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    The Complete Esther Perel Immersion CourseA guide to the rest of Perel’s (cross-platform, ever-expanding) canon.
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    Which Episode of Where Should We Begin? Should You Listen to Right Now?A comprehensive guide to Esther Perel’s flagship podcast.
  3. it’s complicated
    It’s Complicated: The Best Place to Flirt Is Instagram DMIt’s like I’m catfishing myself.
  4. it’s complicated
    Why Won’t Any of My Friends Set Me Up?This is a hill I will die on: The setup is the absolute best way to meet someone, and it’s a tragedy that dating apps are slowly killing it off.
  5. it’s complicated
    But Actually, What Does ‘Single’ Really Mean?I’d been writing off relationships that weren’t “official,” even though they were still meaningful to me.
  6. science of us
    I Want Everyone to Stop Following This Terrible Piece of Dating AdviceIt doesn’t make you “honest” or “a good communicator.” It makes you kind of a jerk.
  7. it’s complicated
    What Happened When My Friend and I Confronted the Guy Who Was Texting Us BothWe showed up together at the bar where he was supposed to meet one of us, and things got … weird.
  8. good/better/best
    A Guide to Meeting People Without Dating AppsHow to put yourself in real-life situations that lead to new relationships or friendships.
  9. science of us
    What Happened When I Attempted a Monthlong ‘Orgasm Cleanse’It involved crystals and a glass dildo.
  10. it’s complicated
    Having Sex in a Crawl Space Showed Me I’m Not As Chill As I ThoughtA turning point in my dating life: the moment I realized I like guys who have actual bedrooms.