1. How to Train Yourself to Be a More Rational ThinkerAnd a better arguer, too.
  2. Why You Trust Email Way More Than You ShouldIt’s not a casual spoken conversation. So why do we treat it like one?
  3. By the Way, There Is Little Evidence That Businesspeople Are Better at GoverningInsights from a rather timely new study.
  4. Does First-Class Inequality Lead to Air-Rage Incidents?A new study suggests that the story of air-rage incidents is more complicated — and has more to do with inequality — than you might think.
  5. social psychology
    Why We All Fall for Con ArtistsYou think you’re too smart to fall for a con artist. You probably aren’t.
  6. bdsm
    Why Some Powerful Men Like Getting Tied UpWhat are people looking for when they let their freak flag fly?
  7. class
    Rich People and Poor People Cheat for Different ReasonsRich people are — surprise! — more selfish.
  8. social psychology
    Even Airports Can Have Inferiority ComplexesPeople and institutions insecure about their impressiveness are more likely to flaunt it, suggests new research.
  9. social psychology
    Why New Yorkers — and Everyone Else — Should Pursue Small Talk MoreEveryone thinks everyone else doesn’t want to talk. Not true.
  10. How Rivalries Bring Out Our Best — and Worst Rivalry makes people more competitive and motivated, but also more likely to cheat.
  11. Why We Enjoy Chili Peppers and Gruesome MoviesIt’s all about feeling safe and threatened at the same time.
  12. It Pays to Be Overconfident, Even When You Have No Idea What You’re DoingThere’s very little downside to acting like you run the place.