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  1. sex lives podcast
    The Terrors of the Side-Eye EmojiOn Snapchat, it symbolizes one-way relationships.
  2. sex lives podcast
    What It’s Like to Be ‘a Little Bit Pregnant’This week’s podcast.
  3. wrinkles in time
    What Does a Woman’s ‘Sexual Prime’ Mean, Anyway?Everyone believes the best sex is still to come.
  4. inauguration 2017
    ‘Smells Like Boys’: A Night at the DeploraBallPartying in Trump’s America.
  5. rumors
    The Sheer Perfection of Donald Trump’s Golden ShowerDid he hire Russian hookers to pee on a bed? Who cares?
  6. life imitates art
    The Very Uncomfortable Experience of Rewatching Election in 2016An ambitious woman and the angry men who want to stop her.
  7. q&a
    The Rise of the Male Celebrity Full-FrontalAn ex-publicist explains.
  8. dynasties
    The Power of Political DaughtersWhy Ivanka and Chelsea are such important advocates for their parents.
  9. letter from philadelphia
    A Report From the All-Gender Bathroom at the DNC“It’s no different from the bathrooms in your house. When men are at my house, I let them use it.”
  10. mostess
    You’re Killing Me With Your PicnicsObligatory eating on grass is the worst thing about summer.
  11. q&a
    The Case for Teaching Girls to Masturbate in Sex EdTalking to Peggy Orenstein about her new book, Girls & Sex.
  12. modest proposals
    Why Don’t We Have Gift Registries for Breakups?The mere thought is probably making your skin crawl, but hear me out.
  13. scenes
    Palaces, Penises, and Parties With the Young Jet SetForty-eight hours in Gstaad, made for Instagram.
  14. the truth
    Neil Strauss, Tucker Max, and the Nice-Guy PivotAn unexpected evolution.
  15. theories
    The Big Secret of Every Dating App: Tech Doesn’t MatterJust like at bars, it’s the crowd that counts.
  16. self portrait
    How to Write Someone Else’s MemoirOr: How your celebrity-memoir sausage gets made.
  17. sex lives
    How Long Should Sex Actually Last?The cultural preoccupation with duration is a very modern worry.
  18. q&a
    She Had a Cat Hair Ball in Her Vagina — or Did She?We caught up with the xoJane essayist. “Now I wish I’d taken a picture of it,” she said.
  19. celebrity
    A Celebration of Ben Affleck’s NannyChristine Ouzounian is an audacious antiheroine.
  20. she’s the boss
    Are Men Actually Intimidated by Powerful Women?I refuse to believe this. But maybe that’s the problem?
  21. sex lives
    The Complicated Politics of Where to ComePleasure must be balanced against pragmatism.
  22. un-coupling
    A Celebrity-Divorce Expert Tells AllTalking to the man who managed the other Jen’s breakup with Ben.
  23. at the beach
    How to Flirt and Make Friends at a Nude BeachThe etiquette is tricky, but the results can be magnificent. Or so we hear.
  24. interview
    Everybody Is Wrong About Candace Bushnell If you think her new book is about Sex and the City, “you’re just cray-cray.”
  25. the occult
    How Tarot Became the Trendiest Party GameAn Instagrammable social lubricant for modern mystics.
  26. interview
    Talking to Dr. Ruth About Rape, Love, and the HolocaustHow being orphaned made her treasure love.
  27. cleaning in
    De-Cluttering Is the New Juice Cleanse (and Equally Annoying)Stop telling me about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
  28. dating apps
    How Many Degrees of Separation Are Best for a Good Date?Friends of friends of friends, says the dating app Hinge.
  29. travel
    How Tulum Became the Williamsburg of MexicoIf Williamsburg is the frat house of Brooklyn, then Tulum is our Cancún.
  30. Clique-Stalking: Instagram’s Greatest Social PleasureThe fascination with our friends’ friends.
  31. love and war
    Is the First Date Too Early for Couples Therapy?“Getting into a relationship is like putting Miracle-Gro on your character defects.”
  32. true stories
    How I Became a Hoarder of Discontinued MakeupWhen Laura Mercier stopped making my favorite foundation, I went insane.
  33. our selfies ourselves
    The New Rules of Social-Media EtiquetteHating wedding hashtags is so 2013.
  34. sex lives
    Fifty Shades of Grey Is a Great Dating GuideNo, seriously.
  35. oscars
    It’s Not Sexist to Ask About Clothes on the Red CarpetThere is a time and place for obsessing about appearances. It’s now.
  36. valentine’s day
    11 Real Valentine’s Day Horror StoriesSex, lies, and a blow job that ends at the ER.
  37. love and war
    The Voltron Theory of Casual DatingIf only all your dates could assemble into one super-boyfriend.
  38. sex lives
    Do Happy Couples Masturbate? When Masturbation Meets CohabitationWhen masturbation meets cohabitation.
  39. love and war
    Winning the Breakup in the Age of InstagramA generation defines itself by post-relationship peacocking.
  40. feminism
    Ayn Rand, Girl-Power IconHer quotes are on posters, jewelry, and crop tops.
  41. memes
    ‘Alex From Target’ and the Mess of Uncontrollable FameWhat Alex has in common with Zoe Quinn.
  42. breakups
    Who Needs Skin? The Virtual Rebound As Breakup TherapyAll you need to get out of a post-breakup depression is an internet connection.
  43. adventures in sex
    14 Weird, Costumed Halloween Hookup StoriesSerial killers and pregnant Britney: the unsexy costumes that still got us laid.
  44. it gets better
    College Sex Is the Worst Sex, and That’s OkayModern students are sex-positive, highly educated, and as awkward as always.
  45. sex lives
    Just How Preposterous Is the Fantasy of No-Strings Threesomes?It seems a third person forces the other two to realize exactly how much — or little — they have in common.
  46. dating
    When Breaking Up by Email Is the Best ChoiceReally? You’re going to cry while you dump me? Shut up.
  47. exchange rates
    Italian Dating Is a Lot Like Italian SwearingIt’s all about dicks.
  48. exchange rates
    Up With Adultery! An Italian Woman’s Manifesto“Women are the real cheaters now,” says Guia Soncini, author of Other Women’s Husbands.
  49. the past
    I Found a Digital Photo Archive From My Teens, and It Was TerribleSo I set out to delete everything.
  50. ovaries week
    Blood Hounds: They’re Obsessed With Period Sex“A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it.”
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