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  1. bachelor nation
    Let’s See What the Bachelor Has Been Up ToPeter continues to be a messy boy who lives for drama.
  2. rumors
    Jake Gyllenhaal Denies Staring at Jake Gyllenhaal All DayDespite reports, the actor does not live in a Jake Gyllenhaal museum of his own making.
  3. encounters
    Thriving in Chaos, Like a Proper HousewifeLeah McSweeny is the newest Reality-TV franchise member, but for now, she’s avoiding New York.
  4. video games
    This Loathsome Owl Is the Only Bad Part of Animal CrossingA screed against Blathers.
  5. hmm
    What Did Ramona Singer’s Toilet Do to Deserve This?The Real Housewife has a troubling cleaning method.
  6. tv
    Give Cardi B the Pulitzer for CriticismHer live-tweeting of the documentary Tiger King was simply perfect.
  7. bachelor nation
    Bachelor Stars Hunker Down in Giant, Ceaseless Pool PartyHannah Brown, Tyler Cameron, and others have formed a “Quarantine Crew” and spend their days TikToking by the pool. Okay.
  8. coronavirus
    And Now, an Update From Dick PoundThe IOC member says the Olympics will be postponed, but once again the news has been overshadowed by his name.
  9. coronavirus
    The Bizarre Intimacy of Video ChatNow I spend my days watching others watch themselves.
  10. the iditarod
    Congratulations to These 10 Good Dogs and One Hot ManThomas Wærner and his team won the Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska on Wednesday.
  11. coronavirus
    What It’s Like to Isolate With Your Girlfriend and Her Other BoyfriendA polyamorous man on his experience during the coronavirus outbreak.
  12. coronavirus
    What a Time to Emerge From Your Silent Meditation RetreatAfter 12 days in the desert, Jared Leto just found out about the coronavirus pandemic.
  13. coronavirus
    Ah, to Be a German Big Brother Contestant Right NowThe cast, many of whom entered the house on February 6, have yet to be told about the coronavirus pandemic.
  14. hmm
    Area Man Spotted Prioritizing Fitness Goals Over Well-being of CommunityNew York City mayor Bill de Blasio was back at his Park Slope gym on Monday.
  15. coronavirus
    Maybe Don’t Try to Shake All the Hands at the Coronavirus Briefing?Trump declared a national emergency over coronavirus, then immediately violated a basic health protocol.
  16. break ups
    RIP Peter and Madison’s Relationship (Tuesday–Thursday)The Bachelor couple has broken up after two days.
  17. recaps
    THIS Is How It All Ends?A recap of The Bachelor’s messy finale.
  18. recaps
    Peter’s Parents Love That He Sleeps Around, Okay?A recap of the Bachelor finale, part one.
  19. power
    Publishing Staff Walk Out to Protest Woody Allen AutobiographyAt Hachette, which is set to publish the book in April, employees have walked out in solidarity with Dylan and Ronan Farrow.
  20. meanwhile
    Checking In on MelaniaThese are dark times, but at least there’s been some progress on the White House Tennis Pavilion.
  21. 2020 election
    Elizabeth Warren Changed Things Just by RunningHere’s what she had to say about her historic campaign.
  22. space
    Paging Dr. Pimple PopperJust look at this giant blackhead on the surface of Mars.
  23. ugly truths
    Throw Out Your Bra, AlreadyAn intimate look at our worst intimates.
  24. feet
    Everyone’s a Foot CriticKylie Jenner responds, at last, to mass uproar over the length of one of her toes.
  25. recaps
    The Bachelor Women Air Their GrievancesA recap of The Bachelor, episode 10: The Women Tell All.
  26. meditation
    This Video of a Speedy Pig Will Bring You SerenityRun, javelina, run.
  27. keeping up with the royals
    Call Him by His NamePrince Harry would now like to be known as just “Harry.”
  28. dick pound
    The Name That Launched 1,000 MemesThank you, IOC senior member Richard Pound, for opting to go by your nickname instead.
  29. recaps
    How to Deal With Your TV Boyfriend Bedding Other WomenA recap of The Bachelor, episode nine.
  30. tv
    Here’s How the Dating on Love Is Blind Actually WorkedFirst of all, the producers did not expect so many couples to get engaged.
  31. celebrity
    Bad News If You Recently Matched With Ben Affleck on RayaYou may be being catfished by a deceitful Bostonian.
  32. power
    Trump Comes for Brad PittAward season’s least astute critic shares his thoughts.
  33. tv
    The Biggest Problem With Love Is BlindNetflix’s new dating show is incredibly weird — but there is one part of it I just cannot accept.
  34. ideale!
    France’s Biggest Celebrity Is This Gorgeous CowIdéale’s picture has been plastered all over Paris.
  35. snake orgy 2020
    Ah, to Be a Snake at the Annual Snake Orgy…Florida’s freshwater coasts are reportedly covered in snakes doing it.
  36. recaps
    Would You Welcome This Man Into Your Home?A recap of The Bachelor, episode eight. Hometowns!
  37. romance
    Romantic Valentine’s Day Card IdeasHow to let your loved one know your love will be preserved, intact, for hundreds of years.
  38. culture
    The New Pope Soundtrack Makes Me Feel Impossibly CoolAmen.
  39. fights
    Wow, Look at This Photo of Trump and Bloomberg FightingAnother riveting day of politics!
  40. culture
    Baby Is ComingSophie Turner and a Jonas Brother are reportedly expecting their first child.
  41. environment
    Maybe Think Twice Before Buying That BouquetYour romantic Valentine’s Day gesture is terrible for the environment.
  42. the bachelor
    Peter Hates FunA recap of The Bachelor, episode seven.
  43. the cut opinion pages
    Karaoke Songs Should All Stop After the First ChorusFor the sake of everyone involved, a humble proposal.
  44. 2020 elections
    Who Are ‘Lex’ and ‘Rex’?A look at two key members of Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign.
  45. cut chat
    Justice for Scheana?Vanderpump Rules’s most divisive character deserves better.
  46. recaps
    Peter Is Horny for Women’s TearsA recap of this week’s second Bachelor episode.
  47. tv
    What Did The Bachelor Do to These Women’s Butts?A look at this week’s bizarre modesty edits.
  48. recaps
    ‘Who Said I Was Emotionally Unstable?’A recap of The Bachelor, week five.
  49. zoom zoom
    Every Single Tank Top in the Fast & Furious 9 TrailerA tremendous, deltoid-forward experience.
  50. hot shot
    Lizzo Poses With Fan at Super BowlA small social media victory for Jeff Bezos.
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