1. Missing Richard Simmons Illustrated How Hard It Is to Let Someone GoAt its heart, the podcast was a show about seeking closure.
  2. autism
    Why It Matters That Sesame Street’s New Muppet With Autism Is a GirlSome researchers believe the condition is underdiagnosed in girls, because the symptoms aren’t the same as in boys.
  3. unsolicited advice
    Writer’s Block Is Real, But Don’t Tell Yourself That“People can overthink themselves into deep dark corners, and writer’s block is a good example.”
  4. If You Are Bad at Reading Facial Expressions, Perhaps This Is WhyIn a new book, a psychologist questions the assumption that facial expressions can always be neatly matched to a discrete emotion.
  5. animals
    Is a Chimpanzee More Like a Person, or a Thing?The question is at the heart of arguments being heard at the New York Supreme Court’s appellate division this week.
  6. Why It’s So Hard to Get People to Take Your Creative Ideas Seriously(Let’s first assume your creative ideas are also good ideas.)
  7. quiz
    Can You Blend in Anywhere? Or Are You Always the Same You?A personality quiz to determine if you are a high or a low self-monitor.
  8. If You Knew Someone Was Being Cheated on — Would You Tell Them?A study on how people decide when and whether to get involved in other people’s business.
  9. This Entire Little Town Is the Subject of One Big Study on SleepIt’s called “Chrono City.”
  10. make less-bad decisions
    Everything Always Takes Longer Than You ThinkGetting to know the planning fallacy (and how to beat it).
  11. If You’re Shy, You’ll Be Better Off Accepting Yourself That WayA new book argues that fighting shyness is ultimately futile.
  12. stranger than fiction
    20 Percent of Readers Still ‘Hear’ the Characters When the Book Is OverWhen fictional characters barge into your everyday life.
  13. The Extreme Secondhand Embarrassment of Watching the OscarsA brief look at the cringe-y feeling you may have had while watching the broadcast.
  14. splitsville
    Your Partner’s Weird Family Is Not Necessarily a Deal-BreakerA new book argues that the seemingly obvious traits people say they want in a partner are exactly the ones that deserve more careful thought.
  15. splitsville
    How a Breakup Distorts Your Sense of Self“Self-expansion theory” helps explain why the end of a relationship can feel so psychologically unsettling.
  16. Compulsive Behavior Isn’t Necessarily A Sign of A Broken BrainA new book offers a nuanced take on compulsions.
  17. Worrying Is ‘Like Doing Two Things at Once’“When we’re worried, it captures our attention,” which explains why it can feel impossible to do anything else at the same time.
  18. A New Theory on OCD: Maybe It’s About ‘Guilt-Sensitivity’Those who “found guilt unbearable” were also the most likely to report compulsive checking.
  19. sleep
    Study Advises Bad Sleepers to Take to the WoodsLeave your phone at home, please.
  20. unsolicited advice
    Making a Vague Monthly To-do List Is a Lazy Way to Stay OrganizedAn overly structured daily list can undermine motivation.
  21. Kids Like Their Pets More Than They Like Their SiblingsObviously.
  22. unsolicited advice
    A Question That Will Help You Face Uncomfortable FactsHow to avoid information avoidance.
  23. personality
    The 5 Personality Traits That Make for a Better LifeThere are many paths to a good life. Some are just more rigorously studied than others.
  24. What Makes Your Life Meaningful?If you’re not sure, this little test can help nudge you in the right direction.
  25. Scientists Want to March on Washington, TooThe details are still coming together, but here’s what we know so far.
  26. Your Brain Gives Up When Discerning Truth From Lies Gets Too HardA rather bleak forecast for the next four years.
  27. The Psychological Importance of Joining a March This WeekendTo be a fully functioning human, you need to feel like you’re connecting to something bigger than yourself.
  28. unsolicited advice
    One Way to Tactfully Tell Your Boss You Are Drowning in WorkA small suggestion.
  29. You (and Your Therapist) Can Change Your PersonalityA big new study promises you are (probably) not stuck with yourself.
  30. 15 Books That Will Nurture Your Nerdier Side in 2017Some of the most exciting science and psychology titles to watch for in the first half of 2017.
  31. Small Things to Remember to Change Your Life for the BetterSome of our favorite advice from behavioral science.
  32. France’s New Opt-Out Organ Donation System Is a Good IdeaTesting out a theory favored by prominent behavioral economists.
  33. Scaredy-Cat Dogs Go Gray When They’re YoungerTheir distinguished looks may have been hard-earned.
  34. How to Have an Emotional Meltdown at Work and Get Away With ItIt’s worth a try.
  35. You Can Be Lazy and Learn a New Language at the Same TimeThere are times when it’s best to put down the Duolingo.
  36. consumer psychology
    8 Ways to Give Slightly Less-Bad Gifts This YearYou can do better.
  37. The Trippy Theory of Consciousness at the Heart of WestworldJust in case you’ve ever questioned the nature of your reality.
  38. the office
    9 Signs That You Are the Co-worker Everyone Vents ToHow to tell if you are the office’s “toxic handler.”
  39. decisions
    And Now, a Brief Quiz: Find Out If You’re a ‘Cognitive Miser’It’s about how you make decisions.
  40. The Man Who Was Pretty Convinced the News Was a RerunThis sounds about right.
  41. A Paralyzed Woman Can Now Use Her Thoughts to CommunicateIt’s the first time a patient has been able to use a mind-controlled brain implant like this at home.
  42. The Best Way to Get Over Social Anxiety Is by Embarrassing Yourself in PublicIt’s a version of exposure therapy.
  43. 3 Ways to Channel Your Raging Emotions Into ActionInsights from behavioral scientists on how to pin down your feelings.
  44. Scientists Are Tracking New York Noisiness in Order to Quiet It DownThe researchers hope their work will help pinpoint louder spots and track whether noise ordinances actually work.
  45. Huh, Would You Believe That Forcing Employees to Act Happy Is a Terrible Idea?Lessons from a complaint filed by a former Trader Joe’s employee.
  46. Psychologists Echo Obama’s Belief That Power Reveals Who You Really AreDo with this information what you will.
  47. friendship
    A Small But Deeply Sad Detail in That New Study on Facebook and Friendship“Public-health interventions urging people to go out and try to make more friends may have no effect on health.”
  48. science of us
    It Is Stupidly Important to Plan Your Election-Day LogisticsThree very specific questions to ask yourself.
  49. It Seems a Lot of Dying People See Visions of Their Mothers“Anybody who works in hospice will tell you that it’s really common.”
  50. Empathy Is Nice, But It’s Not Exactly NecessaryYou don’t need to feel someone else’s emotions — you just need to care about them.
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