Maridel Reyes

  1. party lines
    Christina Ricci Talks Sixties Fashion at Alexander Wang’s Frat HouseThe star of TV’s Pan Am beat the designer at Playstation last night.
  2. party lines
    Tavi Gevinson ‘Silently Freaked Out’ While Meeting Anna WintourThe blogger and the editrix meet at last.
  3. party chat
    Lady Gaga at the ACE AwardsAnd more from last night’s ACE awards for accessories.
  4. party report
    Robert Verdi on Jason Wu and the Fashion World ‘Ignoring Gay People’“Most successful gay men don’t uphold, uplift, and celebrate other gay men.”
  5. party report
    Celebs Imperiled at Armani PartyBoredom, PETA protesters, scary stairs: It was not a night for the faint of heart.
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    Celebrities Say It’s Okay to Dress Like a Slut on HalloweenAlbert Hammond Jr., Jackie Astier, Peter Davis, and Kate Schelter all support it.
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    Kelly Cutrone on Her New TV ShowShe also warned Diane Von Furstenberg about MTV camera crews wreaking office havoc.
  8. survival tips
    After the Storm: Tory Burch Survived Deluge by Going BarefootWhen the storm hit, fashionistas were driven to drastic measures.
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    Champion of the Knockoff: ‘Gossip Girl’ Stylist Eric Daman“You can get the Ferragamo knockoff bag at the mall and still look brilliant. And you should.”