does One Rip Their Glutes ‘to Shreds’ While Gardening?Queen guitarist Brian May says it happened to him.
  15. celebrity
    Of Course Martha Stewart Is Isolating With Her GardenerThe two have reportedly been working long hours to make sure her estate is in tip-top shape.
  16. first person
    How Do I Stay Sober Now?It was two weeks into social distancing that I started craving alcohol again.
  17. crime
    What Really Happened to Natalie Wood?A new documentary looks at the life and mysterious death of the celebrated actress.
  18. romantic movies
    20 Best Romantic Movies on NetflixFrom rom-coms to dark dramas, we’ve got you covered.
  19. power
    Over 100,000 Cruise Workers Are Still Trapped at Sea“We are just in the cabin like prisoners.”
  20. animals
    How About a Nice Story About Picnic Tables for Squirrels?A woman in Illinois has developed the world’s most wholesome hustle.
  21. whoops
    TV Reporter Models Classic Work-From-Home OutfitOn GMA, Will Reeve accidentally showed off the business-on-top, party-on-the-bottom look.
  22. aliens
    Here Are Some Videos of UFOs, If You CareOn Monday, the Pentagon officially released three videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena,” and I felt nothing.
  23. culture
    A Blessed Glimpse Into Nancy Meyers’s KitchenThe master of aspirational cooking spaces has finally shown her kitchen on Instagram.
  24. health
    Is Your Sleep All Messed Up? You’re Not AloneAn expert explains why so many people have developed such erratic sleep schedules all of a sudden.
  25. the bachelor
    Pilot Pete SucksThe Bachelor is over, but he keeps confirming this fact over and over.
  26. self
    How to Remove Yourself From a Group TextFor when your notifications get out of control.
  27. nice things
    Which Animals Are Having the Best Time?A look at which creatures are having the best time now that people aren’t around to bother them.
  28. celebrity
    Even Celebrities Have to Endure Giant Zoom PartiesStar-studded private Zoom parties are drawing as many as 300 participants.
  29. personal project
    Knitting to Keep My Hands BusyIt’s a good project, and it keeps me from constantly checking the news on my phone.
  30. power
    Ivanka Won’t Let a Little Pandemic Ruin Her Travel PlansAfter calling on Americans to say home, she quietly left the state to celebrate Passover.
  31. power
    This Was the First March With No School Shootings Since 2002Amid school closures over the coronavirus, no shootings took place in the U.S. — for the first time in 18 years.
  32. breakups
    The Most Famous Teens on TikTok Just Broke UpCharli D’Amelio and Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson announced their split on Instagram.
  33. self
    Are Endless Screens Hurting Your Eyes?How to prevent eye strain while social distancing.
  34. isolation handbook
    Have You Tried Making Your Own Peeps?A little reminder ahead of a socially-distanced Easter.
  35. power
    People Are Baiting Instacart Workers With Fake TipsCustomers are offering high tips to lure in Instacart workers, only to slash them to $0 after their groceries are delivered.
  36. bachelor nation
    Let’s See What the Bachelor Has Been Up ToPeter continues to be a messy boy who lives for drama.
  37. rumors
    Jake Gyllenhaal Denies Staring at Jake Gyllenhaal All DayDespite reports, the actor does not live in a Jake Gyllenhaal museum of his own making.
  38. encounters
    Thriving in Chaos, Like a Proper HousewifeLeah McSweeny is the newest Reality-TV franchise member, but for now, she’s avoiding New York.
  39. video games
    This Loathsome Owl Is the Only Bad Part of Animal CrossingA screed against Blathers.
  40. hmm
    What Did Ramona Singer’s Toilet Do to Deserve This?The Real Housewife has a troubling cleaning method.
  41. tv
    Give Cardi B the Pulitzer for CriticismHer live-tweeting of the documentary Tiger King was simply perfect.
  42. bachelor nation
    Bachelor Stars Hunker Down in Giant, Ceaseless Pool PartyHannah Brown, Tyler Cameron, and others have formed a “Quarantine Crew” and spend their days TikToking by the pool. Okay.
  43. coronavirus
    And Now, an Update From Dick PoundThe IOC member says the Olympics will be postponed, but once again the news has been overshadowed by his name.
  44. coronavirus
    The Bizarre Intimacy of Video ChatNow I spend my days watching others watch themselves.
  45. the iditarod
    Congratulations to These 10 Good Dogs and One Hot ManThomas Wærner and his team won the Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska on Wednesday.
  46. coronavirus
    What It’s Like to Isolate With Your Girlfriend and Her Other BoyfriendA polyamorous man on his experience during the coronavirus outbreak.
  47. coronavirus
    What a Time to Emerge From Your Silent Meditation RetreatAfter 12 days in the desert, Jared Leto just found out about the coronavirus pandemic.
  48. coronavirus
    Ah, to Be a German Big Brother Contestant Right NowThe cast, many of whom entered the house on February 6, have yet to be told about the coronavirus pandemic.
  49. hmm
    Area Man Spotted Prioritizing Fitness Goals Over Well-being of CommunityNew York City mayor Bill de Blasio was back at his Park Slope gym on Monday.
  50. coronavirus
    Maybe Don’t Try to Shake All the Hands at the Coronavirus Briefing?Trump declared a national emergency over coronavirus, then immediately violated a basic health protocol.
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