Maia Szalavitz

  1. The Chemistry of Addiction Explains Why Disappointment Hurts So BadlyBoth depend on the rise and fall of dopamine.
  2. The Government’s Psychedelic Research Ban Is an Expensive DisasterThere’s evidence that a lot of substances could help people who are suffering — but the Drug Enforcement Agency doesn’t care.
  3. What It’s Like to Have Anorexia and AutismSome young girls with autism are getting misdiagnosed because of gender norms.
  4. Dowd Freak-Out Provides Important Drug-Use TipsLaugh, yes, but also learn from how foolishly she approached her edible-pot experience.
  5. This Tweet From Bill Bratton Marked a Historic Shift in NYPD Anti-Drug PolicyThe NYPD is starting to treat drug users like human beings rather than criminals.
  6. Is It Possible to Create an Anti-Love Drug?They could help us “treat” domestic abuse, too.