Meaghan O'Connell

  1. etiquette
    What’s the Best Thing to Say When Your Friend Says She’s Pregnant?When “Congratulations!” doesn’t quite cut it.
  2. motherhood
    Trying to Make Mom Friends Is the WorstMy life was about to change forever. So why did I need new friends, too?
  3. epiphanies
    I Did Not Truly Understand Spanx, FUPA, or Stretch Marks Until I Had a BabyI loved my partner and my child and I had no idea how I was ever going to wear pants again.
  4. ovaries week
    What It Felt Like to Get an Epidural After 32 Hours of LaborI thought I didn’t want one, but I changed my mind.
  5. first person
    No Matter How Much I Prepare, I Am Terrified to Give BirthAnd no stupid birthing-class exercise is going to change that.