1. cut covers
    The World Has Finally Caught Up to Jane FondaThe original celebrity activist on regret and radical empathy in the age of Trump.
  2. sexual harassment
    The Powerful Predators on Capitol HillWhy women aren’t speaking up about sexual harassment in Washington.
  3. How Social Media Is Helping Washington Search for Its Missing Black TeensBlack teens go missing at a disproportionate rate — and the problem isn’t limited to D.C.
  4. who run the world (girls)
    A 9-Year-Old Reporter on the Pressures of Fame and a 4-Book DealAbout the importance of journalism, the pressures of fame, and her four-book deal.
  5. good causes
    Meet the Women Working to Take Down TrumpFrom the super-pac leaders to the parody Twitter creators.
  6. cut cover story
    Does Encouraging Suicide Make You a Killer?A teenager sent her depressed boyfriend hundreds of messages prodding him to kill himself. Now she’s been charged with manslaughter.
  7. campus politics
    Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Seem to Win Over Young WomenComments from Clinton surrogates exposed a deep generational divide.
  8. first person
    Is There Any Good Way to Go Gray in Your 20s?If so, I haven’t found it.
  9. ballpark frankness
    Drinking Beer With Senator Claire McCaskill“I get in trouble all the time for saying what I think. All. The. Time.”
  10. careers
    Where Did Penelope Trunk Go Wrong?She used to be the career guru my friends and I trusted.
  11. firearm feminism
    Rise of the Female Gun NutHello Kitty handguns, concealed-carry bras, and a charged gender debate.
  12. first person
    The School Shooting That Didn’t Change My Liberal, Pro-Gun ChildhoodA boy opened fire at my school dance, but my Democratic parents remained pro-gun.