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  1. oscars 2019
    Glenn Close Explains What Intimidates HerIt involves her Oscars dress.
  2. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Susan Sontag on ‘Emotional Book-keeping’Ceaseless emotional bookkeeping was my vain attempt to apply order and logic to the unpredictable moods of my hot little heart.
  3. let's makeup
    Your Red Eye Shadow Is Terrifying and I Love ItIt’s a look that does the glaring for you.
  4. ornaments
    Some Thoughts on the Tassel EarringIt’s fringe season.
  5. the happiest place on earth
    This Is What a Runway Show at Disneyland Looks LikeOpening Ceremony presented its spring 2018 collection at the happiest place on earth.
  6. new slang
    Instead of a Fling, Call That Short-Term Romance a CometBright, fast — and your orbits might cross again later.
  7. that's a bop
    Sharon Van Etten on Twin Peaks, Motherhood, and Her Many LivesThe singer-songwriter has a thousand careers.
  8. hairy situations
    Throw Out Your Hair Ties and Work Out With Your Hair DownRun Lola Run didn’t have a hair tie, why should you?
  9. interview
    Large Animals: A Maggie Nelson–Approved Book for Wild CreaturesTalking to author Jess Arndt about her new story collection.
  10. interview
    Maggie Nelson Writes Books Like She’s Hosting a PartyTalking to the MacArthur genius about her work and her fans.
  11. sxsw diary
    A List of Personal SXSW HighlightsAnd arguably some lowlights.
  12. sxsw diary
    The Puffy-Faced Final Days of SXSW“Artists hate to be photographed during South by. Everyone’s day-drinking.”
  13. sxsw diary
    The Unpleasant Men and Unanswered Questions of SXSWNo, Fred Armisen is not in Sleater-Kinney.
  14. sxsw diary
    Marie Kondo Is the Best Cult Leader at SXSWA dispatch from the festival’s first weekend, featuring the queen of tidying and Jill Soloway.
  15. ghosts of christmas past
    Home Is Where the Weird Clothes Are’Tis the season for high-school sweatpants with paw prints on the butt.
  16. The Scent for a LionessNot just for Leos.
  17. let's take a bath
    Self-Care Lessons From Stranger ThingsHow to re-create Eleven’s bath in your tiny apartment.
  18. now smell this
    A Perfume for the Most Interesting Woman in the WorldBecause roses stop to smell you.
  19. wild curls run free
    A (Highly Subjective) Definitive Guide to Curl MaintenanceOne woman offers her hard-won wisdom.
  20. face off
    I Tried This Weird New Beauty Trend: Blurry FaceIt’s like I’m moving 100 miles an hour, standing still. Not really.
  21. friend-finding missions
    Did This Starlet Ever Find Her Coachella Friend?A slideshow of Bella Thorne, stomping about, trying to locate an acquaintance. 
  22. a flash tattoo on the face of america
    People at Coachella, Coachellaing So HardA microclimate of debauchery in skimpy florals. 
  23. first jobs
    Leonardo DiCaprio: Newspaper Boy for the Coachella TribuneDelivering the news, come rain or snow or bathroom lines. 
  24. a baby
    Justin Timberlake Prepares Tiny Baby Son for AcademiaJustin Timberlake has named a baby child the name: Silas Randall. 
  25. guided tour
    The Perks of Being Unembarrassable: An Afternoon Koreatown Rage With AwkwafinaTouring two blocks of Koreatown with rap’s goofiest comedian. 
  26. imitation of life
    Who Is Gonna Tell Blake Lively Her Life Isn’t a Movie?Blake Lively casts her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-stars as her kid’s godmothers. 
  27. rites of passage
    Teens Don’t Want Cars, Just an Uber Account, Thanks! New rites of passage. 
  28. exciting things
    Freddie Prinze Jr. Is Writing a Cookbook for MeIt will be called Back to the Kitchen. We must wait until 2016 to read it. 
  29. unexpected solutions
    Can Disneyland Distract You From a Broken Heart and a Chasm of Loneliness?Emma Stone is on a relationship “break” in the “happiest place on earth.”
  30. game of phones
    Losing Your Phone Is a Terror That Deserves Its Own Horror MovieEmilia Clarke loses her phone, becomes so desperate she tries to read a newspaper. 
  31. trends
    Women! They Keep Not Having Kids: A Report From the Census BureauNearly half of all women between 15 and 44 don’t have kids. 
  32. defense
    Teen Apologist Maisie Williams: Adults Don’t Know Anything About AnythingTeen lobbyist Maisie Williams slams dummy non-teens.
  33. Joan Jett Advises Cool Teens to Photograph Their Cool Faces MoreAdvice to her 15-year-old self, who was very cool. 
  34. mooooooom!
    Local Mother Publicly Discredits Her Teenagers, Efficiently Ruins LivesD.C. resident Michelle Obama says her daughters are maybe the least influential people she knows. 
  35. chill decisions
    FKA Twigs Wants a Highly Chill Pub WeddingBeer and Robert Pattinson.
  36. high society
    Actually, Personal Brands Horrify Tinsley MortimerOpinions cast on the new class of socialites. 
  37. babes in arms
    Michelle Obama Stars In: Mom Dancing ReduxThe sweater set is back.
  38. special investigations
    Culottes: Are They Right for You?A rigorous inquiry. 
  39. whoppers
    Hilary Duff Got a Brooklyn and/or Burger King Tattoo“This is my little Brooklyn, my little BK tattoo.” 
  40. venn diagrams of perfection
    Miniature Things and Female Comedians: It’s a Damn Dream!Amy Schumer and 2,000 tiny bottles of booze grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly
  41. thanks but no thanks
    Birkenstock, So Much More Than NormcoreThe brand’s senior vice-president alleges: “Within Birkenstock, we have never used the term, not even once.”
  42. i like this bitch's jams
    We Should All Have Friends in Bands to Write Our Breakup AnthemsTalking to Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale and Cat Myers of Honeyblood.
  43. inspo
    Men on Pinterest Are Very Manly About ItMan-cave inspo, bro. 
  44. second time around
    Everything We Know About the Second Royal BabySequels are for true fans.
  45. adventures in civilian life
    32-Year-Old Proudly Secures Steady EmploymentPrince William’s first day on the day job.
  46. social functions
    The ‘Bossy Dancer’ Friend Is an Essential FriendClaire Danes, for example, encourages some fancy knee-work. 
  47. if you've got it you got it
    Rihanna Gazes Into the Great AbyssA moment between friends. 
  48. cook or be cooked
    Martha Stewart Is a Beast at Roasting Watch her cook Justin Bieber to perfection. 
  49. fools
    Keep Your Selfie Shoes Away From MeA dumb joke, a worse idea. 
  50. poor beautiful rich people
    Megan Fox Is Nobody’s Mannequin “You’re not just getting dressed because you think this is an amazing outfit. You’re getting dressed because there’s an obligation …”
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