1. unwifeable
    Unwifeable No MoreSaying good-bye to fixed relationship identities.
  2. unwifeable
    50 Things Women Think About When MasturbatingFrom frozen peas to Gilbert Gottfried.
  3. unwifeable
    The 48 Laws of Valentine’s Day PowerJust print this out and give it to your partner.
  4. unwifeable
    6 Marriage Traditions That Made Me Rethink My OwnWhen other cultures’ relationship customs hit close to home.
  5. unwifeable
    Something Called Love Regulation May Save Your RelationshipThink of “love regulation” as a gym for your relationship. With no membership fees.
  6. unwifeable
    The 10 Kisses Every Woman KnowsKiss. Bang. Vom.
  7. unwifeable
    3 Rules for Being a Good 3rd WifeBecause third time’s a charm … right?
  8. How to Survive a Road Trip With Your PartnerWant to really get to know someone? Two words: road trip.
  9. unwifeable
    The Art of Thoughtful Gift-GivingSpread more joy — and less resentment.
  10. unwifeable
    Don’t Get Fooled by the Fake-UpYour friend says she wants to dump her significant other? Don’t believe it.
  11. 4 Love Myths That Are Hurting Your RelationshipLose your delusions. Fast.
  12. unwifeable
    Don’t Go on Vacation Until You Vacation-Proof Your RelationshipBeware the getaway-breakup curse.
  13. unwifeable
    13 Reasons to Be Grateful You’re Single This Holiday SeasonMoney. Food. Sex. This celebration has everything.
  14. The War for Christmas: Whose House to Go to for the Holidays?You don’t mess around with Christmas.
  15. unwifeable
    Is Optimism Dangerous to Your Marriage?Optimism feels nice. Realism gets things done.
  16. unwifeable
    Being Attached to Your Phone Can Save Your LDRWhether your partner is gone for one week or one year, this helps.
  17. unwifeable
    What Westworld Is Teaching Me About LoveThese three robot commands are a lesson in human relationships.
  18. unwifeable
    “Is a Cam Girl Cheating?” and Other Modern Fidelity DilemmasBefore you answer, why are you slamming that laptop shut?
  19. unwifeable
    How to Cope With Running Into Your Partner’s ExThe key is to recognize the dynamics in play on all sides.
  20. Newlywed Advice, Inspired by the Bachelor Spinoff Happily Ever After?If every couple were given a reality show to document their first year, they could easily steal the tagline from the new Bachelor spinoff.
  21. unwifeable
    The One Secret to Avoiding Fights Over Money With Your PartnerBuying a Coke can feel as loaded as buying a new home.
  22. unwifeable
    I’m Remarried, So Why Does My Divorce Still Feel Like a Failure?My divorce continues to have an impact on all of my relationships, even after I got remarried.
  23. unwifeable
    7 Things Football Taught Me About Fighting With My HusbandI’m going to start yelling “touchdown!” when I’m right.
  24. 10 Secrets to Living Together in a Studio Without Driving Each Other CrazyWe learned the hard way — designate “dude space” and “chick space.”
  25. unwifeable
    Does Splitting the Housework Really Make Couples Have More Sex?An experiment to find out if a chore wheel is the new aphrodisiac.
  26. narcissism
    Could This Personality Disorder Explain Anthony Weiner’s Downfall?Narcissistic exhibitionists love nothing more than to be talked about.
  27. How to Tell Your Partner About Your Fetish, Without Making It WeirdMake it into a joke that isn’t a joke but can totally be turned into a joke.
  28. unwifeable
    6 Questions Never to Ask Your PartnerHypotheticals and thought crimes can drive a woman crazy.
  29. unwifeable
    I Learned the Hard Way That Marriage Can’t Cure DepressionI thought my partnership could magically fix my mental health.
  30. unwifeable
    My Trick for Not Fighting With My Husband? Giving the Fight a NameBecause who wants to go to Fart World?
  31. unwifeable
    7 Shut-It-Down Responses to the Question ‘When Are You Having a Baby?’“I’m concerned about why you’re asking me this. Are you getting everything you need at home?”
  32. swellness
    I Took My Husband to ‘Orgasmic Meditation’ TrainingIt may be a scam, but it feels pretty good!
  33. unwifeable
    Why Your Husband Gets Hit On More When He’s Wearing a RingThere’s real science behind it!
  34. unwifeable
    Being Needy in a Relationship Is Actually a Great IdeaStop the self-inflicted need-shaming!
  35. unwifeable
    How I Learned to Stop Giving Non-Apology Apologies to My HusbandA five-step guide to upping your “I’m sorry” game.
  36. unwifeable
    Your ‘Number’ Doesn’t Matter — But What You Do With It DoesThe problem is when we bring up our sexual histories in not-so-subtle ways.
  37. unwifeable
    A Defense of Chad on The Bachelorette — by My Own HusbandDid I mention he’s a Trump voter, too?
  38. unwifeable
    How to Create the Illusion That You’re the Effortlessly Perfect WifeAnd why it’s crucial for your relationship to do it.
  39. unwifeable
    9 New Relationship Rules for the Online-ObsessedA playbook for saving us from our 2016 selves.
  40. unwifeable
    The Benefits of Marrying a Fellow AddictSometimes the only way to quit is to talk to someone who actually has.
  41. mansplaining
    And Now, Men Explaining Why They Send Dick PicsHonestly, we’re still not sure we understand.
  42. unwifeable
    Your Partner Can’t Be Your Only Source of LoveHow I learned to find other sources of fuel for my “love tank.”
  43. mothers day 2016
    How a Man Treats His Mother Tells You Everything You Need to KnowThe good, the bad, and the unbelievably beautiful.
  44. unwifeable
    How Lemonade Helped Me Talk to My Husband About CheatingThe catharsis of watching a flawless woman break down.
  45. unwifeable
    I Love My Husband, But I Hate Working With HimCombining love and entrepreneurship has created our own Game of Thrones.
  46. unwifeable
    Talking Dirty Taught Me I Am Terrible at Talking DirtySome people have a way with naughty words. Other people not have way.
  47. unwifeable
    The Most Important Words in a Relationship: ‘Don’t Ever Do That Again’You’ve heard of the Golden Rule? This is the Golden Threat.
  48. unwifeable
    How to Win at Marriage CounselingDo you want to be happy or be right? Be right, obviously.
  49. unwifeable
    Move Over, Butt Stuff: Hand Jobs Are BackAn ode to the least-respected sex act.
  50. unwifeable
    Forget Your Work Husband, Who’s Your Office Daddy?And how does your partner feel about him?
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