Maggie Lange

  1. second time around
    Everything We Know About the Second Royal BabySequels are for true fans.
  2. adventures in civilian life
    32-Year-Old Proudly Secures Steady EmploymentPrince William’s first day on the day job.
  3. social functions
    The ‘Bossy Dancer’ Friend Is an Essential FriendClaire Danes, for example, encourages some fancy knee-work. 
  4. if you’ve got it you got it
    Rihanna Gazes Into the Great AbyssA moment between friends. 
  5. cook or be cooked
    Martha Stewart Is a Beast at Roasting Watch her cook Justin Bieber to perfection. 
  6. fools
    Keep Your Selfie Shoes Away From MeA dumb joke, a worse idea. 
  7. poor beautiful rich people
    Megan Fox Is Nobody’s Mannequin “You’re not just getting dressed because you think this is an amazing outfit. You’re getting dressed because there’s an obligation …”
  8. crown jewels
    How Royal Was The Royals? Scoring Episode 3It’s Fashion Week on The Royals, which involved equestrian themes and glow-in-the-dark face paint. 
  9. lululemen
    Lululemon’s ‘Anti-Ball Crushing’ Method Reveals Importance of PunctuationTo inspire fear, just add a comma.
  10. Men of History, Why Did You Grow Your Beards?Mr. Darwin, why the bushy face-bush? 
  11. taylor swift excursions
    The Grocery Store: Not a Bad Place for a DateTaylor Swift and Calvin Harris perused a Whole Foods together. 
  12. so emojional
    Your Face Deserves to Be an EmojiA new app casts you in an emoji keyboard.
  13. second opinions
    Dads Should Never Comment on Spring BreakBilly Ray Cyrus interprets Patrick Schwarzenegger’s spring-breaking.
  14. men to like
    Why Do I Love This Mopey, Whiny Man?Tobias Jesso Jr. sings everything I don’t like, but I like it.
  15. mind the income gap
    3-D-Printed Penises More Likely Than Wage EqualityKristen Schaal explains.
  16. men doing things
    Tom Hanks, a Nice Man, Mansplains ManspreadingA mangry tirade. 
  17. underwear
    Pro Tips on Wearing Underwear, From Heidi KlumInsider advice from an industry expert.
  18. corrections
    Remember, Taylor Swift Never Had to Take the SATsA grammar problem with misquoted lyrics. 
  19. esther the puppy
    Puppy Hired to Teach Bieber About ResponsibilityHer name, like a good schoolmarm, is Esther. 
  20. improvements
    New Phone Cameras Fix Our Heinous Faces by DefaultFor example, Samsung’s default Beauty Face clears blemishes and makes faces look “a little skinnier,” too.
  21. tv recaps
    How Royal Was The Royals? Scoring Episode TwoMore Elizabeth Hurley, ruling a populace in skintight lace. 
  22. sick
    To Cure Your Next Cold, Why Not Just Try Everything?Poor Jared Leto doesn’t feel well. 
  23. hunk logic
    Miles Teller: Perfectly, Wonderfully Attractive Enough“I think my face helps with that,” says Miles Teller about his career. 
  24. documentaries posing as music videos
    This Music Video Is So Accurate About How Women RelaxLounging among records, gyrating adorably to a new Nile Rodgers song.  
  25. guilty as charged
    All Your Money Is Going to Pizza, Wine, and PartiesA rigorous emoji analysis of Venmo exchanges. 
  26. so sad today
    Hear Jenny Slate Talk About What Makes Her Cry (Kind Dinosaurs)On Susan Orlean and Sarah Thyre’s very good podcast, “Crybabies.”
  27. fuel efficiency
    Teenagers, Efficient Busy People, Change Clothes While DrivingWhat of it, Mom
  28. i like this bitch’s jams
    These 10 Female Acts Will Dominate SXSWSome known, some new, all great.
  29. sweat
    Even Jennifer Aniston’s Sweat Is a Hair Product“It’s like a little product,” says Jennifer Aniston of her sweat. 
  30. fame
    Paris Hilton Talks About Unicorns and Stockpiling Juicy TracksuitsWe expressed our condolences over the demise of Juicy; Paris told us not to worry.
  31. i like this bitch’s jams
    Låpsley Will Make You Feel Like a Shy TeenA sit-down with the British songwriter. 
  32. shailene woodnymph
    Behold, Sweet Earth Children! It’s Shailene Woodley’s Bone-Broth RecipeShe shares, as is her most natural action, her secret sauce. 
  33. second opinions
    Falling in Love Is Often Terrible: A Reminder From Amy Schumer Notes from a SXSW panel on Schumer’s new movie Trainwreck
  34. forgiving studies
    Nail Biting: Just a Sign That You’re So PerfectA new study suggests that some physical tics are associated with perfectionism. 
  35. fashion
    A Crucial Music Video About Dressing With TasteOne singer-songwriter, four looks. 
  36. crown jewels
    How Royal Was The Royals? Scoring Episode 1A rigorous analysis of E!’s new show. 
  37. good fights
    Female Ultimate Fighters Are Starting a Confidence RevolutionRonda Rousey on the ripple effect of changing perceptions of women. 
  38. blessings
    Martha Stewart Blesses New Lady-Mogul With Valued, Perfunctory NodA form of blessing for Into the Gloss.
  39. iconoclasts
    Karlie Kloss Dressed Like an Important Tech-NerdAt an important tech panel at SXSW. 
  40. tmz style-guide
    What’s an M-Word? Why Is Miley Cyrus Talking About One?A linguistic investigation into a TMZ special report. 
  41. earnings report
    Kate Winslet Earns Her Birthdays, Thank You Very MuchAnd you can, too! 
  42. edicts
    Spring Has Arrived, Oprah Declares It SoBring out those maypoles early, strap yourself into a bonnet: It’s Oprah spring. 
  43. hot shot
    Precocious Lobster: Happy to Serve As Fashion ThongA boiled crustacean serves as Chloë Sevigny’s undergarments. 
  44. correctives
    Amy Schumer’s on Our Team, Okay?Her mission to correct some common misconceptions. 
  45. love
    The Song of Shailene Woodley’s Wild LoveThe lyrical cheese-ball approach. 
  46. cuntry music
    Is This 2015’s Most Alarming Euphemism for a Vagina?Courtesy of Miranda Lambert.
  47. the dream of the 90s
    A Moment of Silence for dELiA*s, PleaseIt’s the last day that the dELiA*s website will exist. 
  48. get it girl
    A Video Campaign to Turn Cressida Bonas Into an ‘It’ GirlFeaturing quotes such as: “I would definitely prefer to dance in a field.”
  49. mallrats
    Let’s Keep Abandoned Malls Around for Their Literary MeritIf they’re repurposed, how can they be a metaphor for America?
  50. self-deprecation
    Sheryl Sandberg’s Dorm-Room Decorations: Dork CityInspirational sayings: included. 
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